Reviews for Life Is Strange: A Different Kind of Story

BY : LettucePrey

  • From near-you on November 11, 2018

    Hi, I liked it, your work was great and so hot. You could write something like that but with Chloe and David? For example, Max changes a reality and now for some reason David wants to fuck Chloe, maybe he'll do it by force for her antics and disrespect, using blackmail or fuck her for money because Chloe need to repay debts, and he will fuck her even in public places, but Chloe till the end will remain a cold bitch until the end will not understand that she likes to obey and be a whore for my stepdad. And Max could watch them and enjoy it and masturbate, because she was able to rewind or return reality back, maybe she could join them. Please tell me you like this idea?

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