Reviews for The legend of Zelda: Harem of Loli

BY : S.Corsette

  • From TheStoryTeller97 on October 26, 2019

    Love the story would if this 6 things happen

    6. Having Dark Linkle be a rival 

    5. Having Linkle 100% fangirl about the idea of imotal lolis

    5 have Linkle get tired of Ruto's bull shit and put her in place by rapeing her

    4. Having Linkle be seduce by gerudo not by one but several gerudo lolis

    3 having Linkle get gangbang by actually grown women

    2. Having Linkle and dark Linkle team up with a loli and frogot she is literally sandwiched between and have the agree/pound her even harder literary sending her in a literary pleasure coma

    1. Having Linkle and Dark Linkle heartbroken and confused when there previous loli harlems literary grow up when Linkle pull out the master sword

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  • From Darkwolves on September 28, 2019

    Enjoyed it so far.


    Love the other reviewers idea about a dominant loli. Hope you are planning to continue this sometime.

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  • From Oz7530 on June 14, 2019

    OK, that last one with the dungeon crawl... While long I think was enjoyable... But yeah, maybe a bit shorter would make it easier although the reward sex scene was worth the read uwu 

    And while I know that the main idea is our Futa heroine going around banging lolis... I wouldn't mind seeing Linkle getting pegged at least once... I mean, maybe a dominant Loli would give her a bit of a payback xD? Anywho, thanks for continuing this :) 

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