Reviews for The Misadventures of Professor Croft

BY : PornEater

  • From Alpha on November 13, 2018

    when is the new chapter going to be? 


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  • From Sammycolt on August 18, 2018

    Well, the big issue with these two chapters is rather obvious: teasing tends to fall a little flat if you already know there is no happy end to it. That said, it is an extremely pleasant read nonetheless. I'll always prefer your straight up action works, but I will gladly admit that you are doing the teasing well. The next update can not come soon enough!

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  • From Extraction on August 08, 2018

    Ok, shit. I have to check more often it seems.

    The Tomb Raider movie wasn't all awful. The action was kinda okish, but the movie overall was odd. Like they wanted to create this imagine of a badass young women who can kick ass, is smart and everything else, BUT they plague her life with the most cliche female obsession ever SEVERE daddy issues. Its just a bit DA FUCK?

    Both chapters are well done imo. BACK TO THE ROOTS of build up and teasing. Its fun seeing Davie back as the insecure, little teenager who cannot believe his luck. (SRS WHO COULD?) And Lara is once again back in charge as the arrogant, super sexy vixen, doing her very best to torture Davie. Hah, but we know how this ends:D

    OVERALL very solid, still one of the best quality writing you can find on this and many other sites.

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  • From TR_FAN on August 01, 2018

    The story at Croft Manor is limited because we know the events from the following chapters, when Davie will see for the first time on Lara's rectum, for example. Or that his second orgasm comes on aboard the air plane. Despite that, I had a lot of fun and I liked how Lara irritate Davie. It is good that after the anal sex scene in the cave the story is diverted back to cock teasing by Lara. Especially when Lara was humiliated in the fight by Kaede. I look forward to the third suit, the first two were great. I wondered what could be a special reward, maybe special body massage?

    I wish one prequel story how Lara became a professor of Cambridge University. What kind of sexual services she had to take.

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  • From Star-Knight on August 01, 2018

    Sorry I haven't reviewed your other chapters.

    These two updates set in Lara's home were increible, I felt the build up was great to the actual sexual content was great and I like going back to a time where Lara was much more in control and Davie was more restrained. And yet you still had great moments like the lipstick where Davie tries to take advantage of a once in a lifetime moment.

    (Really liked him playing with Lara's makeup shame we didn't get to see her putting some of that cum coated lipstick on while Davie watched)

    I know you're super busy with this story and probably haven't thought about any future projects but I think that a series or mini based in Lara's home alone could be fantastic as there could be so many oppetunities such as Davie gropping her during a workout or a late night swim in the pool when Lara just wants to relax.

    Enjoyed the 2nd part of this two with the various outfits and the ballgown/fancy hooker outfit description was great. Cannot wait to see what you have in mind for part 3 although I am hoping for some action where Davie takes advantage of a sleeping Lara.

    Keep up the amazing work! and all the best.

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  • From TR_FAN on July 31, 2018

    Finally, the strong Lara Croft is back. Unbelievably funny, beautifully described. I'm curious what is extra special reward. I hope the third chapter from Manor will be soon. Awesome work.

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  • From Extraction on July 29, 2018

    saw the newest TR movie on blueray today and had to come here to get some compensation in

    sadly no new chapter but fuck that movie

    it had some good scenes like they got her witty persona right but its soooo much daddy issues and drama and serious the actress looks like a dude

    ^ i mean come on hollywood:D

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  • From Meerahna on July 24, 2018

    Awesome chapter. I've been following your work for a bit now (I really wish we could get more Samus in Downfall!).

    Submissive Lara is so fun to read, but a defiant Lara is probably still my favorite, especially against another woman. Hoping for more Kaede on Lara action and that the asian spitfire puts Lara through her paces!

    This last chapter has set up for some interesting things and I hope more girl on girl action is coming :D


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  • From Fuegoahegao on July 22, 2018

    Damn Fantastic Chapter Porneater. Please keep it up. I like Lara's relizations over that last two chapters, though I hope she doesnt go cock crazy or submissive in the next few chapter. A resitant Lara is the best Lara. 

    I remember Kaede from your earlier work Axis of Tantalus, Im glad you switched from Baroness. 

    I didn'y know I had a breathplay fetish till I read your works. Lara submerged in chapter 8 and the vent scene in Takedown are really got me going in a new way. Hope to see more soon.

    Looking forward to the Next chapter. 

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  • From Sammycolt on July 19, 2018

    That was sooner than expected... not that I am complaining of course.  Regarding the re-match, I would have thought Lara would have gone for a different tactic by herself, make use of her superior frame by looking for a clinch and some dirty-boxing and maybe some takedowns instead of trying her luck at striking range...


    Seriously though, this chapter proved that the theme doesn't have to be too sexual (except for the striptease scene by Kaede and a few lines here and there) for you to write a mezmerizing scene. Kaede is working well, as expected and fits right in with the theme of the classic Tomb Raider.


    Thinking about it I was wondering why you never posted all your stories on here. I am sure they would be greatly appreciated!

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  • From Extraction on July 18, 2018

    ok read the newest chapter

    fun catfight, makes a lot of sense that someone as thicc as lara can overpower a leaner/smaller girl with brute force. Sadly she was caught off guard and surrendered herself. I think if she would have more time to think and consider she might have owned that asian girls ass.

    kinda funny that the akali rework hit this week as welll... dont we all love some asian asassin bitch

    looking forward to the next chapterino!

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  • From TR_FAN on July 15, 2018

    Sweet fight. Even though Lara was a cock-teasing bitch to Davie, she got a double spanking. First by Davie in the cave, and other by Keade now. I hope Lara will be back as a coock-teasing bitch and can win at end.
    I look forward to the first night in Croft Manor. I would like also some experience from the tent. More than just Manor.

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  • From Extraction on July 15, 2018

    ok, did my weekly check up on AFF and saw a double update on this. Had to rub my eyes:D only going to post a review for chapter 5

    a lot of words written in the last two chapters and as the author is a hobby writer he earned my thanks! to the things i liked:

    - laras dress up parts were as fantastic and imaginative as always

    - hahah nice CPR on davies part, funny and thrilling to read:D

    - good turnaround tomb raiding situation (trapped) with davie abusing the thrill of p0wa

    - fucking delicious delicious description of laras ass and lower body while she was stuck, had a lot of sex toy vibe (getting stuck in a wall fetish stuff)

    - DID NOT actually expect penetration or sex in this chapter lol, i thought another build up would happen

    - very nicely written sex and lara got some fun in TOO:D submissive lara had a prime show up

    my favorite part was the the way davie abused and played laras submissive side while she was stuck. I like that this story has a decent level of character progression and motives. Its a slow exploring of laras darker sexual desires, instead of an instant rush from forced, blackmail or whatever sex into the next poorly written fuck.

    Great update!

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  • From ChubbyDevil on July 14, 2018

    Another great chapter! Looks like you steared Davie off the deep end of depravity since Obelisk of Mars opening chapters. I kind of preffered his boyish like 'innocents' -for the lack of a better- word in the previous entries with hints of sexual aggression but I can dig the full of sadist he's become.

    Same for Lara's Croft but again, I can easily get behind the masochist she turned out to be. The drowning scene was a huge turning point for Lara.

    Good idea retconning Baroness too, I'm not a fan of cross overs.

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  • From SailorNemesis on July 11, 2018

    Very much enjoyed chap 8.  Great to finally see Lara becoming more submissive.  I especially liked your descriptions of Lara swimming, very evocative.

    Hopefuly this will not turn into a capture scenario.  I would be happier if Lara killed the goons and then she and Davie got to enjoy Kaede.

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