Reviews for Sound: an Illidan/Kael'thas Story

BY : Genevieve

  • From wanderingaddict on March 23, 2017

    haha wow illidan and kael'thas getting dirty at the end there. maiev's crazy bondage must have rubbed off on illidan over the centuries and oh here kael'thas is looking for a powerful masculine figure to fill to fill some epitness in his life. and butt. hah! good work, illidan/kael'thas woo!

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  • From Alfbie on October 19, 2016

    I enjoyed this! I'm a huge fan of conflict and contradiction; Illidan's feelings and the way he handled Kael'thas are not what most would expect him to be, and Kael's inner demons also contradict with his outward demeanor. This is an interesting couple to explore. And kudos for fluidly squeezing in a "You are not prepared" in there, hehe.

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  • From wanderingaddict on July 30, 2015

    aww, it's always awesome to see illidan/kael'thas stories. also like, hit the nail on the head there with "Kael'thas being mad at Arthas for 'stealing' Jaina when Arthas butchered his entire race... yeah.. sure..."

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