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I desire critiques, and I'll even take flames - as long as you actually give me something to work with. If you point out some vague mistake, give me nothing to improve and top it off with an attitude, you'll probably be deleted. I want to get better; being detailed in your review is the best gift to me as a writer. Thanks.


I'll keep it brief:

Thirty-three years old (still get carded so that's a plus), an artist foremost and hobbyist writer. I freelance professionally, and you can view my work on Deviant Art.

My genres tend to be on the dark side: horror/fantasy/sci-fi stories, centering on Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, etc..

The original ideas and characters I imagine are researched and written with care; how they will react to a canon character and within the canonverse is a challenge I enjoy undertaking.

My biggest inspirations are Stephen King (he could make the trashman into the most fascinating character you've ever read), Joss Whedon (he can mix quirky and dark like no other), and certain shows like BSG (awesome tone, dialogue, characterization), LOST (same reasons as BSG), and any TV show Joss Whedon pens; the Dollhouse being the most recent.

Stories Published

Rare Side Effects May Include the Following:
The laser failed. Now Leon must contend with a stowaway inside his mind, one with an insatiable hunger, bizarre powers, and a horrifying secret that exposes the dark inner world of Los Plagas and Saddler's past. Reimagined. Slash/het AU, RE4
M through R > Resident Evil
Rated [Adult++] -:- Chapters [11] -:- Published [2005-02-02] -:- Updated [2012-03-10 20:48:38] -:- Edited [2012-03-14] -:- Hits [37507] -:- Reviews [167] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 145]
Empty Eden
Uroboros has produced a lush, but empty world. A new breed of plaga have adapted, a species who crave blood...and flesh. Playing god has consequences, and Albert Wesker discovers his 'punishment' has only begun. Post RE5, AU Wesker/Claire, Wesker/Plaga
M through R > Resident Evil
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [3] -:- Published [2010-11-20] -:- Updated [2010-12-16 23:06:21] -:- Edited [2011-01-09] -:- Hits [2736] -:- Reviews [3] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 16]
Wesker's Chosen
AU, RE5 The world is plunged into chaos after Uroboros detonates. Wesker searches ruined countries to gather his chosen. Inside the President's bunker, Leon and the last of humanity fight to stay hidden and survive. Leon/Wesker Angst, AU/AR, Death, M/F, M/M, N/C, WIP
M through R > Resident Evil
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2009-03-18] -:- Updated [2009-03-18 22:40:28] -:- Edited [2009-03-19] -:- Hits [3879] -:- Reviews [23] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 20]
Shadows and Butterflies
Heather encounters more than her reflection in the Mirror Room, and the Memory of Alessa desires her 'self' to remember more than just the past. Horror and beauty, suffering and pleasure, which will teach Heather the truth of her existence? AU, Femslash,
S through Z > Silent Hill
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2007-09-06] -:- Updated [2007-09-06 21:43:09] -:- Edited [2007-09-19] -:- Hits [2378] -:- Reviews [5] -:- Average / Total Vote [++++ / 9]
A Lesson in Obedience
Set after the bedroom cut scene. Mendez teaches Leon a valuable lesson on how to be a good Ganado slave. Non Con, Slight kink, Torture. BSDM, Leon/Mendez (Revised and Complete)
M through R > Resident Evil
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2005-11-13] -:- Updated [2007-09-03 00:00:00] -:- Edited [2007-09-03] -:- Hits [10119] -:- Reviews [22] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 24]
Sae's Requiem
They had made a promise long ago. Before the Crimson Sacrifice and as she walks to her death, Sae reflects on the past and the loss of her sister's love. Angst, Character Death, Complete, Light sensuality
A through F > Fatal Frame II
Rated [Adult] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2007-03-26] -:- Updated [2007-03-26 00:00:00] -:- Edited [2007-09-09] -:- Hits [1044] -:- Reviews [5] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 5]
Blood Ties
Upon his father's death, a young man finds a photograph of a mysterious woman. Grieving, but intrigued, he seeks answers to his past in the city of Ashfield; but what he didn't expect, was that SAH apts has its own bloody history. AU, canon and OC mix
S through Z > Silent Hill
Rated [Adult++] -:- Chapters [10] -:- Published [2006-09-03] -:- Updated [2007-01-03 00:00:00] -:- Edited [2008-03-17] -:- Hits [5641] -:- Reviews [114] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 34]

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