Satisfying the Hunger

BY : s-incubus
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When she stood in front of the cheap, trashy down town bar entrance Lara Croft was horny as a bitch in heat. Although all the tomb raiding, the university professorship and social activities of high society like charity works took most of her time, and forced her basic instincts to be suppressed to her inner core, like every other human being she had a healthy libido, which had to be satisfied. If she failed to do it regularly it charged up to an unmanageable level that could cause a small scandal. On more than one occasion she was barely able to escape a disgraceful situation thanks to pure luck and she knew well enough that one should not rely solely on luck on these matters. So the bast way to discharge this built up sexual energy was to allow this alter ego to take over now and then, conduct her misbehavior in a distant social circle that most probably never ever hear of the name Lady Lara Croft the 11th Countess of Abingdon.

This was one of those nights. She had jumped into her Bentley, driven for an hour to some to her unknown part of the country and stopped in front of a rarely visited pub. Although she was almost sure no one here would recognize her face, she couldn't risk it, so she concealed herself behind a lace mask with flower motifs that matched her stockings. She took a deep breath of excitement and walked in.

The poorly lit pub consisted of a small bar, two pool tables and several empty booths in the darkness. A man in his thirties wearing jeans and a armless white shirt was playing at the table and missed the ball he was planning to hit when he saw Lara at the door. The half burnt cigarette in his mouth was about to drop on the floor. A bar tender behind the counter was drying up washed beer glasses as bar tenders always do. He was an older fellow with a graying beard. Another man, a rather huge one who looked like as if he was a bear on the father side of the family was sitting quietly next to the jukebox and the pinball machine.

Having checked out the room for a couple of seconds, Lara slowly went to the counter, her high heels knocking on the mahogany floor, like female Captain Ahab in hunt for some really moby dicks. Her tight, short, leather skirt writhing to cover her firm, curvy bottom scrunched under the strain of her muscles. "May I have a pint?" she asked the bar tender leaning against the counter with her arms crossed under her full bosoms, lifting them up to form a most generous cleavage, her areole almost peaking from under her strapless shirt. The man's eyes dwelled a while on the zipper head dangling between Lara's supple breasts like a pocket watch psychologists used to use in the old days to hypnotize their patients. He then came to his senses and filled a glass for her. Lara enjoyed the men's eyes on her, caressing her voluptuous body, undressing her in their minds. She took a sip of her drink and licked off the foam on her upper lip looking deeply into the bartender's eyes. That will give him a nice boner, she thought.

When she turned to the pool table she noticed the boy desperately trying to concentrate on the shot. It was obvious he was having hard time. His eyes were darting back and forth between Lara and the white ball. He's not bad looking, Lara thought and approached the table.

"Care for a game handsome?" she said.

The boy wasn't expecting that. "Here, we don't play for free, lady" he replied.

"I wasn't planning for a free game" Lara said with a seductive voice. "Name the price."

The boy forced a laugh and looked at his buddies. "Don't make me take your money lady."

"You can take whatever you want, honey. I play for high stakes."

Was this crazy woman implying what he thought she was? And what was the deal about this ridiculous mask? While he was trying to form an appropriate reply Lara made it easier for him. She leaned over the pool table and said:

"Look lover boy, the bulge on your pants says you like what you're seeing. Here is the bet, if you win you can have me any way you want, all night long. If I win I walk out the door, you pay for my drink and spend the rest of your life repenting that you missed this." SPANK! she landed a hard slap on her hip. This time the cigarette did fall on the floor. Coming back to his senses the boy stepped on the bud:

"You're on honey."

The table was set and ready in no time. As the gentleman-hood requires the boy gave Lara the first shot, which he quickly realized he shouldn't have done, for she was playing like a pro. As her balls dropped one by one the hormones in his bloodstream tormented him. And Lara was doing her best to keep the hormones flowing. Leaning over the table with unbent legs, causing her skirt to reveal the limits of her thighs, the little curvature hinting the under side of her shapely butt. Resting her breasts on the wooden sides of the table, leaving damp stains of perspiration behind on the reflective polish where her skin touches the wood. The boy grew agitated by the thought of coming so close to having his way with her only to lose at the game he thought he was so good at. Lara enjoyed his agony, tormenting him, making him want her more and more then dropping a ball into the pocket. But this was just the foreplay and foreplay was not the reason she came here tonight. When it came to the last ball, where the boy was about the lose all his hopes, she intentionally potted the eight ball to the wrong pocket.

"Ups.." she said playfully. 

