Reviews for Novus

BY : FieldDranzer

  • From mili on October 11, 2017

    First a few comments:

    - the pilot chair couldn't be overgrown within a day, probably not even a month, especially since the growth would have to come into the cockpit and that takes time as well, months or even years

    - please no futa or lesbianism(f/f), those are two of the things that turn me off the most

    - there is no upper exit out of the womb, for all the way through penetration she would have to be penetrated through the anus and such a penetration would be not-lethal only in hentai ;-) I'll just suspend disbelief like I did that she would survive such an act ;-)

    -  inconsistency: at the beginning Samus has E size breasts, then a while down they've shrunk to D

    - if I read correctly Samus' zero suits changed shape by themselves into bikinis?


    Otherwise, excellent update, I loved the chapter length, loved Samus corruption and that she was unable to get to orgasm by herself, well on way to being broken for use by other planet inhabitants. Impregnation by them would be most desirable. I'm also looking forward to her transformation, am curious what it will be like (again, please no futa). There was a point I thought she would start developing a second set of breasts during sex (small indentations forming under her current breasts), but sadly no. Those faint howls she could hear in the distance sound promising, I hope this thing isn't the only living form she will be taken by. :)

    Please update soon!

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  • From Fukushu-sha on October 09, 2017

    Haha! Well that got pretty intense at the end there. You really did good fleshing out the chapter. Her mental/physical process, the envrionment and the overall amount of content was written at a standard of vividness. Nice one.

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  • From Fukushu-sha on October 09, 2017

    I like your descriptive writing, and the usage of plot a big positive. Great stuff.

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