Reviews for Pride and Politics

BY : HunterOpera

  • From salarta on October 22, 2017

    It's moving along well so far! These short burst chapters do a good job of allowing a person to feel like they can look through it quicker instead of like they have to set special time aside to devote to reading. The only downside is that it feels like it's taking longer to get to the "big stuff" to come. I also wish there was more of a public knowledge shaming element to it, but I think that's just because I like that sort of content.

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  • From DrkVrtx on October 17, 2017

    I wonder if that last line is a little jealous hint; Salis after all has been doing the hard work, breaking down the once esteemed Hunter. Gotten to know her very well, I'm sure, so perhaps a personal sense of pride and possessiveness is warranted. Fear, too. That's interesting, and I wonder if Samus can use that moment of Salis' as a sort of anchor in the future to come, when the significance of her name and title have been grinded down to almost nothing. Almost, because it's clear Salis still has more work to do on that end. No doubt you'll make that quite the read.

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  • From DrkVrtx on October 09, 2017

    I'm getting the impression that this will be not necessarily a story about how one breaks Samus, but rather the perverse activities one gets up to after the fact.

    There isn't much time devoted to the action of her being captured, and then apparently cowed by Salis. Of course, you could be misleading the reader on purpose. How this is playing out so far does feel similar to Reins of the Tomb Raider in that regard, so it requires a different sort of mindset when reading it. I'm not expecting the in-depth, back and forth journey that Bergman explores, rather a relatively quick and deep plunge into dark sexual slavery. We'll see; I'm happy to proven otherwise.

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  • From salarta on October 08, 2017

    As you know, I've been reading the chapters as they come out. Good work up to this point! These days, I end up just skimming even most fics that really interest me, but your writing manages to catch my interest even in prologue. I chalk that up to a strong impression that it counts and plays a big role in toying with the character in future chapters, that it's not just empty preamble. I may not leave a new review until after several more chapters, but I like where it's all going.

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  • From DrkVrtx on October 05, 2017

    Uh oh, Hunter's back at it again. I most certainly sense trying times on Samus' future horizons. If I might nitpick a little, I'd suggest organising this opening as one continuous chapter rather than splitting it into three parts. I think it would flow more smoothly given the consistent theme. Also, the weight of this line:

    "It is a simple truth, friends, and one that bears repeating: the worst thing you can do to a powerful person is embarrass them. The worst thing you can do to a powerful person is embarrass them."

    I think would serve better right at the end of the prologue, since as a reader one expects the full meat of the story immediately afterwards. It's an interesting setup all in all, I just think the sequencing is a little off. You can bet I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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