Murder Mansion

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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Lightning cracked through the sky above the dark, lonely mansion. Rumor had it, that it made people go crazy. When in truth, it was the perfect spot for a mass murder...

"Nala come on!" Brandi Morrison whined. 
Nala sweat dropped, but knew her eager sister was ready to go. She put the rest of her luggage in the truck of her sisters vehicle, then got into the front with her. Bouncing, her sister put her belt on, then started pulling out. The sisters talked for a bit, knowing they'd have to pick up their sister and her boyfriend. Brandi pulled up to the apartments, waiting and talking to Nala, both looking through her phone to see what music they could play when the two came out, put luggage in the trunk, and got in.
"Oh hai."
"Hi old man!"
Lysander looked at her, unimpressed. Brandi smiled in a cat like manner, then she pulled back onto the road. They were taking a trip with their friends, knowing they would have to pick up on more person. 
"So everyone knows who their going with?"
"Yeah, we're just going to have Nala and Castiel switch seats, then I think we're picking up Iris."
Lysander looked out the window, knowing damn well what the reason was. She would also have Nathaniel in the vehicle too. Lysander himself, and Sarafina, would switch out to Leigh and Yvonne's vehicle, having needing a ride up. 

Once everyone was situated, finally, they made they're way up. Nathaniel and Nala switched with Shanika and Dajan, mainly out of Nathaniel and Castiel constantly fighting. Brandi and Castiel, along with many drivers, would switch off once in a while.
"Why is it such a long drive?" Shanika ask, holding her stomach in the back.
Dajan looked at her, shrugging.
"Dunno, but I don't recall the damn site giving wrong directions!"
Dajan leaned forward to see over Brandi's shoulder, pointing at a line.
"We missed this turn."

"I think this is it." Brandi said, pulling up to what appeared to be a deserted mansion.
"It's creepy..."
"Like you?"
Castiel turned and flipped her off while laughing. 
"I walked into that one."
"You'll probably walk into more." Dajan commented from the back, and Castiel nodded.
"About fifteen more before the night is over."
Brandi, along with the rest, quickly parked, and everyone tried to get settled. 

"Now where did I put my room key!?" Lysander asked as he walked by Ambers trio, who was laughing at him. 
Sarafina walked up to them, snatching the keys directly from Amber's purse. She handed them back to Lysander with a look on her face. Most were exploring the old mansion, all but two, who were hidden away in a room, hiding their affair. 
"Sure this will work?" She asked, looking over at him, next to her naked in bed.
"Should. We'll just off them off."
"...I can't kill my sister..."
"Fine. Leave her alive. Might be a good idea anyways. With one survivor, we won't be suspected."
She cuddled up to him, leaving the rest of the world behind for a brief spell of intimacy.

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