Satisfying the Hunger

BY : s-incubus
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It was an unexpectedly bright and sunny day for island springtime that convinced Lara to spend some time taking her new motorcycle out for a ride on the countryside, enjoying the scenery and the weather, and perhaps getting some steam off, which had been boiling in her veins for some time now. Her first experience with the new toy had been pleasant, however limited, for it was not built for little garage adventures, but speedy, dangerous, high adrenalin rides. Last time, she thought, she just took the machine's virginity. This time, she was planning on testing its capabilities thoroughly.

After an hour drive on the motorway with the average speed of 200 km/h she was far enough from her neighborhood. Not that anyone would recognize her with the black helmet on, but she wanted to be able to drive her motorcycle around Abingdon without it being recognized. She was guessing that not many custom built Kawasaki Ninja’s were being driven around and it wouldn't take a genius to add two and two together to arrive at the conclusion that the curvaceous chick on the black bike was Lady Lara Croft. And being recognized would extremely limit the potential of having a little fun while enjoying the ride.

She wasn't been able to cum during the one hour drive though. Several time she had tried to give full throttle using inertia for being able to feel the hard bump under the saddle carefully placed to stimulate her anal muscles as much as possible, but aside from making her even hornier, it didn't help at all. And the human nervous system is a curious thing. The vibrations from the 300 horse power engine was not able to bring her over the edge, once her neither regions got used to it. Long story short, Lara Croft felt like she had been having the longest foreplay of her life, dripping wet and sweating inside her tight synthetic leather motorcycle suit, horny as a bitch in heat.

That’s when she saw a group of fellow cyclists on the side of the road, having a beer or two under a large oak tree. Couple of feet to their side there was an old well, wrist thick water flowing wastefully onto the ground. As Lara drove her cycle towards the well, six pairs of male eyes were following her. She wasn't sure if it was her Kawasaki they were eyeing this lustfully or her own lascivious figure. Maybe both. When she halted and stopped the engine, a silence fell over the group. She knew exactly what to do and particularly, how to do it. Lifting her right leg from the side she athletically hovered it over the motorcycle and gave them a full view of her gluteus maximus, how it shaped and reshaped itself under the revealing body tight suit. The gravel under her high heels crunched as she gracefully walked towards the spring. Untying the fabric around her swan-like neck she soaked it under the water without removing her helmet. As she turned to face the group, she uninhibitedly took the zipper of her body suit that was dangling over her chest down till under her navel just a couple of inches above her vulva. Her perfectly shaped breasts which were compressed under the tight garment until recently, pushed open a most generous cleavage. At least two of the men choked on their beer and coughed in front of this sight. Without any hesitation Lara pushed the freshly soaked, cool cloth between her breasts, sighing in relief, causing her nipples to harden and poke against the night black leather. She then slit it very slowly down to her belly and further down between her legs, causing the zipper to open even more. Were it not for the fabric, all her sex would be open and free for the viewing pleasures of the men. 

“Mmmmmaaaaaahhhhh...” she moaned “that feels good...”

She could clearly see the erections the men were trying to hide under their leather pants. She liked having this effect on men. They were like little toys to play with. Not very unlike a vibrator. Push the right button and they moved as designed.

Turning her back to them she took her hand out of her crotch and soaked the fabric again under the fresh spring water. No, it wasn't that easy to see Lara Croft’s pussy. They had to work for it. She pulled up the zipper up to her belly.

Finally one of the men had enough blood gathered in his brain to come out of his trance and managed to come out with a full sentence:

“Nice ride ma’am.” 

The others agreed like sheep.

“Why thank you.” Lara replied delightful. She checked the man who had to be the cleverest among them up and down behind her helmet. He looked mid thirty-ish, short black hair, athletically built, though with a growing beer belly that would show out in a couple of years. He was handsome though. Yes, she would fuck him. Probably.

“I've never seen this model before though. Is it custom?”

“You have a keen eye.” Lara replied as pulled the zipper of her suit up a little more, which caused her supple breasts to be pressed upwards and together, rendering her cleavage irresistible to look at, which the men did instinctively.

One of the men, who looked like the youngest one of the group, couldn't refrain himself from murmuring a dirty comment: “Fuck I’d love to shove it deep between those airbags.” It came out a little louder than expected which resulted him having a smack behind the head by the nearest biker with long grey hair.

“In your dreams, lover boy” was Lara’s response.

“Excuse my friend madam. He can be a bit oafish.” the man apologized, who seemed to be their leader.

“Look at how the slut’s dressed man!” the young one persisted.

“You want a fresh one Billy Boy?!” the grey haired one lifted up his hand.

“I’m just saying.” was his answer.

Lara walked slowly and self confidently towards the boy, which made him a little nervous. Just before her breasts could touch his chest she stopped and laid her hand onto the bulge on his crotch. Stroking it up and down gently she said:

“Just because a lady likes to dress revealingly it doesn't mean she wants to fuck. And just because she rubs her dripping wet pussy in front of you, it doesn't mean she wants to fuck YOU.” She gave a gentle tap on his balls. ”Besides, you couldn't handle me honey.”

She turned around and started walking towards her bike: “The rest of you however, there’s a barn 20 miles ahead of this road...” She got on her bike and started the engine “...whoever arrives before me gets to fuck me whatever way they want.” and she accelerated.

The gang looked after her for a second or so. Then as the thought cottoned on they threw away their beer cans and got on their bikes as fast as they could leaving the boy in a cloud of dust with an erection.

to be continued...


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