Satisfying the Hunger

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The mahogany door to the basement was locked. On it a white envelope was taped that read "Miss LC". Lara opened the envelope to find an elegant card written in cursive. It read:


Dear Miss LC,

This room has been tailored according to your specific and detailed instructions. We hope it will live up to your expectations and serve your satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing I-Consent services. And remember, discretion is our business.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. X



On the back side of the card a key was attached. Lara took the key, put it inside the keyhole and let out a deep breath. Here we go, she thought and turned the key to unlock the door.


It was a small room. Maybe 10 feet by 20. But the size of the room was not of Lara's concern. She was more interested about the wall decorations, for the whole room consisted of cocks.


There were no walls in this room. Instead, four rows of baby oiled, glossy, muscled male torsos packed side by side were towering up to the ceiling. Each and every one of them looked as if they were carefully sculpted by Rodin, Michelangelo or Bernini. They were tightly fit into sockets of a sturdy frame that held the whole structure together. Heads, arms and legs had been left outside the enclosure so that only the bare chest, the muscled abdomen and the genitals were exposed.


With a smile on her face Lara took a step into the room. A large Persian carpet covered the wooden floor. The only furniture consisted of a comfortable looking chair and a coffee table with a crystal bottle of scotch and a cut glass on it. Slowly walking towards the chair Lara took in the small details in the arrangement. The selection of men looked versatile. Skins colors of all the racial palette had been covered. There even was an albino on the opposite wall. She ran her palm over the muscled abdomen of the nearest chest just to feel that it'd real. It had an above average sized cock that hung semi erect like a bathtub faucet. Some of the specimens were clean shaven, others had pubic hair like a wild bush. Cocks of all different sizes, girths and shapes were lined around her. Long cocks, small cocks, thick cocks, thin cocks, veiny cocks, smooth cocks, circumcised cocks, uncut cocks, bent cocks, fat cocks, cocks with a huge mushroom shaped glans, pointy cocks, cocks with piercings, cocks with tattoos, cocks with large and heavy testicles, cocks with contracted testicles... Even the low ceiling was covered with cocks that were dangling down.


Lara reached up and ran her fingers over all the different male organs as if they were Christmas decoration. She felt like Alice in Wonderland. All this for me, she thought in excitement.


As she sat down to pour herself a drink and enjoy the sight for a little while before she began indulging herself with the feast she noticed a small remote control on the coffee table. She took the device to inspect it a little closer. There was a red button with a door sign on it. When she pressed it the door closed. Okay, she thought. Next to it there was a green button with a lightning strike sign. She decided not to press that yet. It looked like something exciting and she didn't want to spoil the surprise. Then there were two buttons side by side one having a small rectangle and the other one a larger rectangle sign. She pushed the smaller one once and the walls and the ceiling moved a step closer. She liked the result and pushed the same button twice more. When the walls stopped moving closer she was able to reach both sides from where she was sitting. That's more like it, she said pouring herself a glass of scotch and savoring the taste while she marveled at all the different dicks surrounding her.


She crossed her legs and took another sip. A heavy looking pouch of a scrotum right next to her caught her attention. She reached for it and took the obsidian sack into her palm. It was warm, smoothly shaven and looked like a Palantir in its smooth form. She weighed it in her hand, finding it unusually heavy. It made her feel a warmth between her legs. She was getting wet. She gently moved her fingers and massaged the soft orb, occasionally locating the plum sized testicles inside it. While she was running her finger tips over the subject's perineum she noticed his shaft slowly engorging and lifting itself up. The veins were beginning to fill with blood and protruding from the skin surface.


Lara unconsciously started bouncing her left leg on the right one, causing her thighs to rub against each other. She sometimes did that when she felt horny. The sight of this erecting large penis had awakened her appetite. She took a last sip of the drink and put the glass on the table. Leaning forward a little she puckered her lips and put a soft kiss on the tip of the male organ. With each new kiss she opened her lips a little wide and took more and more of the swelling glans into her mouth. Her tongue first poked and pressed against the large hole on the tip. Precum was beginning to ooze out and Lara sucked on the opening as if it was a pipette. Her left hand was still caressing and massaging the heavy balls. She could almost feel the sperm being produced like a hot cum factory inside. She turned the chair to face the wall better and took the hardened shaft in her right hand. It had grown so large that her fingers couldn't close over it. Definitely a grower, she thought as she took his whole glans inside her mouth. She hadn't foreseen that it would grow to this size. To have a better view she took it out and had a wide-tongued lick from his scrotum to the tip. Oh that would feel so good in her twitching cunt.


"Slow down you horny slut" she said to herself. "No need to rush things. You have the whole day."


