Golden Romance

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Nala groaned as she stretched her back, looking over at her twin sisters bed. The move to Sweet Amoris had been hell as she cracked her spine, getting out of bed. Unlike her twin, Nala would get up in the mornings and get her shower in whereas the other preferred night showers.
"Brandi get up." Nala said, grabbing her pillow and throwing it at her.
The brunette groaned and shifted to curl up even more under her large and warm green comforter. Nala rolled her eyes, and grabbed a blue shirt with white lacing on the neck and sleeves, a pair of grey skinny jeans, and blue ballerina styled shoes whose color matched her shirt. She also opened the jewelry box her and Brandi shared and took out the pearl necklace their auntie had gotten them.
Brandi and Nala shared everything. Except their clothing. She got a set of white panties and bra and went to take her shower. She turned the hot water on, stretching when her mother walked in.
"Oh you're up." She looked tired.
"Mom! What happened!?"
"Just a little tired." Casey sighed as she washed make up off of her face, and looked at her daughter.
Nala couldn't help but notice the tear drop on her cheek. Her mother wasn't a good girl at heart. Casey stripped down and, using a towel to hide her body, put on her pajama's and left the bathroom while Nala got into the shower. She could hear her mother getting her sister up and washed her hair. She put conditioner in it and washed her petite body, remembering that she had to see a guy named Nathaniel for something.
"Hurry up Nala!"
"I'm nearly done Brandi."
Nala washed her hair and body, and got out. Her sister was already naked and waiting. Nala sweat dropped.

Nathaniel looked through the three new files for the new students. Ken, Brandi and Nala, three teenagers who came from the very same town. He looked at each file, seeing that Nala was a good student, but her twin sister Brandi was more rebellious. He groaned, thinking of a certain idiot in the school he didn't like at all.
A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts and he looked up to see a blond curly haired girl with bright blue eyes there.
"Excuse me, I'm looking for a Nathaniel?"
"Right here." He smiled at her, "You are?"
"Nala Morrison." She smiled at him.
He smiled at her as she walked in.
"Don't you have a twin sister?"
"Uh...yes...Brandi decided to wait until later to come to talk to you."
Nathaniel frowned, face palming. Nala thought it was a bit cute.

If there was anyone Nala hated nearly as much as her own father it had to be Amber, the blond haired prissy demon child. She was in tears from Amber's latest trickery, spreading rumors already about her. It was bad enough she went after Brandi, but now she found a easier target, her. Nala walked into the student council room, tears falling from her eyes.
"Oh there you are! I wanted to let you know that-are you crying?" Nathaniel tilted her head up.
Nala let it go then, crying into his chest, his white shirt becoming a bit see through from her tears.
"What's wrong!?"
"A-Amber! Sh-she is horrible!"
"Amber is my sister..."
"EH!?" Nala looked up at him with tears in her eyes.
Nathaniel suspected his sister done something to her.

Nala dried her hair upside down, trying to get the back dried when a knock sounded at the door.
"Hmm?" She shut it off, and put it down after unplugging it, walking to the door.
"NALA ARE YOU GETTING THAT!?" Brandi called from the room.
"YES!" Nala opened the door, surprised to see Nathaniel there, "Nathaniel!?"
"W-what are you doing here?"
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight."
"The cafe?"
"It's open?"
"Yeah, for a bit longer. Did you want to?"
Nala thought it over.
"YES SHE DOES!" Brandi yelled out, snickering.
Nala glared at her sister and looked at Nathaniel.
"I-I would love to."
Nathaniel smiled at her as she grabbed her jacket and put her flats back on. She followed him down the walk and looked back at her sister, appalled to see someone coming around the side of the house and going in. She knew who it was and was pissed but what timing. She turned her attention back to Nathaniel.
She walked with him around the town of Sweet Amoris, talking as they moved around a bit. It was then that she realized he didn't have his tie on.
"So tell me about your family."
"Well. My father is...he doesn't work."
Nathaniel noticed a little pause there, as if she was choosing her words over carefully.
"My mother is a nurse, she just started working and it's night shifts so Brandi and I...and dad..." Another pause, "Take care of ourselves until she gets home."
Nathaniel nodded.
" rebellious. If you haven't noticed already."
He had, only just hearing from a teacher that Brandi Morrison skipped a class already.
"Brandi and I have a god mother named Agatha."
"She wouldn't happen to dress in a fairy outfit would she?"
Nathaniel laughed.
"I can't believe her!"
"She takes Fairy Godmother to a whole new level. But normally we see her in normal clothing. I think she does it to play the part." Nathaniel told her, chuckling at her blushing face.
"Only Agatha." Nala shook her head, "Actually, she's my aunt."
"Yeah. She took mom in since they are like, five years apart shortly after we were born."
"Hard times?"
"Yeah..." Nala didn't want to tell him it was because Dave was in jail.
He looked at her, sensing that something wasn't right.
"Hey, after school tomorrow, want to come over?"
"Yeah. I'd like that." Nala smiled.

"So you're going to his place? LUCKY!"
Nala laughed at her sister, who was sitting on her bed in her pajama's that the school had given her and Nala. Brandi was hugging a pillow to her when Dave entered the room.
"Have either of you two seen my lighter?" He asked, actually not stoned out of his mind, a very rare part of him that the girls actually liked.
Brandi pointed to the little table with a drawer that was down the hall that she could see from her bed.
"I think we have extra in there, but yours is probably in your jeans pocket where you tend to leave them dad."
Dave blinked, gave his daughter a odd look, then went and checked.
"FOUND IT!" He called out.
Brandi and Nala looked at each other, worried. They knew they just helped him find his lighter to get high, but the last thing they wanted was to infuriate him, at least this way, Dave wouldn't attack them while stoned.

Nala kept her head down the next day at school, hoping to avoid confrontation with anyone. She didn't want people to see her face, hers or Brandi's. Their hope of keeping Dave calm failed as he had gotten horny in the middle of the night, wanting to rape one of them only to have Brandi fight back for both her and Nala, resulting in bruises for them both. It took Casey finally ripping him off when she got home to prevent the actual rape.
She ran into someone.
"I'm sorry miss!"
The voice was deep but slightly strong. If she had to compare, she would say between Nathaniel and Castiel. Nala shook her head, and looked up, shocked to see him.
" have white hair!"
"That I do, yes."
"Are you wearing contacts?"
The male chuckled, and smiled.
"No. It's a condition I have known as Hetrochromia."
"I take it this is your first time seeing it."
"Yes...I-I'm sorry!"
"It's fine."
The boy and Nala looked up.
Nala sweat dropped.
"Ah." Lysander held his hand out for it and Brandi slapped it in, then looked at Nala.
"He's forgetful! This is the hundreth time I found it!"
"Maybe we should chain it to him!" Nala smiled.
"I'll fucking tack it to him!"
"I'm right here..." Lysander sweat dropped.
The girls giggled and set off, leaving him shaking his head and moving along. Nala smiled up at him. She liked this Nathaniel.

Nala returned that night, smiling to herself.
"What are you all smiles about?" Casey asked her daughter.
"Er well." Nala then caught site of her drunk father, "I've been accepted into the Student Council." She said, half lying.
She had been accepted, Nathaniel had told her he put her on in a instant, but she wouldn't tell them that she had been out with a boy. Not with her father this drunk again.
"I'm gonna go get a shower now." Nala said, and walked away after her parents nodded.
She rushed to her room to see that Brandi's window was open, and she was gone.
She ran and shut the window, hoping that Brandi would be smart when she came back. She went to her own room, got her shower supplies, and went to take a nice hot shower.

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