Satisfying the Hunger

BY : s-incubus
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Drops of horny female excitement were running down Lara Croft's swollen folds, dripping onto her victim's throbbing, fully erect cock, occasionally forming hair-thin bridges of glistening liquid. Teasing the boy was secondary to her. She was edging herself. These escapades were all about her satisfaction. Admittedly, she liked driving men and sometimes even women crazy, but when it came to casual sex, her own needs came first.

Right now, she was feeling the head of this young boy's penis pushing her pussy lips slightly apart, which filled her loins with a tingling sensation of ever growing anticipation. Her hands were on both sides of his head, holding it steady without any force, making him look her in the eyes. Seeing the inexperienced excitement in his gaze, she recognized his desire of pushing his hips forward to gain full entrance to her wet, tight canal. 

"Don't move a muscle!" she calmly ordered him, prohibiting the slightest control over the situation. She wasn't going to allow him to spoil everything just because he was a rookie. 

Slowly relaxing her inner thigh muscles she let her frame descend a couple of inches onto his member, only permitting the head to go inside her warm sex. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling for a while. She then started to slightly gyrated her pelvis in clockwise rotation with a mastery that would put the most professional oriental belly dancer to envy. This motion caused the most sensitive parts of their skins to glide over each other, stimulating the dermal receptors, sending impulses along their nerves which was interpreted as intense pleasure by their individual brains.

"Shhhhh... easy...." Lara calmed the boy down who was getting more and more excited by her vaginal polishing treatment.

Taking deep breaths, the boy finally understood that he probably would get the most satisfaction out of this if he obeyed and let her do whatever she wanted with him, to him. That's when he first felt the suction of her pussy. At first it was very tender, barely noticeable. It gradually became stronger and stronger, and after a couple of minutes he felt his cock being literally pulled by this woman's unearthly vagina. He couldn't believe it. Looking at her masked face he saw her biting her lower lip, clearly in a state of deep concentration to perform a difficult movement. 

"Mmmmhhh" she finally sighed showing she was enjoying this as much as he did. Her dark silhouette in front of the bright screen was revealing her lascivious curves, illuminating the sides of her perfect sized breasts, outlining her hourglass waist as she increased speed and depth of penetration. 

Lara Croft was athletic and extremely flexible, however she had her limits, and her current position didn't allow the penetration depth she wanted. Reaching down with her right hand she took hold of the boy's balls. She gently cupped them for a while, weighting them in her palm, in the process making him go insane. She then pulled them up, making clear that she wanted him to lift his pelvis from the seat. 

"Aaaaaahhhh...!" she moaned in content when the boy obeyed and entered her with all his length. "Stay there" she said before she started pumping her hips up and down in a twerking motion hammering her pussy onto his marble hard cock five times a second. 

"Nnnngghh! Shit! Oh shit!" Lara moaned loudly, showing no concern whether or not the other people in the audience could hear anything. The boy was grinding his teeth together to keep himself from an early ejaculation, to which this woman most probably wouldn't react kindly.

Slap slap slap... The sound of his scrotum whipping her perineum was echoing in the movie salon. Her rhythmically dangling tits were deeply hypnotizing. He felt himself closing to a second orgasm when Lara suddenly stopped and reached for her rear. Several loud popping sounds were heard one after another before she threw a long, bumpy object to the next seat. It was obviously a large anal toy. Did she have that thing all the time in her ass? he asked himself, but his thoughts were interrupted by Lara's next move.

Leaning back Lara pulled her legs together and placed them on the back of his seat. Now those shapely pillars dressed in black silken stockings were stretching on both sides of his head. The wino who was enjoying the wild display of her torso from several rows back earlier protested this with a curse, for the only thing he could see now from where he was seated were Lara's feet in expensive high heels. 

"Your turn honey. Show that slutty pussy a good time." She said grabbing the armrests to brace herself. The boy didn't need much encouragement. He started reaming her pussy with all his might, partly to show his gratefulness for such an amazing experience and partly to try to impress her with his strength and stamina. He was imagining that if he did a job well enough, maybe she would consider a second time.

Lara wasn't thinking of next times. She was enjoying this time, here and now. "Good boy... good boy! Yesss! Fuck! Oh that's good!" She was pleased with the young lad's enthusiasm. It happened too often that a man though of himself to be the perfect sex machine that only turned out to be a single shooter. It didn't matter if her partner came fast, in fact she loved having cum in or on her, but only as long as he was ready to go again in no time. And this one had proven himself worthy by being able to fuck her with all high might with his first load still wet on her chest. She decided to reward this by reaching forward and giving him a long, wet, french kiss, her tongue wrestling with his. 