She leaned back in her chair, but didn't let go of the balls. They felt amusing like stress balls in her palm, so she continued stroking them. Turning her attention back to the remote control she pressed the button with the lightning bolt. She heard a short muffled zapping and all of a sudden all the penises in the room began erection simultaneously like touch sensitive mimosa plants. She felt like being under a wedding sword salute. Awestruck by the sight of dozens of male organs standing respectfully to her she pressed the button once again, causing the rows of penises to twitch at the same time. She laughed like a girl at the penile spectacle. It was like a magic or a little trick that you'd teach your pet. She pressed it once more, but this time the cocks not only twitched, but several of them began ejaculating, thick, creamy semen all over the carpet. She let out a happy yelp as some of the man juice landed on her red silken dress.


She stood up and let the dress slide down her well toned figure. Not wearing a bra she was left standing in a black thong and stockings. She was curious how this device worked. Coming closer to one of the specimens that was located on her face level she tilted her head and lifted its balls to have closer look at the perineum, for nothing visible had been done to the shaft or the chest. She ran her fingers over the smoothly vaxed skin that covered the back side of his sack towards his anus. The muscles here were firm and strong, because they were the main support of the large penis this guy was holding up. She could feel a thin, flexible, electrical wire disappearing inside the man's anus. Now she understood how the remote control was working. It had to be an electrical stimulus to the prostate. Clever, she thought. Just to still her curiosity if she was right about this she forced her middle finger inside the anus and found a small hard object at the end of the wire. Pressing the button with her other hand once again she felt the shock herself. However, the last jolt must have been beyond the ability of the guy to suppress, for he started ejaculating on Lara's face in short yet rich bursts, painting her face with the male gloss. It was fun to feel his anal clenches on her finger while he was releasing, and Lara laughed out loudly while thick, creamy goo was running down her face.


"I guess I pushed you a bit too far, didn't I?" Lara said before she started scooping up the male essence with her fingers and savoring the delicacy like as if it was chocolate cream.


Fresh cum had awakened her appetite. She felt the wetness on her thong and took the silken underwear off. Standing naked save for her black stockings and stilettos in front of these numerous erect male sex organs made her shiver with excitement. She was trying to choose with which one she'd like to continue. They were all mouthwatering. As she was examining them one by one she noticed one with a heavy load of cum covering the length of its shaft. One of the members on the other wall must have had shot with a powerful squirt that its load had landed mostly on this one. Lara took this as a sign and opened her mouth, taking the glazed cock balls deep in her mouth, as it was not one of the larger specimens. She closed her lips around the base and started sucking on it as if it were a popsicle. She was pleasantly surprised by the pineapple taste of the semen. That's when she realized that these men had been on a strict diet before they were assembled on this occasion. She appreciated the attention to detail by the company. They certainly knew how to please a lady.


She continued sucking on the cock with increasing vigor, bobbing her head up and down as she moved back and forth. Closing her eyes she enjoyed the blowjob for a while. Meanwhile her right hand reached over to the next cock and started jerking it off, while her left hand was massaging her tit. She felt overwhelmingly slutty at that moment and a warm gush between her legs heightened the feeling to new peaks. She was shamelessly sucking on a stranger's cock and thinking about her friends and relatives, the shame she would feel if they'd see what she was doing. She imaged them watching her at this moment, judging her, being ashamed for her... That made her moan onto the cock in her mouth, which instantly began unloading its creamy reward. She sucked strongly on it for a while, not wanting to leave a single drop.


She quickly went to the next one. She was riding a pleasure wave and she didn't want to come down from the crest. This was a larger one with an untrimmed bush. She vigorously went down on it easing her throat to take its glans in her esophagus. She zestfully swallowed the whole length and buried her nose into the musky pubic hair. It was tickling her cheek and nose. Not pulling back for a while she began massaging his balls with both her hands. Her saliva was running down her chin and his balls, lubricating her hands, which began jerking on his scrotum as if she was milking an udder. She ran with her finger over his marble hard perineum, feeling the powerful pulsation of his throbbing member. The suddenly his sack contracted and he started unloading his balls' content directly into her stomach. While he jerked in what seemed like an endless squirting cycle Lara was running her palms up and down his toned chest, holding back the forcefully trembling torso.


The power and control she felt almost brought her to an orgasm. Her legs shook and she went down on her knees, finding herself level with another row of cocks. Not caring that she was drooling semen from the corner of her lips she attacked the nearest cock, taking its enormous glans in her mouth. She grabbed it by the thin, veiny shaft with both hands and started playing on it like a trumpet. She was in a frenzy. Her dripping pussy had formed a small puddle on the floor. She reached left and right, while sucking on the one in front of her she was jerking off two more with her hands. She covered the right one with her palm while it was shooting, collecting its seed in her hand she pulled off from the one she was servicing with her mouth. While she was licking the treasure in her palm the left cock started shooting on her chest. She was in heaven. Finally the one in front of him hit her in the face.


"Lara Croft you're the biggest slut in the world," she heard it echo in her mind while she experienced her first climax in this room. And she was certain that there would be many more...


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