Reviews for Dreaming of You

BY : DemonQueen17

  • From ANON - wee on December 31, 2008

    I was about to give up on adultff as just a bunch of "and they got naked and he immediately rammed his dramatically over-sized cock into her tight pussy" stories.
    However, this story was sweet and sensual. Good job.

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  • From Bardockgurl on January 08, 2005

    O.o I didn't know there were BoF stories...
    I found this by accident, and seeing as you were the first person to review a story of mine on MM, I thought I'd check it out. (Yes, I'm sad enough to remember reviewer's names)
    I was esp keen when I saw the words 'Woren chief' in the summary. I LOVE Cray!! :D
    I have a thing for large strong men with tails...
    *Sighs over Bardock*
    The part about him not being able to withdraw for a while was certainly unique, and the thought of his rough tongue was strangely enticing. I'd never thought about his or Rei's being like that before (Too obsessed with certain Saiy-jins to worry about other bishies)
    Anyway, I really enjoyed this story - the pairing was one I would never have thought of - I hope you do get around to writing more.

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