Reviews for A Very Large Tactical Dilemma

BY : JLDavenport

  • From MackDesiel on June 17, 2018

    First yes Robin/Morgan (M/F) is a popular ship as I might have mentioned in the other such short, to the point where some players see Robin's wife as a means to an end. And with how you've rendered her (especially here where she's upgraded to a walking sex H-bomb), it's easy to see why. Like I said here I'd be surprised if Morgan isn't one of his girls as even in the main story she seems to love him very much.

    Wished it could have been longer and/or Morgan using her upgraded/milky chest for paizuri, but still pretty good. Well I'm glad this isn't canon as I don't think my body could take extended writing of such a Morgan (when normally she's a cute shortshack)

    I'm also reminded of Matsu-sensei's series of comics where Cordelia tries to offest her lack of a chest with dark magic, leading to some comical escalation affecting evne their daughters.

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