Reviews for The Misadventures of Professor Croft

BY : PornEater

  • From Extraction on November 11, 2017

    Amazing story. Would have prefered scarlett from gi joe but baroness is a powerhouse as well:D I dont see any problems with a cross universe story, its just a character after all! Atleast a story where Lara is in unity with a more slutty personality, because lets face it, woman like to fuck too and in 95% of the stories it seems like every girl has to be bullied, raped and blackmailed into sex which is utterly stupid and boring.

    The new tomb raider movie is a disgrace;(. Lara in my mind will be forever (safe for work):

    gimme dat shit:D

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  • From s-incubus on October 21, 2017

    Another exceptional chapter my friend. Congratulations. I'm really enjoying the way this story develops. 

    Nice addition with Baroness. Hope to see many more interesting character aditions from different universes. What this automatically brings to my mind is the question how Lara will keep Davie from 'harmful hands'. I imagine one way to sabotage her plans is to try to take Davie's virginity away (or at least keeping his balls empty). I suppose there would be several paties interested in the same temple. They must have (perhaps several) well hung, virile virgins of their own. On the other hand Lara could deflower them in return. So many possibilities there.

    Hope to see many more chapters.


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  • From JACKASS2016 on October 13, 2017

    Only god knows how much I love this story, not to mention how much I love your writting, your my favourite writter by far. I feel like it is getting old and simply pathetic to read stories about Lara being subjected to mind control and all that bimbo shit. Your stories are somehow different you know, they've got something special in themselves that really gets you addidcted and you just check everyday to see if they are updated or not. My first language is not English that I have to admit that sometimes I get really bad headaches when I read your stories, I think that it is because of all the discriptions of the characters and stuff but that is the thing that puts your stories in a whole different league and they get addictive. 


    This one is my favourite story, not the first four chapter, althought I know that that was a whole different story but it is somehow dissapointing to see somebody soo drastically upper crest get subjected to this kind of things in my opinion. But this, wow I dont know where to begin so I just talk about the latest chapter. I think that the story is heading into the right direction and it is good to finally see Lara in a little bit of control and self-steam in the fanficts,because she usually is either a drooling bimbo or a mindless or mind controled one. The fact is that writters usually think that if Lara is mindless and agrees to do anything it would attract more readers but its not like that. Most people read those kind of stories because there is no other good stories and you have to waste your time by reading some shitty crafted and plotless garbage. But this, this is something different. Lara has a cause, a reason for being like this and subjecting herself to the humiliation caused by Davie. I really like the scene with the guards I mean it is very hot to imagine the aristocratic Miss Croft be manhaded like that by some ordinary guards . I would have loved if they would take it to the next level but we didnt see that, hope that she will go there but your the boss.Keep going like this and it will be the best Tomb Raider fanfic ever:)


    But, I got to agreee with one of the reviewers. I think crossover isnt the best idea for this story. I mean you could have brought you own characters to life because what is good about the original characters is that the writter has the freedom of giving them certain personalitys and you could make them do anything you want. I think that adding characters from other universes might reduce the stories potential by a great deal like in Takedown. Dont get me wrong nobody can reject Black Widows juicy ass but I think that it would bring competition for the main character of the story and it wouldnt feel right, I mean it is a Tomb Raider fanfic after all.



    You asked what we taught about the new Tomb Raider, well I gotta say that I didnt like the trailer one bit I mean its like they took the scenes from the reboot games and just acted them. I think that there were many more actresses that would have made a better Lara Croft both physically and mentaly. I mean the actress is not British, her chest is so flat and she dosent even have curves, even Lara in the reboot is hotter than her. I feel like the feminist writters are destroying the characters I dont know what is wrong with being both hot and smart. They think that if somebody has a nice rack then they cant be a smart or indipendent woman. They did it with the game and now they have done it with the movie. The previous movies looked a lot better and the the Lara in it was a confident strong woman. I know that it is because that in the reboot game Lara is an insecure young girl who has no idea what she is doing but the movie is completly pathtic. If you like seeing the exact copy of a game in a movie it will be the movie for you.



