Jesse's Story

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The view from the hospital window was something else. Nothing but river and woods. Bailey got lucky to get such a view. A hand on her stomach, tensing beneath the blankets, and eyes out the window. She sighed, currently alone in the room. The leaves swirled on the pavement below, falling off the trees into the river. Fall had fallen. She could see how others would love it, but she preferred spring herself. 
She hoped the baby wouldn't arrive until her mother came back from lunch, only four floors down. It hurt, yeah, but she figured it would, after all she was only a teenager. She rubbed her stomach, breathing deeply. Worse than the rape she endured that brought this pregnancy, but at least something good came out of it. She was holding her belly, looking at the monitor by her head when her mother walked back in.
"Doctor said I was...but I don't feel it."
"You won't dear. But you are, that's good. You'll hopefully avoid a c-section."
Bailey nodded, holding her belly. She winced while another contraction hardened her belly, aching in her lower back and between her thighs. She squeezed her eyes shut, whimpering as she breathed in, hitching. Her mother clucked her tongue, shaking her head as she looked at the clipboard by the bed. Notes catches her eyes and she reads it while Bailey softly cried as the contractions got closer together.
Her mother put the clipboard down, looking at her with knitted eyebrows. She thought about going out to the hall to find the nurse when Bailey's water broke, soaking the bed under her.
Erika looked at her daughter, then pressed the button on the wall to call for the nurses, wondering why they weren't keeping an eye on poor Bailey. When the nurses came running in, Erika was told to stand off to the side, as they needed room. Bailey had no choice but to look over at her mother, wishing she was at her side while they prepped her for the delivery of her baby boy. They put her legs in the straps, took the belt off her belly and let her go. 
At first it wasn't too bad, but the urge to push became stronger and stronger until Bailey had to ignore the doctor when he told her to not push, or she'd tear. He had just gotten the scissors ready to cut when she up and started pushing, gritting her teeth, tears slipping down her cheeks. 
"Hey! Knock that off, you're gonna tear!" The doctor yelled, trying to get her to stop pushing.
But Bailey couldn't, and soon she felt the white hot pain of her lady parts tearing as the head came through, burning down until he finally popped out. The doctor took ah old of his shoulders, twisting and pulling as she gave her second to last push. The nurse whisked the screaming and crying baby away to clean him up and give him a check over while the doctor delivered the placenta with Bailey's last bit of strength, and gently stitched up her tear, swearing ever so slightly. 

With papers in hand, and Jesse in the other, Bailey walked back and forth in her room, reading the list of appointments for her newborn son. Pediatrics, a hearing test, immunizations. The works basically. Tired out of her mind, Bailey gently laid her boy down in his bassinet by her bed, watching as he was snuggling into his swaddle. She sat down, yawning. Jesse slept only a few hours before he woke up, screaming for more breast milk. She took the time to lay down and get some sleep before he was up again.
Little did Bailey know, Jesse was still awake. He gently moved his foot, testing the limits of his soft blanket, looking around. The hat on his head nice and warm, the blanket kept his body tightly wrapped in a comforting manner, however...she wasn't there. He opened his mouth, letting the wail out of him until he heard that soothing voice, felt those strong hands lifting him out of the little area of his sleeping section. 
Bailey held him to her, offering her breast, but he didn't latch. Instead, Jesse snuggled against her, wanting her warmth. Looking around, then at her door, Bailey went ahead, laying down in bed with her son in her arms. Jesse apparently was satisfied, as he slept well over four hours. 
Bailey, on the other hand, woke up having to change her shirt. 

Watching him try and roll over was a bit amusing. The look on Jesse's face when he realized his toy wasn't entirely out of reach, but he wasn't exactly able to get to it yet. He made a angry noise, flailing and kicking his feet. Finally he rolled, scaring himself and wailing. He grabbed his toy, and shook it in the air, one hand on his pajamaed foot, the other waving his toy. 
Bailey glanced at him, then looked back down at her textbook and notebook, hearing her mother walk in.
"They had a sale on some adorable baby boy clothing! I couldn't resist!" Erika exclaimed,smiling from ear to ear as she hauled in multiple bags of clothing.
Jesse, seeing the commotion, rolled with difficulty back onto his belly, propping himself up on his arms to see what was going on.
"Good lord mama!" Bailey said, seeing the amount of clothing she bought.
"Well he's growing so fast! I swear he's having another growth spurt. Oh that reminds me, the neighbors next door have started the adoption process."
"...They're not going to have babies?"
"Well dear." Erika sat down, "Some women can't have children, or some men, so adoption is a option. I hear it's twin boys, they're around Jesse's age."
Bailey nodded, and looked at Jesse, then rubbed her head. She felt weird the past few days, since Jesse had started teething and was up at all hours of the night it seemed wailing in pain until Erika brought in medicine for his age. But she wished that damn voice would shut the hell up. 

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