Reviews for Suikoden III - Sextain of Destiny

BY : Streti

  • From Dude on April 08, 2017

    Chapter 7 does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the Suikoden universe and expanding it. The smut is always grade A but this chapter shows that the story is compelling on it’s own. The seamless introduction of new characters and viewpoints adds depth to the thickening plot. Your words draw a conceivable picture of a snow covered grasslands that really set the mood for the entire chapter. Nailing how cool a snow setting would be for a game in the Suikoden universe. Nice integration with cameos of the younger cast from S3. I came for the smut and stayed for the story. Please keep it up! I’m surely not the only one to think this is badass!

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  • From Dude on April 07, 2017

    Holy Runes that sixth chapter! Your orgies are the best and you always keep it interesting without repeating yourself. Each ”team” here really have their own unique thing going and the most captivating part is that the women all seem to be in charge. There’s the ever so hot tutor/apprentice pairing in Nera and Rowdy, the passionate veterans in Nanami/Beecham and of course the utter shameless debauchery with Jeane and the mains. I imagine her outfit being the one from Tactics. I can’t choose a favorite pairing over another because they’re all so hot! Sex is steaming hot as always! Their ”fuck first talk later” approach is equally hilarious and ludicrous. Love it!


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  • From ANON - The Dude on January 31, 2017

    Fantastic! It’s great to see another chapter!  I wouldn’t consider the ancient highway tunnel quite suitable for a sex romp with the stone floor and phantoms lurking about but perhaps at least the ruins keep the cold out. Cool introduction of the new old characters and the attention to detail is excellent as per usual. I can definitely imagine a slightly older, curvier and long haired Nanami. Great to see the lovely Nera getting some more action. More or less the whole chapter is a tease but I’m sure the next will be well worth any wait. Kudos and thanks again for remembering this forgotten gem of a series. I just wish more readers would write a few words of appreciation.

    Please keep up the struggle!

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  • From ANON - Dude on January 19, 2017

    Holy shit I can’t believe I’ve totally missed out on this. On a sunny day is such a masterpiece and seeing you return to Budehuc is equally exciting and surprising. You always deliver grade A material and this is certainly no exception. Great build up all along and that fourth chapter is hot as hell. Can’t wait for another chapter and to find out what the deal is with Tir, Gremio and Richard. And please let there be more Nera!

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