    Once again amazing story. Keep up the good work.

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  • From Zev Edwards on October 09, 2017

    Surprise surprise, I love everything about this chapter too. The story is progressing nicely and I think the pacing is just right. I actually liked the intro, especially because of the contrast of how easily some random guards get to molest Lara no questions asked while Davie always has to jump through hoops to gain access to her body and earn Lara's 'permission'. I like that.

    I enjoyed the little insight into Davie's psyche as well, which was a good way of showing his human side, his insecurities—which are very much in character. Studying Lara's and Davie's characters in this story is a good idea I think, not for the purpose of drama but for the purpose of impact. It always pays off to know what the characters are thinking and feeling deep down.

    Lara seems to be getting more and more slutty with every chapter, which works for the story you're telling. Needless to say, I like that sort of progression a lot. Lara coming to terms with and embracing her sexuality—that's great.

    This chapter is a bit shorter, but the writing and details are high quality as always. You managed to transport me into the Amazon jungle where I could see the foggy forests and smell them. A naturally formed, moss covered 'massage table' was a great idea for this setting. Speaking of which, everything about that massage scene was awesome, from the dialogue between Lara and Davie to the descriptions of what was going on between them.

    I like how Davie gets to choose what Lara wears. It's almost like a Tomb Raider game where he is the player who gets to pick a different outfit for every level, it's very meta like that :) And that modified classic TR outfit has to be the sluttiest thing Lara has ever worn, let alone on an adventure.

    Now, there are two things I'm not a big fan of here. The first small thing is, I'm not a fan of pale English rose Lara. I don't think that's how Lara looks at all, and it's in conflict with your previous descriptions of her. The next slightly bigger thing is, I'm not really into the crossover with the comic book world. The G.I. Joe angle is a bit…I don't know, maybe you're a fan and you like mixing your favorite universes, but I think it would have worked better had you come up with your own original characters and organizations. Never liked that sort of thing and it reminds me of the Marvelverse, especially since you included Hydra as well. I'm not opposed to adding more characters, I just don't like where these characters are coming from because I don't think they fit Lara's universe very well. For example, imagine Spiderman showing up at some point, swinging around the jungle and talking about black widows. I know he (or someone similar) most likely won't make an appearance of that or any other sort, but Cobra Commander and Baroness are not that much of a better fit. Original stuff would have been preferable, in my opinion. The gangbang Baroness has in mind sounds good, though ;)

    Anyway, that's a small problem in an otherwise nearly flawless LCTR story. It continues to be my favorite piece of Lara Croft erotica and I can't wait to read more!


