• From ANON - FuegoAhegao on August 14, 2018

    I hope you get this Crossroad_Daemon, Im not sure why you took down the story, or even if you yourself took it down, but it was a fantastic story. I particulary like the last chapter and the introduction of the new female antagonist. I know in my previous review i stated that i hoped it didnt get too lovey dovey, but upon a reread(i reread this story alot) I noticed you said that you originally planned it and were going on as if it were a love story. That and the introduction of the new antagonist really had me sold, my brain was flooded with ideas and the possiblities that you could do with that love story dynamic. I really hope you repost it soon, and continue. If not is there a way i could view the story? send me copy? I love this story and its become kind've my muse as far as my SFM work. Look forward to hearing from you possibly, if you get this please contact me at coolthrowawaybrah @ gmail .com (just delete the spacing around @ and before the .com)