Reviews for Bred For Victory

BY : DemenWorks

  • From Left_Hand_of_the_Yama on January 05, 2020

    Okay, okay, I can actually see Olivia's reasonings here. Chrom, nice guy that he is, can't really bring himself to treat anybody as a slave, instead insisting that they be equals. And that's not what she wants. Further, he's focsed on making children (being fair, at Sumia's insistence) but that's just as bad. Robin is willing to bend to their whims a bit, and is more concerned with making them happy than his own social standing. Sure, Chrom's is a fair bit heavier, which is fair. He's pretty much a king, and Robin is an advisor/tactician. But Chrom wouldn't throw away his position for anybody. Robin, on the other hand, is willing to be hated by the world if it means that he can make his wives (and concubine now, I suppose) happy.

    So, onto the poll. Pretty sure that Chrom's going to win this one, he's got a fair bit more reason to make amends with Aversa, what with killing his sister and all. So a good way to mend bridges-

    *Sees the current poll results*


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  • From Dai on January 05, 2020

    This is really hot, and great to read, but... I'll be honest. It's been way too many Robin victories, that at this rate, I'm expect Sumia to give up and also become Robin's mistress and Cynthia become's Robin's daughter as well, no longer being his pega-pony princess. 

    Can Chrom get some victories here? Aversa and various other girls. Give him some just so that Chrom has something. 

    I'm sure that you want to uphold the promise that victories over the poll determines it, but as a story, it feels sad and pointless where Robin has been getting victories over almost all the desirable females. Maybe set up another poll if Chrom fails to get a victory after a series of losses, he gets one pity victory or something. Cause that's what he needs. A pity victory or something. 

    Not to mention, the minority that want Chrom to win don't get anything. 

    Also, maybe please don't let people see the results of the poll, if you can stop that, cause it's disheartening to vote for Chrom, only to see that Robin is winning by a wide margin. :/

    And this is despite how I'm willing to write a Robin/harem fic where he NTRs everyone. 

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  • From PrinceofPervs on October 11, 2019

    I may be a little salty, but it might be best if you put up a Capctia or something, so you can prevent multiple votes from the same people from occurring.

    Way this is going, Robin will get EVERYTHING, and the only consolation for Chrom is that he won't have to worry about raising any kids.

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  • From Left_Hand_of_the_Yama on October 01, 2019

    Olivia, eh? Eh, I'mma vote Chrom. I've got "A Change of Tactics" if I want some RobinxOlivia action, and I do feel sorry for the guy, even if he's personally not my favorite. Let me just go vote for-


    *Sees current standings*


    .........Okay do people just HATE seeing Chrom get any sort of love?! I mean, okay, sure, Robin's got more stamina and isn't quite as blind and is smarter and I'm almost positive bigger and sure he's better looking...!

    Actually, that answers my question. Huh.

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  • From veggiejay on June 25, 2019

    I'd like to say that the Cherche chapter was great! She's one of my favorites from Awakening and in my opinion pretty underrated/underappreciated.

    I really appreciated that you made use of most of her defining physical and fashion traits as well. Her back made the reverse cowgirl into a perfect choice. 

    By the way, moving forward I wouldn't mind more descriptive ahegao-climaxes in the future, and having the girl(s) for each chapter be proactive on wanting to be bred is also an absolute must. Definitely a great aspect of this plot setup.

    As for a general thematic thing - I think that going for the loving harem-builder polygamous marriage/breeding route is definitely the way to go, and you should keep up the trend of none of the other male Shepards even getting mentioned at all, really. They would just spoil the fun in my opinion. Having everybody be happy and encouraging about the harem is my jam. Plus, opportunities for group action in the future!

    I'm also getting the sense that Robin will win every poll and I'm fine with that. Makes the contest angle a little awkward, though

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  • From Left_Hand_of_the_Yama on June 20, 2019

    Getting the feeling Robin's going to be getting a VAST majority of the female Sheperds. And I'm okay with this.

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  • From PrinceofPervs on June 15, 2019

    I really hope that Chrom gets a least a few of the women as his own. Some (like Cordelia) would make FAR more sense with him, and we already have more than enough Robin/Harem stories.

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  • From Left_Hand_of_the_Yama on June 10, 2019

    At first, you had my attention. Then you had my trepidation.


    Now you have my erection.

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  • From veggiejay on June 09, 2019

    This is now my most anticipated series

    Looking forward to the updates

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