    About the new 'Tomb Raider' movie…yeah, the sinking feeling was very much there. Wasn't just you man, you can be sure of that. Seems a good deal worse than even the first rebooted game. I just rewatched the original Tomb Raider duology with Angelina Jolie, and I have to say, she is not the perfect Lara Croft, but I think this is as far as we'll ever get when it comes to a real life Lara who is simultaneously beautiful, physical, badass, sassy, unapologetic, and a decent actress all in one package. Angelina was stunning in those movies, although maybe a bit too tomboyish at times in her portrayal of Lara. But the contrast between her and this new actress is so stark the latter goes from merely inadequate to absolutely laughable in seconds. It's quite uncanny how things have devolved so much they've morphed into their polar opposites. If this girl can be a Lara Croft, then by the same logic it's perfectly fine to have a 5'4" obese American teenager be James Bond. Right, and I'm perfect for Superman. The trailer does in fact look like a poor cosplayer reenacting scenes from the rebooted game—in front of a green screen, for a low budget YouTube video. It's just bad, and not even a 'so bad it's good' type of deal. Just plain BAD. But, in spite of what this little rant may suggest, I have built up a rather thick hide when it comes to these things. Lara Croft is my all time favorite female character in any medium, with no close second. Resident Evil is my all time favorite game ever made, bar none. And the amount of times these two things have been gotten wrong and butchered in the past ten or so years has put me in a suspended state where I genuinely, deep down, no longer see canonical stuff as, well, canonical—not even on a subconscious level. To me, now, the official canon is a perpetual spinoff for shits and giggles, while all the good, faithful stuff is to be found in non official projects and fan tributes. Take a look at Nicobass' fan remake of TRII for example, some awesome work there! Technology will get to a point where we can eventually create our own shit without too much hassle, and with zero reliance on bloodsucking, soul consuming corporate conglomerates. It's the future. That's what's truly great about writing actually—you don't need a team and a blockbuster budget to create the most awesome Lara Croft that can ever be conceived of. And words can be more powerful than images in many ways. Although this new TR movie is already abysmal, beyond any form of redemption whatsoever even if you look past the casting (which, let's face it, is kind of impossible to do in this particular case), ultimately I care little about it. Lara was actually a bit better in Rise than the previous game, so hopefully the third iteration will bring her a few steps closer to Classic or LAU Lara. Comic book Lara is also superior to the 'official' Lara Croft we have nowadays. But as tastes and trends continue to change and the SJW pandemic gradually dies down, something more in the vein of Classic Lara will return at some point—inevitably. The 'dark & gritty' era is pretty much over anyway. It was cool back when Batman Begins came out, but a million shallow reiterations have turned this particular approach into an eye rolling joke. The same thing happened to movies after The Matrix, and the same thing is still happening to games after The Last Of Us. It's nothing new, as annoying and disheartening as it is.

    Fuck the new Tomb Raider movie. Don't go watch it, don't pay for it, don't rent it, don't generate buzz around it…nothing. Let it just fade out of existence with as much aplomb as it itself carries. That is to say, none. I find this is generally the best way to deal with insultingly inconsequential stuff like this—again, despite having written a wall of text on the subject myself.

    Sorry about the long rant, but all this bullshit deserved a good roasting.

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  • From Alcatraz on October 08, 2017

    I am finding your new storyline for this story is great. You keep that excellent writing style with its vivid descriptions and reduced the OCD descriptions without me noticing as I read. The story line was pretty creative, I,like your exploration and use of sexuality and the cultural attitudes toward sex in Ancient Greece. Very clever way of introducing Anastasia and her men as protagonists also, though you seem to be using the same technique that you'be used in other stories. Also I find it amusing how you seem to be teasing the readers as much as Lara teases Davies. Overall, excellent work and I can't wait for more.

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  • From DrkVrtx on October 08, 2017

    The introduction to the Baroness was really well done, I feel. Offers the reader an interesting new perspective and the writing flows nicely, kept succinct while still carrying a hot, smoky undertone. In contrast, and of course this is my own opinion, the opening 'incident' felt largely extraneous. A minimal plot is carrying the story onward, but you've kept a good balance between those few plot points and the porn. The chapter reads just fine without this scene because it doesn't necessarily reveal/explore anything of interest about the characters or their objective. The previous chapter was already quite the allusion that Lara secretly enjoys getting into trouble. To that end, the wonderfully descriptive sequence of Lara being molested feels wasted. In comparison, the scene with her overlooking the Amazon and Davie mentally and practically physically undressing the famed Tomb Raider where she stands works much better, because while it's certainly written to titillate it feels purposeful, important to Lara, Davie and their objective(s).

    It's your story at the end of the day, however, and ultinately you should write what you enjoy writing. Certainly for the most part, with this particular chapter, I enjoyed reading it, and with a new angle added to the mix in the Baroness I'm looking foward to more.

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  • From Star-Knight on October 08, 2017

    Going to be honest, the intro to this chapter added nothing and felt like it could have been cut and nothing would have been lost. The two guards were just faceless and gave nothing to the experiance, and made Lara look like an easy target.

    Honestly I would have much prefered she kicked both their asses and get molested by Davie for a whole chapter, than just have her submit and be bested so easy.

