Reviews for The Supernatural Adventures Of Lara Croft

BY : CrossroadsMk2

  • From SailorNemesis on September 05, 2021

    chap5, sexy as usual though I always wish she wouldn't get away at the end.  Looking forward to the next chap.

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  • From SailorNemesis on July 30, 2021

    Chap4 was interesting.  Did she get stolen by Natla?  Hopefully for some breeding experiments.

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  • From SailorNemesis on July 14, 2021

    Chap3, I really enjoyed the first part.  I would like to read more of Lara getting taken by female mercs.  I wish they had actually fisted her.  Well written

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  • From Nickamano on October 30, 2020

    So far, this is my favourite Tomb Raider story on here. I love the idol's power and the humiliation elements to the story, as well as the raft of filthy/old perverts that get to have their way with Lara.

    I feel some of the scenes (taxi driver and pool cleaner spring to mind) could have been drawn out a little more - I think given the opportunity to get it on with someone so thoroughly unobtainable as Lara Croft, the losers with only one shot would have made the most of the opportunity rather than a 'rush it and cum' approach.

    Though at the same time, I can understand not wanting to slow the plot down and keep the story flowing along.

    Great writing. Thank you.


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  • From stoper on July 17, 2020

    A good one. I would've prefered if the corruption was a little more gradual. More of a mind altering, than direct mind control. But it was a kinky read nonetheless. Kudos to the author.

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  • From TR_FAN on July 06, 2020

    Very good story, interesting and fun. The final part and Lara's punishment with humiliation was nice. Hole for elephant :D  Damn, I love it! The power of the artifact was a very amusing factor for this story. I liked that you used outfits we know (just a little pity Lara didn't have a mission in her hot catsuit outfit). The decision to keep her high combat boots was very hot in the final scene.

    If you would like to update or expand the story the natives could also use her heavy combat boots. Maybe her classic outfit could have been used as a cleaning cloth for penises. It would be more humiliating if Lara saw natives using her legendary shorts, tank top to clean their cock pulled out of her ass or as a masturbation to keep their penises hard when they are not involved in penetration. And if the natives used both of her legs, she could handle 10 men at one time, with the rest masturbating with her parts of outfit.

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  • From Harbinger_Of_Kaos on July 04, 2020 least you didn't end this is a worse outcome. It was not exactly pleasent but it could have been worse.

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