Satisfying the Hunger

BY : s-incubus
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The bartender was obviously a more experienced fella. He seemed like he was planning all the things he wanted to do to Lara beforehand as he was approaching the woman who had spread her legs wide apart and was displaying her sex shamelessly. The bear on the other hand looked not very bright. Maybe the offspring of an inbreeding what he lacked in brain mass he definitely had as muscle. He was more reluctant and looked like he'd need some guidance.

First things first though. The bartender stopped right in front of Lara, pulled his pants down and gestured her to get down. Licking her lips she jumped off the table and went on all fours. Her face was level with the man's half erect member. Instead of taking it into her hand and guiding it to her mouth, she hungrily opened her jaw and grabbed the mushroom head with her lips. With a quick sucking motion she had the whole thing in her mouth. The man wasn't expecting this at all. The sudden wetness all around his cock made him grab the pool table. While she started bobbing her head back and forth with great enthusiasm she felt the throbbing rod become hard as steel in her mouth.

The bartender had had his share of women in his days. And some of them were professionals who earned their money with it. Yet no one before was as skilled as this strange woman in giving head. The masterful movements of her slender neck, the gentle pressure she applied with her lips on the base of his shaft, her tongue swirling and massaging the underside of his cock, reaching to his balls when she was deepthroating, and not even the hint of a gagging reflex even when he was mercilessly and repeatedly forcing his cock head past her pharynx.

For a moment he was starting to think that he probably should be more gentle with her. However to his surprise he instantly felt her hands grab on his ass cheek and pull him closer to herself, deeper into her throat. The bitch was insatiable. If that was what she wanted he would give it to her. He leaned forward until the back of Lara's head was resting at the side of the pool table, then he started pounding hard as if he was shagging the pussy of a five quid whore. The bitch wanted it rough, let's see what she would say to that. Each time he was pulling out until the head was barely touching her lips, then ramming it back deep, until Lara's nose was buried in his fat belly, his cock in her esophagus, his balls slapping her chin which was covered in drool. And each time he rammed his cock into her oral depths the pool table rocked and the balls moved.

He reamed her for a while in this fashion before he realized that she wasn't moving. He slowed down to see if everything was alright. That's when he felt her hands on his butt again, pulling him closer, telling  him to continue with the heavy throat fucking. The bitch was enjoying it. She made him go balls deep again, not letting go of his butt. He felt her humming on his cock. The vibration of her throat was irresistible. She then started opening and closing her esophageal sphincter with a swallowing motion while he was in her. It felt like a hand milking the under side of his mushroom, where it was the most sensitive.

Just when he was about to think it can't go any more pleasurable, Lara moved her right hand down to her pussy, lubricated it with her dripping juice and inserted it without any hesitation in his anus, applying firm pressure on his prostate. There is no man on earth who could hold back any longer against such a treatment from Lara Croft. He tried very hard but eventually gave up and came squirting his semen directly into her stomach. To his surprise he felt a little violated with her slender finger up his ass, milking his prostate with a gentle "come here" gesturing motion. Before his squirting was finished she pulled out her finger as well as his cock. He was still shaking. Before they had started his plan was to enjoy her blowjob a bit, then to pound her pussy and finally ream that fine ass hole of hers. He noticed that after the first step was barely able to stand on his feet. This woman definitely was something special.

While he sat down to recover from his unexpectedly early climax, Lara gulped down the remaining semen in her mouth. “You guys clearly need some exercise in endurance.” she joked. “I don’t mind the tasty treats, but I seriously need some pussy pounding right now.”

The bar tender made a gesture to the bear as if to ask what he was waiting for. The huge man took off his white undershirt and slip and revealed a monstrous member, which Lara seldom had the pleasure of making use of. She let out another happy yelp. “Let me have a closer look on your prize winner, big boy” she said moving towards him. The man wasn't any less hairy than a real bear, which Lara sometimes welcomed on a wild night like this. Not even hesitating a second she masterfully performed a front handspring ending by her legs wrapped around his waist and herself on his chest. The bear stumbled two steps back and as he regained his balanced back, he found Lara Croft attached to his torso like a koala bear. His waist was so wide that her feet were not touching each other on his back, but her muscular thighs were applying firm pressure to support her weight. Her eyes behind the black lace mask were burning with desire when she forced her lips on his. She was moaning into his mouth while she kissed him wildly, exploring his mouth with her tongue, biting and sucking on his lips.

The bear got a little scared by this lascivious woman. He was used to being the one everybody was scared of. Unlike the women in the porn movies, women he dated were reluctant to have sex with him once they saw what he was hiding in his pants. More than on one occasion his partner had complained he was hurting her and had left. But this woman was fearless, insatiable, self-confident.

Finishing her succubus kiss with a trail of saliva between their lips Lara leaned a bit back and started kneading her full breasts with her hands as she gently eased her tense thigh muscles so that her whole body slid a couple of inches down on bear’s body. The tip of his mushroom head was right under her dripping pussy, pulsating firmly against her vulva. A couple of inches more and he was past the tight entrance behind her labia, inside her welcoming fuck tunnel. “Oh bugger, that feels good” Lara moaned loudly. The fit was tight like a glove and once again he was close to losing his balance, took two steps back and hit his back at the pinball machine.

Lara was knobbing her erect nipples as she lowered herself even more onto the bear’s massive rod, taking it inside her with hunger. “Don’t worry honey, I will go easy on you” Lara said before she started with her masterful pelvis gyrations, rolls and twirls and twists. Soon he was grunting and groaning in pleasure. This wild woman impaled on his shaft was the best fuck in his entire life. While she was sliding up and down his tool he enjoyed the beauty of her wiggling breasts, her firm and flat stomach and her angelic face in blissful ecstasy. Her braided hair was whipping on her back as their movements became more fierce and erratic. He finally managed to think about supporting her weight and cupped her marble hard buttocks with his giant hands. This caused her to straighten up and once again land on his hairy chest. Her perfectly shaped orbs were brushing against his rough chest hair, which stimulated the nerve endings on Lara’s sensitive breasts.

After ten minutes rough fucking in this position, it was evident that Lara’s thighs were getting tired as her running up and down his shaft lost its high tempo. The urge of wanting to penetrate her deeper caused the bear to change their position by turning around and laying Lara on the pinball machine. Now he could freely set the pace and drill into her as deep as he wanted. “It’s about time” Lara muttered, but her complaint was stopped by the wild reaming the bear began on her. “Oh yeah baby, that’s the spirit” she yelled reaching up with her arm to brace herself on the pinball score board.

The man was pounding like there was no tomorrow. With each pound his mushroom head was beating against Lara’s cervix, which seemed to cause her more pleasure than pain at the moment. Pre-cum, pussy juice and both of their sweat caused a wet slapping sound as their crotches banged against each other. His balls were whipping against Lara’s ass, her breasts a blurry mold of up and down motion. Lara was screaming things that would make a drunken seaman blush. At the top of the waves of pleasure she was heading to the orgasmic cliffs in this tempest of lust. Her legs spread as wide as she can, she took every push into her tight wet depths with shear enthusiasm. Every nerve in her love canal, on her engorged clitoris, around her gaping sphincter longed for the long denied orgasm.

The pinball machine was ringing bells indicating high scores and new records when they both finally came together. Him squirting warm, thick goo directly into her womb, her spasming and twitching under the secretion of Oxytocin in her brain. Her muscles were still contracting by the prolonged orgasm as his legs gave up and he landed on the floor. When his cock exited her tight entrance, his thick seed oozed out of her candy pink pussy.


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