Satisfying the Hunger

BY : s-incubus
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Early Autumn sun was shining brightly on the freshly waxed hood of the scarlet 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 as she was speeding at 90 mile per hour on the curvaceous mountain highway. Behind the wheel was the world's sexiest, according to Bare Magazine, archaeologist and fearless adventuress Lara Croft. Her chestnut brown hair that she had carelessly tied to a ponytail danced freely to the wind gushing over the cabriolet. Another thing dancing freely was the low cut silken dress matching color with the expensive car. The soft fabric slightly lifted up and fell down on her naked thighs, gently caressing her well toned body, gliding over her bra-less breasts as if someone was playfully teasing her nipples with a feather. She enjoyed the sensation immensely. It almost felt like foreplay.

Her slender feet, wearing black high stilettos, played with the pedals as if she was reciting a Bach concerto. Yet her head stayed still and her eyes behind the mirrored shades were focused on the narrow road. Today was one of those days that she had carefully planned. She had been a good little girl for a long time. Now the bad girl wanted to come out and play. The excitement was high and expectations even higher. She could almost feel the anticipation burning between her legs. To arrive at her goal even faster she made the engine roar like a lion.

It didn't take long before she noticed lights of blue and red flashing on her rear mirror. The siren told her that she was being tailed by a police car. A reflex told her to floor the pedal. They were no match. But she resisted the urge. Complying to their call she pulled over at the next road pocket.

A police officer slowly came out of the car and started walking towards her while she observed him on the side mirror. He was the stereotype of a highway patrol, a beefed up young male in his thirties wearing large mirrored shades, walking like an ex convict, his hands on his belt.

"License and registration please." Lara could see the reflection of her generous cleavage on the man's sunglasses. If she would strain her eyes she thought she'd almost make out her pointy nipples over the thin fabric. She reached for the glove compartment not caring what else she was displaying to the officer's entertainment and handed him the documents. As slowly as he came he walked back to the patrol car. He took his time talking to his partner, which started to piss off Lara. She was obviously in a hurry.

She saw his partner leaving the car as well when they started coming back towards her.

"Can you step out of the car please madam?" the officer with her documents asked.

"What's the problem officer? Anything wrong with my papers?"

"Madam please step out of the car." he repeated without a change in his emotionless tone.

This started to look like a scene from a highway horror movie.

"Why? What's the problem?"

"Madam please don't make a scene and step out of the car." This time she could detect a menacing undertone and complied.

"Would you please put your hands on the hood and spread your legs."

"What is this? You cannot randomly..." her words were cut short when she felt his strong hand on her neck pushing her over the hood of the car.

His partner, who looked like a carbon copy of him, only difference was that he was black, stood silently on the other side of the car.

"Are you carrying any firearms madam?"

"No I'm not." Lara hissed back.

"I'm afraid I have to search you." the officer replied. Before she could protest she felt his giant rough hand grabbing her full tits from behind.

"Huh! What the fuck are you doing?!" Lara shouted trying to turn to face him. Yet the man was extraordinarily strong and grabbed her by the wrists and put both her hand over her head.

"Madam please stay still or else I have to arrest you for resisting a police officer."

He let go of her wrists, but her hands stayed where they are. He grabbed her breasts again and started fondling and kneading them. Her soft flesh was compliant to his vulgar touch, shaping itself to the will of his fingers. Only the erect nipples were hard enough to resist against his calloused palms. He grabbed them by the under sides, lifted them up and weighed them. Flicking his thumbs over her sensitive buds he pressed them together and squeezed them harshly. Lara was silently enduring the painful and humiliating manhandling. He ran his palms one last time over her bouncing orbs before he grabbed her torso.

"You sure you didn't miss anything up there?" Lara snorted while he was feeling her belly.

"She's right Bill. I suspect some pretty big guns hidden there." his partner jested.

"You think so?" he replied. "Then better have a look yourself." He took Lara's dress by the front and pulled by the chest parts revealing her ample breasts in their full glory.

"What the bloody hell are you..."

She suddenly felt the man's whole body pushing her frame down onto the car hood.

"Shut up you fucking slut!" the man hissed into her ear. "What were you looking for speeding half naked through the country?" She could feel his hand sliding up her thigh.

"Holy smokes! What do we have here? Her ladyship is going commando under her dress." His dry finger had reached her soft, damp sex. "And she's soaking wet down here." He pressed her body even further down. "Our little princess is having a kick out of this." It was pointless to tell them the excitement was all due to the driving she was enjoying minutes ago, and not because of the sexual assault.

