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The idea of having twin daughters, and right now, was downright terrifying for teen mother Casey. She stared out the window, full of anxiety, holding her belly and waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. She had called him and told him that she was in labor, her grandparents had already packed her bags.
"Is he hear yet?"
"Oh that idiot!" Her grandmother spouted off. 
Agatha, her older sister, held her younger and pregnant sisters shoulder, giving it a squeeze.
"I'm scared..."
"I know...where is he! Oh...never mind I'm calling the ambulance!" Agatha turned on her heels, yelling up the stairs to her grandparents, "I'm calling the ambulance!"
Casey slowly knelt down, leaning her head against the cool glass. She was due for a c-section the next week, but the twins weren't going to wait. She knew, somehow, which twin was which already. She knew the oldest, Nala, would be the first delivered, then the youngest, Brandi, would be the second. She breathed out, trying to deal with the growing pain in her stomach and back, the contractions coming closer and closer. She begun to cry, feeling her grandfather's hand on her shoulder.
"The ambulance will be here soon. Take it easy." 
Unlike her parents, Casey's grandparents didn't judge her for becoming pregnant at seventeen, taking her in when her own parents kicked her out. He rubbed her back, hoping the ambulance would be there soon. He could hear Agatha in the kitchen.
"No! She was supposed to have a c-section next week but she's gone into-WILL YOU JUST GIVE ME ANOTHER OPERATOR!?"
Jonathan shook his head, trying to keep his young granddaughter calm when his wife called for him.
He got up, walking to the dining room to see Bridget, who was standing with her hand near her mouth.
"I was talking to Dave's family just now, before Agatha got ahold of the phone..."
"Where is he then!?"
"....He's dead."
"...What?" John whispered. 
"They found him dead from drug over dose..."
He didn't know what to say except, "We can't tell Casey."
"No! She's already stressed, in pain, and about to deliver those girls! Let's not add more to her shock and distress than what is already there!"
"She needs to-"
All they could think was to run down. They heard her crying, saw a pool of blood under her as she tried to keep the twin in. Before they knew it, they heard the tell tale siren of the ambulance. 

"Take it easy! I can't hold this kid in for her!"
The paramedic in the back growled as he shook his head, knowing he'd have to deliver the first of the two babies. He knew the teen wouldn't make it to the hospital in time. 
"Ok calm down, push and breath, pushing on your contractions."
"Trust me I know."
He put a hand between her legs, gently cradling the babe's head as it slowly came out, twisting her gently and pulling as Casey pushed. First one shoulder, then the other, and she slipped out, screaming. The cold air hit her body, covered in muck and blood. He wrapped her and handed her to her mother, then clipped the cord. Casey sniffed, finding it hard that here she was, after nearly nine months of pregnancy, holding Nala. 
She realized with horror that it was the supposed youngest who came out first, making her the oldest. The baby was smaller than she expected. However, pressure was eased, but she knew it wouldn't take long until her twin was born. Brandi screamed and cried in her mothers arms, missing the warmth of her water, the coziness of her sac, and the arms of her sister. She gave a god almighty scream when they arrived, soon calming to a quiet.
It scared Casey as she felt the rush of blood pouring from her core. She was hardly in the hospital when a nurse had to nearly catch her youngest. Nala slipped out easier than her sister, but also screaming and crying. 
Staring at her daughters, it was a sight to see. 

"Well let's see here. Brandi was five pounds four ounces and Nala was five pound three ounces. Good size."
"They don't look it..." Casey admitted.
"Well no." The doctor smiled, "Twins tend to appear smaller, be born sooner, and sometimes delivered by a c-section. They run out of room so soon, but they're healthy."
She nodded.
"Casey, listen." The doctor took her hand, sitting on the bed with her, "Not every birth is perfect. It's just one of those things. Let's go over your discharge. No sex for six weeks, don't even use tampons. Nothing should be going into your vagina so it can heal. Bleeding is normal. If you are sore, go ahead and use a cloth with ice, I'll also prescribe you some pain killers. If you notice anything wrong with your stitches, or a smell that's not normal, give us a call or come in right away, it could be a sign of infection."
Nodding, she looked at the carseats where her babies were resting. Nala with a binkie, Brandi with her thumb. 
"Are you breast feeding?"
"Uh, yes, and supplementing. I uh, I'm still in school."
"I understand. If you like, I can see if they won't switch the cans of formula out to your preferred brand of supplementing formula, and if you want I can see about getting a pump?"
"While you're in school, and as long as you're nursing, you should keep up with with your supply. They should allow you to pump, but if they don't, you come to me. I will help you get your time in."
"Ah, thank you." Tears lined Casey's eyes.
"Hun, it'll be ok. Just sign here, and you're good to go!"

Taking care of twins was absolute hell, but having her older sister and grandparents there to help was a blessing. Casey could get up at night, nurse them, pump milk out to empty her breasts, then go back to bed. Soon it was just get up in the morning, nurse her daughters before school, come home and nurse again. 
Then it wasn't even that. It was nursing around the clock, sitting in the auditorium at her school in her graduation gown, holding the girls to her breasts. Then it was picking up Nala, nursing her, putting her back down to continue wiggling her way across the living room, pick up Brandi, nurse, put her back down to crawl. Then it was pick the girls up from where they stood, handing them sippy cups. 
How time flew by so fast Casey didn't know. One minute she was holding two screaming, red, wet babies, next she was sitting on the couch with a notebook on her lap, pen in hand, watching her doctors creep and cruise along furniture. Neither twin were ever without the other. They were always together. 
With a smile on her face, and with snowing fluttering down on their very first Christmas, Casey returned to her college homework. Brandi and Nala on the other hand, decided to curl up near the tree with their comfy and warm and soft blankets. Nala with her paci in her mouth, Brandi with her thumb. They drifted off to nap until dinner was done. 

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