Reviews for Sonja the Barbarian

BY : Jamesroper1

  • From Fukushu-sha on December 20, 2017

    This is cool. I've read some of your stuff before and I've seen your writing steadly improve. It's nice to see you go for to a more narrative-centric style here. You've shown that you can do it well with a great quality of writing and nice detail. If you haven't already, I would consider posting on AO3 as well as here, it would probably get more attention (not fanfiction though, cuz they're boring). I've also noticed that you've posted a few starts and removed them. I guessed that you might have been unsatisfied with some ideas and maybe you are a perfectionist. Not that that's a bad thing, it's good to do your best. Any way, I'll hope to read more soon.

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