    Davie and Lara's scenes were good but it did feel a little rushed, we're in the jungle, things are being set up, good descriptions, good bit of back and forth and then we get to the smutt. But nothing really stood out to me during the actions and it was a little confusing as to what clothes Lara still had on.

    Lara also confessing that Davie could best her sexually, kind of worried/annoyed me as it felt far too soon for that kind of talk from her and I would perhaps liked a little more confidence in her own sexual skills, perhaps her falsley believing she could "tame" him, long before she breaks.

    Finally Baroness from G.I. Joe just feels like an odd thing to mix into the group, and while Lara may not have many rivals in the canon. I just got the vibe that she will have Lara be raped by her men and just be that woman who hates other hot women, rather than someone with an actual grudge or motive to best Lara.

    I know all that was negative so I shall now focus on the positives. The dialouge between Lara and Davie while much shorter in this chapter is still great, and exposes more of their character with each interaction.

    I also like how Davie reacted to being offered a position of servitude to Lara and how at first he is insulted and angered, but then reconsidered and thinks that maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Changing his mind on reflection makes him so much more human than anyone else (besides Lara) in this chapter as it shows us there is conflict and conclusion going on in his head and that he is not just a sexual deviant hoping to get laid, he is not blindly agreeing with everything Lara says in hopes of pleasing her. He is being his own person, not a lackey or a idiot who only thinks of the end game objective of getting into Lara's pants.

    Descriptions are amazing as per usual, the level of detail is great, you really paint a picture and don't just throw some words in then leave it to the reader to actually piece it all together.

    I look forward to the promise of more action in the story, you've done a great job with set-up and I think now is the time for a little peril. I am hoping Lara gets to prove her mettle against some enemies and kick some ass.

    While you are under no obligation to take this under advice, I think Davie should react like a person during his first perilous situation. He has probably lived a cushy life up until this point and have probably never been in actual danger, therefore if gunfight does suddenly happen, don't make him act bored during it. This happens to often in anime's where a character just stares at a fight of life and death, often their first, happening around them and the most reaction we get is. "Oh cool."

    I know I cannot ask you to write your story anyway besides your own, if you were going to have Baroness atack Lara and Davie at night, I think it would be much more fresh and subversive if you have Lara win and Davie gets to play with the Baroness rather than see Lara in a gangbang situation.

    All the best for the next chapter, and while I know my reviews might be long and overblown I don't want to leave you with a three word compliment and leave you with nothing to take on or digest. Your work is great, easily the best I have seen on this site, which is why I think you can avoid the tired tropes done to death by other stories/writers.

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  • From SailorNemesis on October 08, 2017

    Nice to read chapter 6, sexy stuff.  I look forward to Lara's ultimate submission, after she is lead there of course.

    The Baroness is sexy, but really, Cobra?  And even more Hydra?  I hope your fanboyishness does not clutter and ruin a good story.  I'm crossing my fingers on this one.  They really seem like silly and extraneous elements.

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  • From EyeGuy on October 08, 2017

    Can't wait to see how you'll be spicing up the story with more action, looking forward to see what you'll be doing with Baroness.

    And to reiterate what everybody else has already told you, I really like how Lara is confident and in control, all the while being shamelessly slutty. Your writing really does leave me wanting, waiting for the next chapter.

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  • From Star-Knight on September 27, 2017

    New chapter!

    So I was kind of expecting this to start off in the shower, but you know what? It's fine and it does not matter. You've got the adventure up and running and now Lara and Davie are on their way which I am glad to see, while the plot may not be what we are here for it is a story that actually fits the content and I like how things are progresing without constant stopping and starting.

    Davie really knows nothing about restraint does he? Like kid could not even pretend he's trying to pay attention, which I guess is what made that back and forth between him and Lara so enjyoable, she knows it to and yet she is still trying which fits who she is.

    Loved the descriptions of him feeling Lara up on the plane and how Lara is fighting to maintain control of the situation, while resisting her own urges.

