Reviews for The Unknown Hero

BY : CaptainBanker2018

  • From ANON - ZiBeX on April 09, 2018

    Nice one. Would not mind to see more of this story and how it would develop. Nice potental for some twists here and there. How would Henry react when he finds out what happened to the Queen and Peter. Would he try to take revenge on Cydea by try to make Cydea be his toy same as she did to his friend Peter and all her victoms? How would demons react to that event, would even care in general for it, more interestingly how would his allias see of this act? Be angry of his actions? Tought his mad? Tried to take action against him? Would Asmodan try to get Cydea back or just replace her with some of other demon. Would Cydea daughters status at that droped to the point they would seek to change side in order to be close to their mother? If Cydea ended up been "broken" would she make Henry his variation of dauthers to be trained as solders for Henry and maybe as side effect he starts to care about her? So many potental for this setup for good and long story. Image if old dauthers came to Henry and meet new ones. It could be nice event for power strugle with one trying to prove themselves while other look hostile to other for tring to take parents atention or something like that. Eitherway the start looks interesting. The starting plot for story motivation is solid with few possible subplots in the making. I hope you will continue this story and not just leave it at this point. Sorry for my bad english i know its bad...

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