Satisfying the Hunger

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Ok I know the previous chapter was a bit of a teaser, so I don't want to torture you any further. 


Lara Croft knew enough human sexuality to know that the right amount of teasing will result in more pleasure. She loved to tease and she was an expert in it. What she didn't stand was misogynistic wannabes, whose mouth wrote checks their ass couldn't cash. She had encountered enough of them to know playing with them would be no fun. Those boys were like guns shooting blanks, they made a loud noise but didn't hit the target. Unlike real dominant assholes. Lara liked to play with them, toy with them, like a jaguar toying with its prey. She’d allure them to her trap, carefully observing their moves, making them think they’re in control. That was fun. A game. A hunt.


The boy she left with a hard-on was a balloon, who probably would have popped into his pants if she rubbed his bulge a little while longer. The others though, they looked like sport. She’d fuck ‘em. But they had to sweat a bit for it. They had to be fantasizing about her on their bikes by now. Thinking this she jerked the accelerator further and enjoyed the feeling of her crotch gradually being pressed more and more against the custom seat. Five rock hard cocks were chasing her sweet wet pussy.

She had to refrain herself from speeding more though. Wouldn't be any fun if none of them made it to the barn before her. And if she really took this seriously, with her driving skills and the 300hp Kawasaki Ninja under her, none of them had the slightest chance. She slowed down until the first one could be seen on the side-mirror. She let him catch up with her. After all, he had to think he had a chance. 

The following part of the road became a little crooked. Lowering herself down over the curves she couldn't help herself from getting even hornier. She really had designed that seat well. Every right turn was causing the seat-dents to part her left labia, every left turn the right one. She felt herself getting so soaked wet that by now the suit must have been leaking. In fact, the guy driving right behind her was wondering where the little droplets on his helmet shield came from. There wasn't even a single cloud in the sky.

Getting more and more aroused on the crooked road, Lara jerked the acceleration handle on the last plain, causing the motorcycle to rear up. She almost came from the pressure she suddenly felt against her sphincter. Her moans got muffled by roar of the 998cc engine. When the front wheel finally touched the asphalt again there was no sight of the gang on her side-mirror. “I let myself get a little carried away” she thought, but what the heck. Maybe she’d fuck that handsome boy anyway.

By the time she reached the barnyard a little surprise was awaiting her. All five of the cyclists were already there waiting for her. 

“You didn't say anything about not using any shortcuts.” said the leader in a cheerful tone.

“Hahahahaha...” Lara laughed “Well fuck me you cheep bastards...” 

“With pleasure” he replied, coming closer to her.

“Well it looks like I should honor my dept.”

The guy was grinning to his ears.

“Lose the pants and hop on lover boy” Lara commanded. 

Usually it wouldn't have been easy getting off those tight leather pants with a throbbing erection, but the guy was pretty fast and successful. Under the cheering of his eager mates he had stripped off the pants and hopped on Lara’s bike, facing her, in a matter or seconds. The gas tank was pushing him against Lara’s soft crotch.

“Mmmmhmm... I see you’re ready to go soldier.” Lara pulled the zipper of her suit down and pressed her body tighter against the man. Her breasts felt so soft and supple on his chest. He tried to remove her helmet.

“Oh no! That stays on.” Lara protested. “Wouldn't you rather play with these.” she parted the sides of the suit where on both of her teardrop shaped breasts popped out of the fabric, rejoicing under the warm sunlight and the gentle breeze like prisoners being released to their natural freedom. Pearls of sweat glistened on them like little diamonds, trapping the sun rays in them. The man couldn't hold himself back from taking a long lick on one of them starting from the under-boob, over the lascivious curvature ending on the tip of her erect nipple, which gave Lara a pleasurable chill. She tasted pleasantly salty. He wanted more, and started suckling on the dark pinkish hued areola. 

“That’s a good boy.” Lara reacted by grinding her hips against his erection. His shaft was gently gliding on her under belly, smearing pre-cum on her silky skin. The base was painfully pushing the zipper downwards, which was about to reveal her pubis.

Standing on her high heels Lara pulled the zipper under her legs and over to her back side where it ended just above her butt. Another of her own designs, and clearly not for cycling purposes only. Then she pulled the whole garment down by the sides so that it became a lump around her hips.

“Damn!” one of the other men, a fellow with a goatee, exclaimed facing the mesmerizing physical beauty of Lara Croft’s naked upper body.

“Like what you see?” she grabbed her breasts with both hands, squeezing the elastic orbs. Five testosterone intoxicated heads nodded in unanimity.

She took a step back, pushed her hips backwards so they showed out behind the saddle and leaned forwards. This was she took all his shaft between her gorgeous breasts. 

“SHIT That fEEls grEAT!” she guy moaned as Lara pushed her love spheres from both sides, squeezing his member between those heavenly pillows. Not wasting any time, she started stroking them up and down along his throbbing cock, lubricating her cleavage more and more with his pre-cum with every motion.

