Reviews for Resident Evil: Infection

BY : DaxG2001

  • From Loth-Cat on March 31, 2017

    Gosh. I wasn´t expecting crazy, but Chapter 6 is something crazy beyond anything. Kudos for that surprise. I am curious what future Chapters will show. What will this Virus do to our girls who are demanding for more. And will Vincent Pierce mutate maybe? 


    Just for future ideas for Resident Evil. I think with an already established male character in that kind of scenario the emotional depth and depth of interactions between characters would have a heavier weight on them.

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  • From notherAnonymousPleb on March 17, 2017

    I was just thinking when would you have more people meet at the same time and then I read the next line. That was really convenient and hot.

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  • From SillyMeeMee629 on February 24, 2017

    I like the story. I got a request: Will you do Alyssa Ashcroft or Cindy Lennox from Resident Evil Outbreak? 

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