Reviews for The Bitch of King’s Row

BY : HatofulHatefucker

  • From JayDee on June 20, 2018

    I saw ya username lurking on the forum and wondered if there might be some filthy pigeon sex. Lashings of TRUE PUDDING all over the face. Not too disappointed though as not a bad game story!

    Well, still some beast! Sure, it's short but it's got some pretty nice imagary of the rough animal sex in a filthy alley. I like the characterisation of her enjoying it as an alternative way to feel shit. The meta use of the play of the game display at the end was a pretty funny too. If you respawn is it even the same Widowmaker who was getting fucked, or just an entirely newly spawned one who has the same memories? That's more of a video game philosophy point though.

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