Sluck...sluck... sluck...sluck...slip...sluck...slip... the rhythmical wet sounds were pointing towards a build up of liquid sexual energy. 

Lara felt two hands pulling the suit down to her ankles. “Finally” she thought, “one of the other ones is taking some initiative.”

“Hnnnnaaahhh yessss!” she moaned as the man behind her pushed his hard member against her sensitive vulva, gently past her swollen labia and into her craving, wet, tight pussy. When she felt his hands on both sides of her hips, she welcomed a nice hard fucking session with anticipation. And her wish was quickly fulfilled. The guy pushing his meat with increasing speed into her fuck canal was the muscle pack of the group. It didn’t take long before he was reaming her pussy with great enthusiasm.

“Oh yeah big boy, fuck that pussy right. Yes! Yes! Oh Ghod that feels good!”

Slop...Pop...Slop... Slop...Pop...Pop...Pop...Pop... His crotch was pounding mercilessly against her butt, making them jiggle in waves. Each one of his mighty thrusts was causing the first guy’s cock to jerk out from Lara’s bouncing breasts. Soon both guy’s moans got louder. Lara knew they were closing in on their orgasm.

“Stop! ” she shouted and everybody freezed. “I’m not letting  any one of you go off before he’s fucked me thoroughly.” she murmured, took off the lump around her ankles and turned around. Now she had her back against the first guy. She placed her high heels on the feet rests and stood above ground. Under the gazes of curious horny men she lowered herself onto the first guy’s dick and felt it against her butt hole. Easing herself off she let the mushroom head part her sphincter and push into her anal cavity.

“Oh yes! That’s what I was needing.” She lowered herself more and more until the guy’s whole shaft vanished in Lara’s colon. Then she reached forward and grabbed the muscle pack by the vest and pulled him onto the bike. “Are you awaiting an invitation bloody fucker? Come here! Get that cock into my pussy and resume what you were doing, with twice the effort!” she commended. The man shook off his shock about the appetite of this woman in a moment and began shagging her again, this time from the front.

“Oh yea! Ghod that feels good. Oh! Oh! Yes! I knew I needed a cock up my rear. Fuck yes!”

“The girl has a dirty mouth, hell of a libido, but a pussy like a tight glove” thought the muscle pack. He and his friend tending the girl’s ass were using all their power to make her hop and dance on thier dicks but she seemed to want even more. Minutes later, as their legs and hips started to give up she took the lead by twisting, turning and gyrating her own hips to grease up both of their poles. “That woman must have muscles in the most unimaginable places” was thinking when he felt a grip on his rod jerking him off, but no hand was touching it. “What a magical pussy.”

The other guy was in an ever tighter heaven. He was balls deep in her ass and every time she went up his shaft, that pouting hole squeezed his member to the limit, sucking on his cock like the mouth of a blowjob queen. And how dirty she talked...

“I wanna feel that cock in my stomach, so you hear me? That ass needs a thorough clensing. I want you to wash my bowels with your creamy cum. Deeper! Oh fuck YES!! Deeper! I want even your balls in me if you can fit them!!!”

The remaining three guys were already jerking off by the sight of that insatiable woman using their friends to fuck herself. 

“Come here you buggers! No cock will be spared!” she invited them. Not knowing exactly how she was planning on fitting the five of them into her little body, the men approached with dopped trousers. She pushed the muscle pack onto the seat so he lay on his back. She made one of the guys, the blonde one, stand on the foot rests so his dick was level with her head. Without anyone being able to notice her face, she lifted up the helmet shield, pressed him by the buttocks towards herself  and took his cock throat deep into her mouth. She was sucking on it so powerfully that the guy had to force his balls inside her helmet. All he could do was to hold on to the backside of her helmet to keep his balance.

“Mmmmhhhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmm!! HHhhhhmmmm!!” she probably still was talking dirty with a cock down her throat. The remaining two were guided by her hand gestures to take place on either side of the motorcycle. Once close enough, Lara grabbed their dicks and started jerking them off masterfully. Every now and then she was cupping and massaging their balls, then taking the mushroom head into her palm and drawing circles on top of them, then stroking up and down the shaft again. 

She was the most skillful conductor of sexual symphony. As she masterfully heightened up the melody of all of their moans to a climactic crescendo she arranged the simultaneuous orgasm of them all by timing the clenching and release of her vaginal and anal muscles, the sucking and gurgling of her throat and the insertion of both her middle fingers into the asses of both men, pressing firmly on their prostates. They all came together. The men to her sides emptying their loads on her bouncing breasts, the guy with his member down her esophagus cuming in bursts directly into her stomach, the muscle pack painting her fuck canal milky white, and the handsome guy squirting his luke-warm load into her serpentine colon. With each jerk and squirt she orgasmed. With each twitch and shiver she came. The oscillations were so powerful that it took some minutes before she could come down from the ecstatic tsunami waves. Her whole body shook. And once again she felt satisfied.

But for how long?

to be continued..?


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