"Haaah!" she couldn't hold in a yelp as two of his sausage fingers entered her without any warning.

"So soft and tight..." an uncontrollable gush filled Lara's vagina with fresh juice. Her body wasn't able too handle the zest she'd been holding back very successfully. She was leaking on his roughly textured hand, lubricating it, and the result was extremely pleasant. He pushed them even further, rhythmically exploring all her clenching folds. While his palm was firmly pressing against her clit and vulva, his fingers were rubbing along her upper walls, brushing pleasantly against her g-spot, drawing circles on it.

The initial penetration had been so rough, that Lara had to stand on the tip of her toes to accommodate it. Her chest was pressing firmly against the red hood that was heating up under the afternoon sun. She was feeling her nipples boring in the soft flesh of her squeezed-up tits. Her hands were still behind her head.

Shit! She thought. This shouldn't feel so good. She was fighting against herself not to beg for his cock. She was that horny. Barely able to hold back her moans she bit her lower lip.

The guy behind her pulled his fingers out of her and showed them to his partner. "Look Marv."

"Holy shit! Bitch you're leaking like a garden hose."

"Mmm and taste like honey." The guy enjoyed her juice on his fingers. Then he grabbed the under side of her left thigh and pushed her leg up over the hood. She stayed there spread wide as she undid his buckles and brought out his hardening member. She was expecting him to put it in like he did with his fingers, but the push didn't come. She was breathing deeply and bracing herself for the impact. She could feel the coolness of the light breeze against her moist entrance spread wide like that. her labia were twitching in anticipation.

Then the warmth of the tip of his penis touched her swollen petals ever so gently. A sight escaped her. The light pressure was soothing yet not enough to push her neither lips apart. He brushed it along her gaping slit until it ran over her sensitive clit towards her clit hood. The hardness of his shaft parted her labia and she finally felt his base against her perineum. Very slowly he he pulled back and closing her eyes she retraced the feeling of his upward bent glans drawing a line on her sensitive sex. She could feel herself gushing over his throbbing erection. He pushed forward again and this time the sensation of his mushroom head pressing against her inner labia yet still not entering her fuck canal was almost agonizing. Lara let out a protesting sigh as if to say put it inside already. The man chuckled, but continued with his teasing. This time when he pulled back he went too far and his cock, leaving the cleft of her neither regions jolted to an upright position right between her buttocks. In the process, a thick drop of pre-cum had landed on her puckering ass hole.

"I think she's ready" chuckled Bill, the cop behind her. "Are you ready princess?" he asked louder.

"Uh-uh..." it came silently.

"I can't hear you."

"Yes..." Lara murmured trying to hide her shame.

He replaced his erection right against her entrance and pushed a little. It was enough to part her lips but not enough to overcome the resistance of the tight neck of her cavity. He felt her stretching back towards him to complete the penetration. It pleased him to see her in agony. He pulled a little and felt the tightness of her pussy neck clinging on his glans. It felt almost as if she was holding on to his penis, sucking him back inside her. Enjoying the view of her tender labia taking the annular shape of his glans he reversed the direction and went deep inside her.

"Aaaaaah!" Lara moaned in satisfaction. That was what she was longing for from the beginning. She felt the painful emptiness in her belly completely filled and it felt magnificent. Until now her pussy walls were only clenching onto a tormenting void. Now her insides felt pleasantly full and stretched. Bill was large enough to fill her completely up and more, but not too large to cause her any pain.

"Ohhh like a velvet glove" she heard him moan out behind her. His hands were caressing the form of her muscled buttocks, shifting up her dress towards her back. He pulled back, grabbed her by the waist and forced it inside her with more force. Lara's hands left her head and came down on the hood. Fingers spread she braced for the third impact, which she expected would penetrate her with increased vigor.

"Nnnngh!" she was right. This time he reached her cervix wall with his mushroom head. With each pounding Bill was increasing his pace. In a matter of minutes his back and forth movements turned into a regular pumping, hitting Lara in all the right places. The slapping of his crotch against her buttocks echoed from the cliffs mixed with Lara's moans and yelps.

