Reviews for Robin Has Vanilla Consensual Sex with Tharja

BY : CharlesMorren

  • From Streti on November 10, 2017

    Love the title, love the story. Great stuff!

    Chapter 2 could do with a proofread, a couple of typos and others in there but nothing big.

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  • From Dapsmacks43 on August 07, 2017

    would you believe me if i said i've been lookin for somethin like this for ages

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  • From affvd on August 06, 2017

    Uh, sorry for posting the empty review. I had a handful of points in my response:

    1) You had me at the title, because my god there needs to be more of this in the worst possible way, and it's baffling to me that nobody writes any (as far as I can tell).

    2) To elaborate on that, it's mostly because, quite apart from her physical appearance, a lot of Tharja's supports paint her as standoffish and sometimes mercurial, sure, but very sweet once you get to know her. It seemed to me a shame that the writers didn't just roll with that instead of putting the weird (and largely incongruous) stalker stuff front-and-centre.

    3) Because of that depiction, such stories as focus on her that exist play her up as a dominatrix rather than somebody who talks a good game to keep people at arm's length, which is more what she comes off as to me. (I certainly doubt she minds taking charge at all, mind you.) This is a Tharja fic that plays up what I thought was cool about the character, and I have to thank you very much for that. (The 'can you help me sleep'/'sure but not if you wanna wake up tomorrow' exchange was very cute and very Tharja. Also, using her ritual magic in her sex life is absolutely something I'd see Tharja doing.)

    4) On the execution end, I also thought it was fantastically done - characters stay in character, albeit slightly changed by marriage and adaptation to it (thus Tharja is less uninterested in the stuff Chrom is getting up to than she might otherwise be). Buildup and pacing and description worked very well - the jewelry was a nice touch and one I don't remember seeing before. You didn't break the action by overdescribing, but neither did the story lack for detail, which is a line I've seen too many writers fail to straddle, so very well done there. I do remember catching a single typo but on review I can't find it, so it might just have been my imagination. Phrasing was elegant and restrained - both in description of sex and otherwise! Tone was wonderful, two - two people in love just enjoying each other sexually always comes off as half cute and half erotic to me, and you definitely nailed both. Um, pun not intended.

    So! In conclusion, I loved the story! Please do write more! Lord knows we need more Tharja porn, and the 'reverse' of this story would work just as well with the title. (Specifically, Robin going to great lengths to pleasure Tharja until she can't take any more, just because he wants to. Definitely seems to fit the relationship you've established for them here.)

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