Reviews for Sleeping Late and Lying Awake

BY : mewsomniac

  • From Cold_Silence on February 23, 2020

    I am so glad to see people updating under the yaoi tag in Kingdom Hearts!  And not to mention that it's one of my all time favorite pairings too, SoRoku!  This fic really made me feel old, because it was the first time that I saw the Kingdom Hearts gang as millenials with all the selfies and text messages.  The franchise has been around so long that it took Kingdom Hearts 3 to finally graduate these guys into the internet (subspace / interdimensional messaging??) phase.  Because of the most recent game, photos and texting are now a big part of the canon, and I think the struggle for fanfic writers is how to integrate that without it being jarring or distracting from the story.  I like seeing how other people have handled it, even down to how its formatted since there are literally no rules on how to present text messages in modern writing - at least that I know of.  I thought it was cute in how you did it.  The messages alone pretty much make it clear that Sora and Roxas are both crushing on each other, because I can tell you that I am not going to spend all day texting someone while traveling unless I really wanted to share every moment with that someone. 

    I liked how Sora's clothes was literally pieced together from a little something of everyone in the group.  It shows how much they love him and still want to protect him even if they can never reign in his wanderlust.  The environment that you set up in terms of the living spaces really depends on how you want to use it.  Is it there to show the internal state of the person living in there, does the character have any special attachment to the things in the environment, is it there to please a reader who wants to read about awesome places, like how someone picks up a book based in Chicago because they want to read about the architecture and culture. The description of Roxas's apartment made me think that he really is just a kid with a kid's mentality, because he only had a video game system and school things.  It made his worldly knowledge seem small.  So when I think of Sora getting together with Roxas, it would literally be a life changing event because without Sora, it seems that all Roxas will do is work, play video games, a never advance in an intellectual or emotional way, because he wasn't showing signs of it even before.  There was nothing in the description of his schooling that shows any academic interests or club activites that made me think that he had anything going for himself besides hanging out all day and thinking of sex. Makes me sad for him!  And I wonder if Sora saw that in him.

    Frottage!  I think its so underused in romance stories between two men.  People always focus on penetration.  It's nice to see someone change it up.

    Side note, I love Miraculous Ladybug *_*.  I need to catch up on the series.

    Thanks for writing this fic and looking forwards to more inspired stories from you!  I was happy to write a review because I know what it means to get one.  I'll definitely be reading the next chapter!

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