Reviews for Tales of the Europan War


  • From veggiejay on December 20, 2020

    VC gets my support

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  • From Sef on January 29, 2018

    I'm super hyped for VC4 too. Glad it inspired you to continue.

    The only request/idea is to see more Welkin and Alicia with other people, whether that be with them being together and swingers or just with other people idc. I just find it titilating to have the main canon girl be promiscuous tbh.

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  • From SailorNemesis on August 06, 2017

    Chap9, good stuff, looking forward to more

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  • From CompleteDomination on June 12, 2017

    Glad to see you're still working on it. Enjoying it very much.

    Enjoying the Freesia subplot, and also very much looking forward to Juno's moment in the limelight. Kloden seems like a good opportunity for some nice scenes, since trekking slowly through the wilderness is much different from anything seen so far and will give ertain characters a chance to shine.

    Also while I can't criticize the guy wanting Damon to do...something to Selvaria, it's a very popular scene in doujin of this series, I can't help but pitch in my vote otherwise. Sorry, dude, but not my cup of tea. Actually agree with the guy who says a final Selvaria/Welkin pairing would be good. I doubt it will happen, but still can't deny I'd like Selvaria to keep some dignity despite arguably being THE sex symbol of Valkyria Chronicles. I could understand Maximilian, that assistant, Carl I think?, or even Jaeger. However Damon...and horses, aren't quite my cup of tea. Obviously your choice as the author, but I said my piece.

    Hope Marina gets the scene I mentioned in my past review, or at least a memorable development. I could also see Welkin managing to rope Edy into some sexual play for punishing Rosie. A 'If I punish Rosie by having sex with her you'll reward me with sex' agreement would probaby please all three if he spun it right. My long shot hope is for an appearane by Audrey Gessenarl as Squad 7 will be going to the south where her father is in charge. Regardless, know you'll do great. Good luck.

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  • From SailorNemesis on June 09, 2017

    Varot was very sexy, I hope she gets her wish and Welkin gets over his aversion to unloading in girls.  I also hope he and Isara hook up.

    Selveria.  I'd like to see her taken by Daimon's horse (something about a witch not being fit for human men, etc.) or failing that by Daimon himself.  Looking forward to more chaps.

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  • From Sef on June 08, 2017

    Hah, good to see I've added to your vocabulary I guess? I'll just hope for the Sylvie stuff and read on.

    As for critiques, aside from grammatical errors and the like that could probably be nixxed with a quick re-read before posting, you've a tendancy to write run-on sentences that should be cleaned up. It helps a lot for a stories flow if each sentence flows smoothly too.

    Keep plugging away at that plat trophy. I got it recently too, in fact, I stumbled on this story after getting it and looking for VC fics :p

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  • From SailorNemesis on April 02, 2017

    Good to see chap 7, though I agree was far too little hentai.  Looking forward to more, Varrot needs to get her some Welkin.  And when Damon captures Selvaria, he needs to introduce her to his horse.

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  • From Sef on April 01, 2017

    super hot.

    My only issue is with Alicia. You keep trying to emphasise that her relationship with Faldio isn't 'romantic' - as if that's only allowed with Welkin or something - which is fine in and of itself, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy it when she's fucking around. 

    Sex is great, and the characters you've written seem to love having it too. There's a lot of dubcon elements though that kind of keep the story a litte too dark and sap the joyous aspect from it all.

    Still want Welking and Selvaria to end up together in the end :p 

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  • From Sef on February 23, 2017

    Awesome that we're getting some quality VC smut - a rarity, if not an endangered species.

    As for the story, I like how everyone is a lot sluttier, and act out on that. I think I'd prefer it if Alicia was a little less crushing on Welkin at this stage. Maybe she thinks he's hot and would be a nice catch, but I think I'd rather her thinking about Faldio while she's fucking him than Welkin, seems like a downer the way it is.

    'Faldio is super sexy and he's been chatting me up all week, so why the fuck not?!' etc etc

    Just making the characters super promiscuous is an awesome angle, but I'd advise againts making EVERYONE like that going forward. It feels a lot less titilating if everyone is slutty, you need the normies and the prudes to have a basis for comparison.

