Reviews for Blood Path

BY : jadephoenix

  • From ANON - teh authoress on January 13, 2005

    Thank you. *blushes* I try to base my fics on something other than self insertion, but this one HAD to get out.

    Actually, that's it. Waitaminnut, the site deleted the last chapter!! How GAY!

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  • From ANON - Princess Angela on January 01, 2005

    you know..... I'll be honest.... I saw this and thought... eww.... a self insertion SC fic.... this is gonna suck. But I read it anyways... and I like it so far. Post more... I want to know what happens.... *hugs*

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  • From ANON - TGSN on April 12, 2004

    Does anybody find it strange is the only review......and this isn't even a review......
    Good story I guess......better than anything I can do.

    "Dieses Reich dauert tausend Biere!! O' Ya!!"

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