    I am also pleased to see how control is being handled in this story. Davie and Lara kind of both have it and lose it in this chapter, and I think this is what makes your work a cut above any other story in this kind of genre. Lara gets dominated by Davie, almost falling unconcious cause of him and yet is able to take back power and show him that she is still the boss (for now) without it feeling cheap or out of nowhere. You get this real back and forth between them and it's just great to see play out and makes me anticipate every new chapter more.

    The information about anal is intresting and I am sure Davie will exploit that at every possible turn, and I really hope we get another cat and mouse kind of thing with them. Perhaps she will make a promise that she does not want to honor right away while wandering through the jungle and Davie is just like "Pay up."

    Perhaps while Lara is working on some ruins or studdying something releated to their destination? IDK.

    Really looking foward to the next chapter. I found nothing in this one that's repetative so I wouldn't worry about that. Your writings amazing, so detailed and full of energy. I love it.

    P.S I know the chances of this are slim, but do you think you might add a dance kind of scene with Lara? Perhaps one of Davie's requests to keep him happy. Would love to see how you describe all that movement.


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  • From SailorNemesis on September 19, 2017

    Chap 5 was very hot.  Looking forward to more of Lara being dominated.

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  • From Zev Edwards on September 18, 2017



    My eyes absolutely lit up when I checked this page possibly for the hundredth time and saw there was finally an update! I may be a little obsessed with this story, lol.

    Right then, I loved the second chapter as much if not more than I did the first! It's hard to decide, as there is so much for me to love in both!

    It's hard to beat the measuring scene from the first one, for me at least, since I may have a bit of a fetish for that, but then in this one you have Lara drink almost an entire beaker of cum in one go, and I was NOT expecting that! Thank you for your response, first of all, and then thank you for adding that little scene! It was an epic way to end the chapter and it was SO hot.

    Again, I have to say I really like the way you've conceptualized Lara's character. In such stories you usually see either detached rape victims, or equally empty, drooling braindead bimbos. It's rare that I come across a successful mix of classy, articulate lady, relentless cocktease, and thinly veiled cock whore all in one deliciously put together character, who is capable of both dominating and submitting, dominating while submitting and vice versa, seducing and letting herself be seduced by her own proclivities—all in equal measure. Yes, I actually very much like the 'revelations' about Lara's motivations and character here. I think you've nailed it. My only suggestion, and again JViper has beaten me to the punch, would be for Lara to slowly take over as the initiator of all the cock choking and cock slapping and all accompanying goodness. Very few things better in life than a gorgeous woman willingly slapping her own unbelievably beautiful face with an unbelievably huge, fat penis! =D

    “You have serious problems, Lara”, the adventuress smiled at her own secret depravity as she stepped into the shower and allowed the steamy water to wash away her sins.

    That's a great way of putting it. I really love the way you've written it, and it pretty much sums up my thoughts nicely.

    I also rather enjoyed the dynamics between Davie and Zip. I like that there was no hostility and unnecessary drama between them, because that would be a whole different story with a whole different tone. I appreciate that you are keeping the adventure quite lighthearted. I like a lighthearted romp and Tomb Raider/Lara Croft lend themselves nicely to such a tone. Also, not to overanalyze, but I think both Davie and Zip realize on a deeper level that Lara isn't really the type of woman one can claim as his own and keep all to himself. That kind of attitude would be an immediate fail on either man's part. So I love that they instead teamed up and clicked immediately, which makes sense since they have similar temperaments and are in very similar situations. Individually, they can't really handle Lara at the end of the day, but together…who knows, maybe they'd be too much for HER to handle! That's…let me count…twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven inches of cock? Now that would be a Croft Manor threesome that just might be enough to leave Lara herself in the state Davie was in at the end of this chapter. DP/DVP/DAP, amirite? =P

    These two are my favorite male characters of yours, so it's good to see them in the same story and working together! Maybe Lara could tease Zip about being smaller than a seventeen year old little white boy whenever he opens his smart mouth, that would make for some good natured conflict between the two boys and would provide an incentive for Zip to try and do his best/worst to please/dominate Lara in order to prove himself as the better man. That's my line of thinking, anyway! Bottom line here is that this particular trio of characters works great, in my opinion.

