Reviews for Suikoden III - Sextain of Destiny

BY : Streti

  • From sombie on November 27, 2018

    Nice tie in scene with Nell in bed giving a brief recap of the previous chapter's climax. The mystery surrounding her is still most peculiar though as she suddenly give a liberal and unabashed impression not least during the meet with Hugo. Other random encounters are delicate as Anne's brief introduction comes to mind as a real tease. The venturing is continuously interesting with neat geographical descriptions and expanded lore. It's a very pleasant read altogether that further develop the earlier mentioned immersion.

    Just like the previous chapter I think this also would have benefited from a longer anticipation build up. In this case to the inevitable bath scene. As soon as the Falenan Prince and his entourage is mentioned it's obvious what we'd all like to go down eventually. It does without hesitation and it's almost to the point of becoming stale. The storytelling is very well competent enough to hold up a chapter without having a sex scene in there. This chapter includes the best of both worlds literally in several ways and it's on the verge of being too much of a good thing.

    Don't get me wrong the bath scene is fantastic in itself and delightfully reminiscent of "Good Clean fun" as well as "Genso Freyjadour". The image of Lun and Lyon all grown up and matured is intoxicating and hopefully their respective moresomes will be expanded upon. There is seemingly more to come but the cliffhanger built around Nell's participation would have had more of an impact if it wasn't for the fact that Nell had plenty of action in the previous chapter already.

    Don't sweat it. It's still a fantastic chapter and I'm stoked that you're keeping it alive!

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  • From sombie on October 08, 2018

    Ch 13:
    Another wow of a chapter!
    A throughly enjoyable one with a brief geography lesson, interesting newcomers and a massively satisfying climax. Glad to see Augustine making a return and although I’ve never cared much for Millie before she does spark my interest in this context. As long as she doesn’t get weird with Napoleon..  Neither the trader nor the ninja made a big splash in the games but it’s refreshing with some faces that aren’t overly used nor immediately recognized. I really like how the story is slowly turning into another stars of destiny tale with the castle setup, the residents, friendships and conversations. Creating that immersive and comfy feel that the games did so well.

    Given the timespan I was surprised and mildly disappointed that Hugo and Nera just sat down conversing but I suppose some meat and greet happened off screen.
    Nell’s sudden turn into a sex maniac is leaving me puzzled though. She seemed quite persistent in the previous chapters and don’t believe Hugo and his crew has had that much impact in only a couple of months. There seems to be an explanation hinted inside her wet dream but I can’t seem to figure it out. Hopefully there’ll be an explanation later on. The whole Nell scene seems out of character at this point but nevertheless it’s insanely hot and well written. You totally outdid yourself in the last 4 paragraphs which are absolutely fantastic! I can see them continue on and on..

    So happy to see this continue. Really hope there’s more to come. Love it!


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  • From sombie on September 08, 2018

    For the past year and a half I’ve been revisiting AFF daily in hope of a continuation of this story. We don’t really deserve it because this doesn’t get the appreciation and feedback it deserves. Yet here we are with a brand new chapter.

    It seems like some time have passed since last time even story wise. Yet the unabashed opening show that little has changed. While some of the more story driven chapters include no or very little sex I like how this is thoroughly sprinkled with it while consistently moving the story forward. The introduction of the buxom elf is particularly hot and the reveal of her name and her companion was surprising to say the least. The island nationers overage was a bit confusing at first but makes perfect sense. The Golem and Serpent battles are intense and surprisingly extensive.

    I sense a slight change in tone though as Nell is shedding light on the story itself. Almost breaking the forth wall in the process. Questioning the sex crazed nature of the story and its participants give the story extra depth and self awareness. Yet another example is when the party is watching Paula, Lazlo and Matt through the window. Paula is a fresh breath of air to the story that I really hope to see more of. I also wonder what secrets Nell is keeping and for how long she will stay out of real action. Building up som serious anticipation.

     I certainly hope we don’t have to wait for another year and a half to find out.
    Amazing stuff!

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  • From sombie on April 29, 2017

    Despite being a quite sex heavy chapter the story is making good progress due to the chapter opening and ending. I guess it was only a matter of time before Geddoe made an appearance but it makes perfect sense. I was pleasantly surprised by Cecile’s reveal but I expect the one responsible will remain a mystery. Lovely return to the ”secluded cove” near the Cavern towards the end.

    The sex scene has a slightly more subtle and relaxed feel in comparison to the previous chapters but is equally fantastic on its own terms. Never been a huge fan of Sierra but you actually made her more interesting and hot with this story. The humor is great and the synergy between the Vampire, Vampire Hunter and Star Dragon Sword is most amusing. Somehow Edge’s restrained approach is one of the hotter aspects of the chapter. Despite Mellville’s earlier aquaintance with Jeane he’s surprisingly shy while Alanis on the other hand seems to be on par with her younger self. I was a little bummed that their run ended so quickly. Still a fantastic scene all in all

    As always great writing, smoking sex scene and an oh so interesting plot. Really looking forward to the next chapter but no rush. I’m totally up for more chapters of the daily grind in the warmth at Budehuc. Vampires can wait so can we. Keep it up!


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  • From sombie on April 08, 2017

    Chapter 7 does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the Suikoden universe and expanding it. The smut is always grade A but this chapter shows that the story is compelling on it’s own. The seamless introduction of new characters and viewpoints adds depth to the thickening plot. Your words draw a conceivable picture of a snow covered grasslands that really set the mood for the entire chapter. Nailing how cool a snow setting would be for a game in the Suikoden universe. Nice integration with cameos of the younger cast from S3. I came for the smut and stayed for the story. Please keep it up! I’m surely not the only one to think this is badass!

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  • From sombie on April 07, 2017

    Holy Runes that sixth chapter! Your orgies are the best and you always keep it interesting without repeating yourself. Each ”team” here really have their own unique thing going and the most captivating part is that the women all seem to be in charge. There’s the ever so hot tutor/apprentice pairing in Nera and Rowdy, the passionate veterans in Nanami/Beecham and of course the utter shameless debauchery with Jeane and the mains. I imagine her outfit being the one from Tactics. I can’t choose a favorite pairing over another because they’re all so hot! Sex is steaming hot as always! Their ”fuck first talk later” approach is equally hilarious and ludicrous. Love it!


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  • From ANON - The Dude on January 31, 2017

    Fantastic! It’s great to see another chapter!  I wouldn’t consider the ancient highway tunnel quite suitable for a sex romp with the stone floor and phantoms lurking about but perhaps at least the ruins keep the cold out. Cool introduction of the new old characters and the attention to detail is excellent as per usual. I can definitely imagine a slightly older, curvier and long haired Nanami. Great to see the lovely Nera getting some more action. More or less the whole chapter is a tease but I’m sure the next will be well worth any wait. Kudos and thanks again for remembering this forgotten gem of a series. I just wish more readers would write a few words of appreciation.

    Please keep up the struggle!

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  • From ANON - Dude on January 19, 2017

    Holy shit I can’t believe I’ve totally missed out on this. On a sunny day is such a masterpiece and seeing you return to Budehuc is equally exciting and surprising. You always deliver grade A material and this is certainly no exception. Great build up all along and that fourth chapter is hot as hell. Can’t wait for another chapter and to find out what the deal is with Tir, Gremio and Richard. And please let there be more Nera!

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