Reviews for A Lust For Poison, An Assassin's Tail

BY : Johnny-Topside

  • From AlexanderMorris88 on September 10, 2017

    I was damn near fuming man! Glad she lived.

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  • From RevanofLight on June 14, 2017

    This story was soo good, it was fucked up. Especially that last chapter. I can't wait for the next chapter when it comes out though I know I might be disappointed with the ending, as I was hoping for a more happy ending, or even the story just continuing for a long while. If Karin lives I will be a very happy person. If she dies then at least I can get the satisfaction that you "had me on the edge of my seat" metaphorically of course as I am writing this in bed. But nonetheless I am exited and cannot wait for the next chapter to be released as, if the previous chapters are anything to go off, it will be a masterpiece. 

    Keep up the amazing work,


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  • From ANON - Khajiitophile on October 22, 2016

    God, I love this story, Karin is exactly the sort of crazy I just love to see. Besides that, grammar isn't fucked, lightning's cool and the sex scenes are great so props to you man. 


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