The boy was looking at her with disbelieving eyes.

"Looks like it's your lucky night lover boy." she turned to him putting her queue on the table. He looked like as if he was in a shock like a man who had won the lottery but was checking again and again if he read the numbers correctly.

"Won't you cash you earnings?" she asked resting her butt on the table side. It took couple of seconds before he could react. Letting his queue fall on the floor he rushed onto Lara like a hungry beast. Grabbing on to her ass cheek he pressed his lips onto hers. His ashtray mouth was reeking of cigarettes and bad breath, but Lara loved it. She glided her serpentine tongue into his mouth and kissed him back. His energetic hands were all over her, indecisive where to touch, trying to grope all her curves. His mouth wandered to her slender neck, tasting her exotic aroma. A smile spread on her face when she thought of him like a teenager about to lose his virginity, that was exactly how he behaved now.

"Take it slow baby, we got all night." she tried to ease him, but he wasn't listening. Pulling down the zipper of her top he was astonished by the popping teardrop shaped breasts. Like an explorer who just found a treasure he glanced at the most perfect shaped breasts he ever saw. Burying his face between the orbs he started to lick them, kiss them, suckle on them. Lara was amused by this erratic young boy, but she feared with this pace he wasn't going to last very long.

"Honey it's all yours. Slow down." she said again. But the boy had turned into a wild beast and wasn't understanding her words anymore. Aggressively, as if someone tried to take his meal from him, he turned her around and pushed her on the table, forcing her torso on bend over. Taking both sides of her skirt in his hands he first tried to pull them down, which proved to be impossible unless the side zipper was open. Not bright enough at that moment, he gave up and instead pulled them up to her waist. Being a huntress tonight she hadn't put on any panties. Her bubble ass cheek giggled a little and came to rest. Lara spread her arms on the table and let it all happen to herself. The boy was so excited that he dismissed the thought of going down on these gorgeous glutes and licking her all the way to her wet pussy. He wanted to feel those butt cheek with his cock right now. He struggled with his jeans for a while and successfully pulled them down. 

"Mmmmmmh" Lara moaned as the boy's hard throbbing cock easily entered her dripping vagina. Yes, that was what she was waiting for the whole evening. If she had been a cat she would have started purring right now. She stretched herself wider on the table and enjoyed the feeling of this hard rod inside her tight cavity. She spread her legs wider apart to allow her lover come closer for a deeper penetration. He wasted no time and started pounding on her with all his might. She slightly arched her back and took off her top entirely. Now her pendling breasts were rocking back and forth over the table, her nipples were brushing against the rough fabric of the cushion sending jolts of pleasure up her spine.

"Yesssss lover boy. Pound that pussy hard. Take what you have earned." she encouraged him into stronger movements. But instead of increasing his thrusts he started replying the same way.

"Oh yes bitch... take that... shit you're so tight. ohhhhhh..."

Not satisfied by this Lara lifted up her legs from the ground and bending her knees she placed her heels on his butt. With rhythmic pulls of her powerful leg muscles she increased his piercing performance two fold. "Less talking more fucking please."

Trapped between Lara Croft's abdomen from the front and her feet from the back that boy was moving like a train engine about the explode. He decided to brace himself on her butt cheek and tried to grab them. To his surprise those soft looking silky orbs felt hard like marble under his hands. He was amazed how muscular her neither regions were. Feeling his touch on her ass, Lara asked herself if she gave him little credit, if he was indeed able to last a bit longer than she expected. Testing it out was easy. She pushed him deep inside her canal with a thrust with her heels, then started gyrating her pelvic muscles in a wavelike motion. Aaaaaah yesss, his cock grinding against the inner walls of her pussy was highly enjoyable. At this angle she also managed to rub her clitoris against his contracting balls. Contracting balls? Oh oh. She thought when she felt the warm juice squirting rhythmically in her pussy. Nope the boy was not able to hold it longer. Well it had been a nice start, but by far not satisfying enough. 

She let the boy go, who stumbled to a nearby chair, heavily breathing. "Oh honey, I told you to take it slow." She took off her skirt and sat on the pool table facing the other two men. "So who's next?" she asked joyfully like a little girl. Cum was oozing down her fuck canal. She took a finger full and put it in her mouth. "Are you only gonna watch? Come on, this pussy needs some heavy pounding." The men looked at each other. This was an invitation no one could refuse. As they started taking off their clothes and coming on to her Lara let out a yelp of happy excitement. Now was time for a double fuck.

to be continued...


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