    Also, leave off dick sizes. Everyone's 'huge' apparently and, unless you're going to make certain characters size queens, it all becomes redundant anyway.

    Finally, I wouldn't be totally against going AU and making this Welkin/Selvaria :3 Maybe he somehow finds that it's Maxxy that had her experimented on in the first place to get her to flip, I dunno.

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  • From SailorNemesis on January 27, 2017

    Mostly enjoying it, though the anime was crap and I dont like Faldio being around.  Overall I'm looking froward to more.  Hopfully Capt. Varrot gets in on the action.  Rosie x Isara would be fun too.

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  • From CompleteDomination on January 10, 2017

    Figure I might as well, if you were so excited about one.

    I do want to point out a bit that you'll probably have to limit the amount of people you include. You're already putting in plenty of plot, and writing little sub plots for every character will slow you down quite a bit. This might just me wanting you to update quickly though, so don't think about it too much. However I definitely think Welkin should be the 'main' character, being the one really focused on. Although I guess a few with Faldio, Jargo, and maybe Vyse wouldn't be bad. Giving Isara a little subplot of her own would also be fun.

    As for suggestions. Need I even say it...Selvaria. You have to. Boo, Maximillian! Selvaria's too loyal to him to totally betray him, but I could see her getting frustrated, both emotionally and sexually, by his indifference. I think I remember in the anime Selvaria going with the other general dude to spy on the party where Princess Cordelia was kidnapped, and helped Squad 7 save her. I think a love/hate thing between her and Welkin would be awesome. After all, I think Barious occured before this. A case of her being all pissed for him beating Maximilian, but also being frustrated enough with Maximilian to get hot and heavy with Welkin because of it. She tries to kill him on the battlefield, but they always have hot, angry sex off of it.

    Otherwise, I think maybe branching out beyond the first game would be nice. Involve the Nameless a bit, as they did actually interact with Squad 7 in the third game. Riela all the way. Juliana Everhart from the second game also fought in the war at Naggiar Plains, so maybe having her be attached to Squad 7 for a bit would be cool. Considering I've suggested Selvaria, Reila, and Juliana first, I think it's easy to say I'm a big boob guy.

    Otherwise...Definitely want Marina getting involved with Welkin. Maybe they could bond while scouting out in the wilderness at Kloden, Marina being a hunter and Welkin liking the wilderness for the insects and animals. Have Rosie become annoyed with Edy and deciding to 'coach' her. Clarissa Callaghan from the third game was assigned to Nameless squad for falling in love with an Imperial Soldier. You could have Welkin snatch her up, as she's a medic and you even made it a point to say Squad 7 is a medic short. The triplet medics are also an obvious choice.

    I'm going to close out by suggesting Audrey Gassenarl. While villains in the second game and unarguably racist, both Audrey and Baldren are fierce patriots, could even be called idealists, and were extremely competent military officers. Since you have given a bit of focus on some officers being competent in the Army, I could see them turning up. Audrey is also a very skilled tank commander, and could very well be interested in the Edelweiss. Gallia definitely needed to upgrade their standard tanks after all during the war. Learning it was built and maintained by darcsens could also be the first step to making her lose her racist tendencies. She also worships the valkyrur, thus the reason behind her hatred of darcsen, so Alisa eventually could influence her...Her participating in a threesome with Welkin and Selvaria would also be hot.

    Got into it. Hope I gave you a few ideas though. Hope you update soon.

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  • From SailorNemesis on October 03, 2016

    I like your concept as I am a huge fan of Valkyria the game.  The anime sucked and I only got through a few episodes. I agree your characters are off.  I can't see Alicia as a slut.  Also keep in mind that these characters are basically in the equivalent of 1940s Europe, so most should be pretty sexually naive and conservative.  Obviouslyyou have to push that a bit for an ero-fic, but keep the era in mind.

    As far as the rape in chap 3, the Imperials are basically the Nazis and the Darsen the Jews; there was plenty of rape in concentration camps.  Seeing them as animals rarely stops racist opressors from taking sexual advantage.  I enjoy non-con fiction so I don't mind seeing it here, though I'd enjoy moslty focusing on sex within the squad.  Hope you do some nasty stuff with sniper Maria.  Hope my commentary helps.

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