Suddenly the guy stopped. Pulled out of her and before she could recover her senses to understand what was going on he grabbed her by the pony tail and pulled her up. It was painful, but she was in no condition to protest. He turned her around, lifted her up by the waist as if she was made of feather and put her on the hood. Lara could only watch Bill playing with her like a doll. In a matter of second he was back inside her. This time the curving of his penis rubbing against her front wall, brushing against her spongy g-spot. Lara instinctively wrapped her legs around him and started pushing him with her soles even deeper inside her. Lara's eagerness gave Bill a second wind. Pushing her torso back, he ran his palms from her collar bones down to her supple breasts. The magnificence of her teardrop shaped orbs mesmerized him instantly. He tried taking them in his hands yet the ripe fruits were more than he can handle. Burying his fingers into the soft flesh he pressed them upwards against her chest before he roughly squeezed them like a pair of sculpturing clay. Then he took her swollen nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, gave them a firm squeeze that caused for her to moan in defiance as she straightened up and pressed her puffy full lips on his. Her kiss was wet and furious. She danced her tongue inside his mouth as if she wanted to even the grounds of his cock invading her insides by sticking an organ in him in return.

Bill pushed her back onto the hood and with a hard bang she lay there. He reached back and grabbed her by the ankles unlocking them from each other, and put them on his shoulders. Leaning his heavy frame towards her he penetrated her deeply until he felt her pussy lips on his base. Putting his hand on the hood for leverage he began pistoning like a jack hammer. The car was sturdy yet the suspensions bent and his heavy pounding caused them to hop up and down as Lara enjoyed yet again a heavy drilling, shamelessly moaning out like a cheap slut. Her knees bent over to reach her ears, her thighs pushing on her breasts she watched her stilettoed feet swing back and forth in the air for a while.

After a while, not to cum inside her just yet, Bill straightened back and slowed down. Putting her left leg on the same shoulder as the right one he pressed them together started a sideways penetration. In this position she felt even tighter and Bill enjoyed her velvety pussy grip with slow and deep penetrations. Meanwhile Lara stretched back over the hood to reach for Marv, who was enjoying the show from the other side of the car. Facing him upside down she yet was very quick in undoing his belt and pulling out his massive cock. Marv was already half erect when he lay the monstrosity gently on her face. From its base to crown his shaft easily covered half of her face from temple to chin. The head itself hung over her throat. Her soft lips started kissing and massaging the under side of his pole. Her right eye was covered under his member and with the other one she was lustfully gazing at him. Marv began slowing rocking back and forth with his manhood brushing it over her angelic features. As he pulled back enough so that his mushroom head met her supple lips he watched his pre-cum leaving a glistening path over her aristocratic chin only to mix with the saliva of her parting lips. The rough texture of her tongue sliding over his sensitive tip felt invigorating. Bending her neck in sudden motion Lara took whole of his glans in the moist confounds of her mouth tightly closing her red hued lips around his crown. The heavy suction felt heavenly, which Marv gratified with a moan.

Although he enjoyed her masterful skills for a while longer the misogynistic part of his character kicked in and he took back control by pushing his cock further down Lara's oral cavity. He quickly reached the tight entrance of her throat. Reassuring himself that she was in control of her gag reflex he push himself inside her esophagus. Looking down he could clearly see his thick bulging out her neck. When Lara realized that he was treating her too delicately and overly cautions she stretched her arms, took Marv by the buttocks and pulled his frame towards her causing him to sheath his full length balls deep inside her. Not expecting anything like this Marv let out a "Holy Fuck!" as he felt Lara's lips around his base and saw his cock head vanish inside her chest. He felt the excitement rising around his crotch. His balls now resting on Lara's nose began twitching as the tightness of her throat slowly began to be unbearable. He wanted to pull out and let her take a breath yet her hands were still clinging to his buttocks, pulling him. As if that wasn't enough, Bill's back and forth motion was causing slight movements that heightened the sensations.

After a while Lara tapped on Marv's buttocks signaling him to pull out for her to breathe. While she slowly took his manhood out of her he admired her control over her reflexes. The thick man meat popped out of her mouth with a thick coating of saliva, which leaked all over her face, besmearing her eye liner. Yet she continued licking his throbbing member as eagerly as before. Taking one of his huge balls into her mouth she suckled on it vigorously making it almost ache. Her tongue was twirling and dancing around his scrotum, lifting the heavy balls from under his sack, her nose poking at his dark perineum. He was watching his whole length pulsating in the rhythm of his beating pulse while her face was buried between his legs, under his sack, her mouth munching on his jewels, her hands polishing his pole, holding onto it.

She came out hungry for his cock and shoved the glistening man meat back down her throat. Again, she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him so deep Marv thought he could feel her stomach acid prickling on the tip of his cock. This time his heavy balls were pressing firmly on her cheek, her nose poking on the back side of this scrotum. A little bit more and his crotch would touch her tits. The perfectly shaped orbs looked so attractive that he instinctively grabbed them. Lara shifted her grip on his buttocks over to his waist and started moving him back and forth, telling him to start fucking her throat. Marv complied by pulling back until his glans reached her tonsils and pushed right back.

