Satisfying the Hunger

BY : s-incubus
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Lara was lying comfortably on a poolside chaise longue that's back side had been lowered to a vertical position. Her head was hanging down at the top edge to allow smooth entrance to the wrist-thick cock that was moving back and forth through her throat with increasing pace. The guy who was lucky enough to enjoy her deep throating skills was holding her head on both sides as if he was afraid that she would vanish right before he was about to cum. Lara didn't mind his heavy balls slapping on her face with each and every thrust. In fact, she started rather finding delight in breathing in his musky musculin scent.

Meanwhile, another young male, who was straddling her chest and squeezing her luscious full tits against each other, was eagerly pushing his member between the soft, cushiony cleft. Softer than muscle tissue, but still firm and youthful her breasts had a silken feeling around his sensitive glans. Sweat and precum had lubricated the valley which he crossed back and forth with increasing pleasure. While pushing them together with his palms his fingers were knobbing on Lara's grape-hard nipples as if was trying to tune an old receiver to a narrow radio channel.

At the same time, Lara's both hands were full, each one jerking a fully erect cock with synchronous up and down strokes. Her slender fingers had a steady and firm grip, applying enough pressure to make them moan in pleasure but simultaneously gentle enough to prolong the fun they were having, making sure they didn't pre-ejaculate.

As if four guys weren't enough, Lara's tight, wet, hungry pussy was pounded heavily by the most well-endowed member of the team. Before they began, Lara made sure to assign the right job to the right guy. She had ordered them to strip off their swim briefs and stand in a line. The goalkeeper happened to be a rhino when it came to size. And right now she was glad she had chosen the keeper to tend her goal. It turned out that he also had a very healthy stamina. He was steadily polishing her vagina walls for a good twenty minutes now without slowing down. Her right leg resting on his shoulders was becoming tired. Soon she had to consider switching positions.

The last guy (apart from Chris who was lying totally spent on the next chaise longue) whom Lara had assigned the most desirable job of anal fucking, for what the fourth guy supplied in girth this one was showing in length, had respectfully denied it. He later confessed in unnecessary shame that he had a certain fetish and would much rather rub his cock against her feet instead of reaming her rectum. She was okay with that. He certainly was not the first foot fetishist she had encountered and wouldn't be the last one either. Now she was enjoying how much pleasure she was giving this guy just by running her toes gently along his throbbing shaft. That monster surely would make her squirm if it was exploring her bowels instead, but she was content with what she had.

Being gang banged by a polo team was exactly the thing she needed. She had already come numerous times and was thinking that she was almost thoroughly satisfied, her needs taken care of, her hunger stilled. Of course, until her next sexcapade.

Suddenly a warm wetness began spreading on her chest. She contently realized that the boy fucking her tits was finishing. She wanted more. She desired all their cum on her chest. She wanted to have her last orgasm covered in semen. Tightening her grip on the rods she's holding she began moving both of her thumbs in a circular motion right on the underside of their sensitive mushroom heads. Every now and then firmly pushing her manicured nail against the mouth of their slits. Naturally, the boys were unable to hold back and unloaded their balls' content onto her chest in warm rhythmic squirts. Feeling her tits drenched in milky, youthful sperm.

Her joy came to an abrupt end when the guy deep throating her became more aroused than he could handle and lost his manners. Misjudging Lara's consent for weakness, he landed a hard slap on her cheek.

"Oh yes, bitch... Ungh! Suck my cock! You little whore. I'm gonna show you your place!"

Right when he was about to slap her again she caught his hand in midair. Before he could react she punched two fists on both his sides bringing him down to his knees. While he was falling his erect cock popped out of her mouth.

One asshole was enough to ruin everything. 

"When the bloody hell did I give you the permission to slap me nut brains?!"

"Oh shut up honey, you're slut enough to fuck a whole team and you complain about a slap on the cheek? You ask for it." The deep base voice belonged to the thick-cock stretching her pussy.

Lara didn't even reply. She suddenly clenched her muscles trapping him balls-deep inside her. Then with a roll to the side, she twisted and broke his penis with a loud snap. While he was wallowing in pain on the floor she coldly stood up, put on her swimsuit.

"I guess that's a lesson you won't easily forget."

She left the pool with a turmoil behind her.

Why couldn't they just enjoy a nice healthy fuck without the chauvinistic bullshit?

She hated ruined fucks. Now she was hornier than before. She needed to be satified.

to be continued...


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