    Very minor disappointment, if I can call it that, was the lack of any shower shenanigans. A short flashback would have worked. Shower/bathtub scenes are always great, and I don't think anyone would disagree with the notion that there can never be enough wet Lara Croft titties! No more big wet titties…said no one ever :)

    I'm sure I've missed something, but that's all I have for now. I'm super tired and my brain is not working properly, however I wanted to write this now while it's still fresh. I should stop here, in any case.


    Solid chapter, solid story, solid writing! I love Takeover as well, and Taming, especially the prequel (that's you, right?), but The Obelisk is definitely my favorite one so far. Take as long as you need, I'll be reading whenever the next one comes out!



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  • From JViper on September 17, 2017

    Glad to see the update is here. And what a chapter!


    Man, you hit all the sweet notes here with the BJ followed by swallowing action. Really great stuff. If my suggestion partially inspired the scene I'm all the more happy to be of service. Because damn Lara is really hot in here, especially at the end.


    I don't know how to feel about Zip giving pointers to DD, though. I feel DD should learn by himself by pushing Lara's drawn line further and further throughout the mission. Having Zip saying she's all bark like that really accelerates things. I see no reason for DD not to always push relentlesssly the envelope. Even the holding by his balls punishment, didn't feel like enough to prevent or at least slow his advances.


    I guess that's a non-issue for most, as the only result is that we get to the finish line faster. Still I love your slow paced stories more than the fast ones, so that's where I'm coming from. Gonna have to wait and see as I'm sure it'll be great at the very minimum(no pressure).


    I also thought it was strange for DD and Zip to get along like that. I don't know, if I had a relationship like Zip and DD has with her, I wouldn't be so welcoming of another guy getting involved. I would certainly not comment on his cock like Zip did. Not really an issue, more like nit-picking.


    I say nit-picking because there's really nothing to criticize. It was that good. From the outfit description being great as always, to the teasing by both DD and Lara over the map and the mission briefing, to finally the video BJ show. All flowed perfectly into each other and judging by the end, it's great to know that Lara also had some fun before taking the reins of the situation. I'd love to see her slowly descent with DD requests/orders to the point that she starts the more extreme stuff like chocking on his cock, snorting the precum(great scene btw. I had a commission done with something similar some time ago and I've been waiting for more like it since forever) and slapping her face with his cock.


    Really can't wait for more. Hope RL doesn't get too much in your way.


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  • From s-incubus on September 01, 2017

    Love the new chapter. Very nice idea. I hope to read how it continues very soon.

    A little criticism about content though: The details with foreskin, cock cheese and smegma... almost ruined the whole scene for me. Of course it's your choice, but I'd suggest not to use it again.

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  • From Star-Knight on August 12, 2017

    Awesome new chapter.

    At first I was a little worried when it said this would be a brand new story and not a continuation, but after giving it a read I much prefer this new tale over the previous. The descriptions are once again incredible and paint a stunning picutre but I feel Lara's new characterisation is what makes this chapter shine.

    She's confident, in control and is willing to tease and exploit others for her own gain. SO HOT! At the moment I love that she is in charg and able to set out the rules for Davie rather than the other way around. But I am sure as the story goes on that will change. I am looking foward to her and Davie's relationship and how it evolves, given the rules you set up and how Lara might try balancing her thirst for the treasure with her thirst for Davie's cum.

    My only wish is that you don't turn Lara from confident countess to drooling slut to quickly. I feel like the last story was a bit to quick with the change. yes mind control but still she went from large and in charge to mindless sex toy within the space of twenty minutes, although you have said slow burn for this story, so fingers crossed.

    Amazing new update and I hope you continue with this piece.


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