"Keep on fucking me like this and I'll even let you through the back door." she whispered to his ear. "Do you want it? Do you want to shove it in my tight little ass?" she teased him more to which the boy could only answer with a nod. "Yes? You want to put it in my ass? Ask nicely, like a good boy." she teased him more. She was playing as if wasn't her who did the invitation.

"M...may I...?" he stuttered.

"May you, what, lover boy?" Lara grabbed his head again with both hands, pulling him closer till their temples touched. "Did you want to ask me something?" She was looking deep into his eyes, into his soul.

"May I... mmmh.... put it there? Oh shit!"

"Nnnnh.... nnnhh... You have to be more specific than that my dear. Ahhhh.... aaaaahhhh...."

"AAhhhh! AAhhhh! May.... May I put shove my cock deep into your tight ass?" He came out like as if he was ejaculating the words. 

Lara almost came. "Hhhaah! NNnhh! Oh my! Nnnh! What a naughty boy!" she exclaimed falsely. "But since you asked so nicely..."

She stood up from his lap and sat down to the next seat. That's when she saw the young couple that had been quietly petting in the first row until she was screaming in pleasure. They were masturbating each other watching Lara fuck her boy toy for the evening. She blew them a kiss before she slouched in her seat and pulled her legs up over her own shoulders in the most inviting position, presenting her rear for the heavy pounding.

"Here you go, naughty boy. It's yours. Take it." she said while she smeared her leaking pussy juice over her anus with one hand, lubricating the pouting entrance. "And one more thing..." she stopped him as he was eagerly preparing himself for the anal fuck of his life "Don't be gentle" she added smirking. The boy smiled back while he guided his cock to Lara's glistening ass hole. 

When the mushroom head poked against the tight orifice Lara let out an anticipating moan. When he pushed it a little further the clenching sphincter opened like a flower letting him in her most secret of secrets. Her rectum had been well lubricated for the anal toy she had been carrying inside her so he glided smoothly balls deep inside her canal. 

"Oh my god!" Lara faked a surprise. "You are so deep inside me!! That's the best thing I've ever felt in my life!!" she lied playfully. "Naughty boy, please fuck me! Please fuck my ass!! I want you to... No I need you to drill my slutty tight ass..."

The boy was finding her dirty talk extremely arousing. He started pulling back and pushing forth while her rectal muscles were squeezing his shaft so delightfully. He was up to full speed in no time. While he was pounding her with all his strength, leaning forwards for the utmost penetration, he was bearing his weight with his hands on Lara's ankles. Meanwhile, she was playing with her clit with one hand and knobbing her nipple with the other one. 

"Oh yessss! Deeper!! Aaaaah!! Deeper!! Take that ass baby! Make it yours!"

Both of their naked bodies were glistening under the artificial light of the projector. The wino had tried to change his seat for one with a better view but was only able to approach a couple of rows. Giving up on it he was starting to enjoy the rhythmic movements of Lara's spread legs and feet in the air where dust particles were hanging in the bright light.

"You're so tight... Aaahhh!! I can't hold it anymore... Fuck!!!" the boy warned her.

"Oohhh! You've done well... NNNgh! naughty boy. You may cum in my aaaahhh ahhhhh aaaaahhssss..." Her body began quaking under the waves of orgasm. At the same time she felt his warm seed being squirted into her bowels. Her spasms were milking the last drop of cum from his convulsing cock. It took several minutes before the shaking and shuddering subsided. The boy had let his weight down on Lara and was laying on top of her. Content with the warm goo in her rectum, and the boy's cock plugging the entrance Lara came a second time just from the thought of the slutty position she was in. This one was less intense but lasted longer. She hummed in ecstasy while she came, her face in blissful agony. 

The movie was over. As the credits scrolled down she pushed of the boy off her and gathered her things together.

"Will I ever see you again?" the boy murmured tiredly.

"Who knows naughty boy. Maybe on another movie night..." she kissed his forehead and walked out of the row.

"Slutty whore heh heh heh..." the wino shouted at her with an ugly grin on hid face.

"Aww... Why thank you, dear." Lara winked at him before she went out of the salon.


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