Meanwhile on the other side of the car Bill was servicing her pussy at a medium rhythm while licking the side of her shins. He never had seen such perfect legs on a woman. Biting on her stiletto that was in the way he took it off of her foot and continued with kissing and licking along her arch to her toes. While he was pushing his tongue between each toe and sucking on them one by one he was watching his partner throat fuck Lara with ever increasing enthusiasm.

Although it was impossible for him to go even deeper, Marv put his right foot on the tire and tried to lean even further. Lara took this as an opportunity and reached for her sex, played a little while over her clit and making sure her middle finger was well lubricated with her own juices, reached under Marv's leg. Before he could understand what her intentions were Lara put her middle finger against his anus, draw some circles around his sphincter and pushed her slender finger inside his ass.

"The hell are you doing biaaaaaaahhh!" The pressure she was applying on his prostate brought Marv over the edge. His first squirts went directly in Lara's stomach. While pulling out he was paining her esophagus with his milky white goo. She tried to hold on to his cock head in her mouth as long as she could, but Marv's convulsions, jerking and quaking was too great to hold him still, so he finally popped out of her mouth and emptied the rest of his balls' content on her tits, chest and face. Although he had tossed and turned around like bull Lara was able to keep her finger on his prostate and had milked him dry of his man milk. As she pulled out her finger Marv collapsed on the ground.

Watching Lara play with his partner in such a disrespectful way Bill put her legs down his shoulders in an ungentlemanly manner and grabbed her by the sensitive nipples and pulled her towards himself. To overcome the pain Lara had to wrap her legs around his waist for leverage as she straightened up meeting his torso with her cum covered tits.

"What is it lover boy? You think you can last longer?" she mocked him while trying to lick her lips clean.

Upon this ridicule Bill impaled her on his marble hard cock and lifted her up of the hood. She was clinging on his body only with the aid of her legs as he carried her to the front. Leaning back himself, Bill lay down on the car hood with Lara on top of him.

"You like fast rides. Go on girl. Give me your best."

Lara welcomed the challenge with a frisky smile. Putting her feet on the bumper she lifted herself up until only his cock head remained inside her. Then she suddenly clenched her vagina muscles with such power that Bill felt the tight grip of a strong vise He looked down on his shaft with the tip disappearing inside her in disbelief. Then Lara started twirling her hips in a circular motion, causing his penis to rotate with her motion. Jerking her hips to the front and back like a professional belly dancer Lara made Bill moan out loud. She enjoyed the fading self-confidence in his eyes as he slowly realized he had not the slightest chance dominating her sexually. That's when she rammed her whole body down, taking him to the hilt. He had to bit his lips to hold back from cumming. He giggled at his pathetic sight. She rolled her abdomen like creating a wave travelling from her chest down to her pussy with him fully inside her.

"Let's have some fun, shall we?" she jested before she started the roller-coaster ride on his erection. She was twisting, turning, rolling, twirling, pulling, pushing, grinding, sliding, gliding, riding and doing all with six degrees of freedom. Bill didn't have the slightest chance. He came inside her, pumping his balls empty. Yet Lara didn't stop. She was on the verge of climax and she intended to stay there, enjoying it for a long while. Her kegel muscles were so strong that she didn't allow Bill's cock to go flaccid. Clenching forcefully on it she blocked the blood flow in his penis.

Seeing his partner in agony, Marv soon came to Bill's aid. His recuperating shaft in his hand he approached Lara from behind and pushed his dick inside her anal entrance.

"Oh yes! That's it baby. I needed that. Push it in. Fuck me in the ass!" she moaned out.

Marv pushed in but Lara was not slowing down. Finding himself trapped inside her like his partner Bill, Marv suddenly realized that there was no taming this she-beast. Pushing his heavy frame on her, trying to trap her between their bulky bodies Marv leaned forward. Lara was like a ferocious cat in a cage writhing wildly sandwiched between them. Both men were spent, but Lara continued using their bodies to pleasure herself for almost an hour. When she finally fainted herself she had lost the count of her orgasms.

Bill and Marv came back to their senses half an hour later. Both their dicks were in pain. They dressed up and carried Lara back inside her car.

"Marv, could you check the glove compartment for the cheque." Bill asked as he was straightening Lara's dress.

"Yep, here it is. Hey there's also a note here. Listen to this." he read:

"Thanks for the ride boys. Sorry if I was a little rough on you. Here's the money we agreed upon plus a little tip. I'm sure you deserved it. XXX Lara"


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