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Chapter 1:

“So let me get this straight, my manor’s security is now ranked tenth in the span of a month after being first?” The beautiful and famous Lara Croft, otherwise known as the Tomb Raider stated astonished.

“That’s right Lara, apparently the security lacks a killing edge that some of the other manor’s have. Whereas you have things such as rape and chains to stop whoever broke into your house, they have knives, bullets, things like that which, to me, seems a little barbaric.” Harry Cottingham, who was a Cambridge grad who had a degree in architecture stated. Lara‘s state of disbelief allowed Harry to stare at his boss’s rather perfect form.

He wasn’t the only one however, Percy Felli, famed technologist, was also there. Both men were staring at Lara’s form which was currently only clad in a revealing thong that barely covered her pussy, but the string on the back had managed to find itself wedged in between her heart shaped ass. Her upper body on the other hand was in a bikini that was two sizes too small for her comfortably DD cup breasts.

Both men had the appearance of jocks, both standing above 6 feet and having subtle muscle lines, but were actually quite nerdy. One thing that wasn’t affected by either variable though, was that they both wanted nothing more than to bend Lara over and have their way with her.

The two retreated from the table and whispered something that couldn’t be heard by Lara, sitting down in the two lounge chairs located in the living room. Little did they know, Lara actually enjoyed the lecherous stares of men, as they looked upon her body that was worthy of a goddess.

Harry cleared his throat and called his bosses name.

“What is it Harry?” She responded.

“Well… Percy and I were just thinking that, with no disrespect to you, you might want to think of a wardrobe change. I mean, and not to sound all judgy or anything but, you look kind of scandalous with the way you dress at home or in public. With the mini dresses and the clothing that barely covers what needs to be covered. I mean it can be quite distracting for Percy and I, and just think of all the men in the world if you know what I mean.” He said tentatively, worried for his boss’s anger.

“Really now, well I guess I can see where you’re coming from. I mean, I can see how my clothing might encourage some provocative thoughts from men. I guess I should say sorry.” Lara said in a sincere voice.

“Really, well that’s a relief, because we were worried you would get mad at us.” Percy replied.

“No, I’m not mad at all, I quite enjoy you feedback. Harry, could you do me a favor?”

“Of course Lara, anything for you” Harry stated, his face still showing relief.

“Since you brought it up, can you show me how a woman of my class should dress?” Seeing his confused expression, she continued her explanation. “I mean, I guess this string shouldn’t be in between my butt cheeks.” She proceeded to grass a fist full of her wonderful ass flesh, further taunting her two employees. “Any the top half of my bikini should cover more, could you help me?” She bit her naturally pouty lip further increasing the two men’s raging boners.

“O-of cou-course Lara, anything for you?” He got up from his seat, his boner easily noticeable to Lara, which caused for a brief look of surprise on the face of Lara that wasn’t picked up by the other two.

“So w-what do you want me to do?” He asked, eyes glued to her tanned fleshy globes.

She proceeded to widen her stance and spread her fleshy cheeks, the two the site of her puckered anus covered by the thin strap of her bikini bottom which resembled a thong. “I want you to use your thumb to pull that string from between my cheeks.”

“Y-yeah, of course,” Harry brought his palm to her cheek to get a grip, grabbing the soft, tender flesh that was her ass, marveling at the feel. His thumb started at the top, coming between her skin and the silk material, and started his descent down. He held his breath, wishing he could bend her over the table and fuck this bitch into submission. He came upon her anus, the inside of his thumb applying a slight amount of pressure to her anus, causing her butt muscles to tense and a slight moan to escape from Lara’s lips, further teasing Harry.

Percy watched the scene with intensity, not being able to tear his eyes away.

Once the first part was done, she let go of her ass, her two mounds of flesh clapping together and jiggling slightly. “Onto the next part then,” she said as she gave a slight push to Harry’s chest, sending him back on the lounging chair. She proceeded to straddle him, her clad pussy painfully rubbing against his rock hard prick.

Harry now seriously regretted saying anything about the matter for he knew that Lara would figure out a way to give him one of the worst blue balls experience in his life.

“Now could you help me with my top?”        

Harry’s eyes were glued to her massive breasts as they stared him in the face. His hand slowly went up, grabbing the flimsy material and scraping against the incredibly soft skin. If he hadn’t been completely hard before, he was now.

As the back of his palm passes over her nipple, he could’ve sworn it could be mistaken for a diamond with its hardness. Lara let out a slight moan at the rubbing of her nipple.

As the flimsy material was put back in the correct position, Lara hopped off of Harry’s lap, but not without grinding her royal mound on his massive prick.

“Thanks Harry,” Lara said, “and Percy?”

“Yes Lara” Percy’s lips were as dry as the Sahara desert at this point.

“Could you help me with my undergarments? I know it’s a little embarrassing, but we don’t have any other girls here so.” Lara said, her brown eyes showing lust.

Percy knew that this would turn out badly, but his hormonal side got the better than him, and he had to accept. “Of course” His voice was a little hoarse as he stated this.

“Great, and can you bring up some coffee? This will likely be an all-nighter, and we can’t be sleepy.” Lara left the room, sashaying her ass, knowing the boys’ eyes would be glued to her until she left the room.

“Fuck man, I wish we could get revenge. Put that fucking bitch in her place, and make her our whore.” Harry said, standing up shakily.

“I know, but what can we do?” They both sighed as Harry retreated to his room, and Percy went to put on a pot of coffee.

As the coffee started boiling, Percy had a mischievous idea. He pulled down his trousers slightly and jacked himself off until several large amounts of cum shot out of his dick and filled the mug by half. Quite happy with himself, he poured the coffee into both cups, keeping in mind which was his. He set them on a platter along with cream and sugar, and made his merrily way up the stairs to Lara’s bedroom.

He knocked on the door, and heard Lara call for him to come in. He opened the door and looked around the room, seeing two piles of clothes. One for extremely skimpy bras, while the other consisted of thongs, g-strings, and the like, he gulped and took a seat at the table in the middle of her room. The room was quite large, the largest he had ever seen. On the far side of the room, it elevated until it came to her master bed with bedside tables either side of it. To the right of the bed was the bathroom as well as a dresser where she was supposed to keep things such as sock, underwear, bras, etc. To the left was a table with a rather large mirror where she did her make up. On several occasions, he had snuck in here while Lara wasn’t there and came in some of the white looking make up products, such as her $20 per pint face cream.

The other side of the room was where he assumed where Lara was currently. In the center, was a set of doors that opened into Lara’s walk-in closet. The left and right had stairs that led to a secret place above Lara’s room that he and Harry were forbidden from entering, and required a key to get in.

“I’ll be out in just a second Percy.” As stated, Lara came out, wearing nothing, but a thong, bra, and a robe that was a tad too small.

“Great now we can get started. Is that the coffee?” She asked as her hips swayed once more to an imaginary tune.

“Yeah, here you go” Percy handed her the coffee containing his cum.

She tipped the cup over and started gulping down the coffee, looking at him with suspicious eyes, but kept drinking until it was completely drained. “Mmm, that was delicious Percy, I don’t know what you did, but I should make you make me coffee from now on.” Percy just smile and nodded in response, enjoying the knowledge that Lara had just drank half a cup of his cum without stopping.

“Well, let’s get started, it’s guaranteed to be a long night. If you could, could you pick out my undergarments from the ones I took out over there?” Lara pointed to the two piles that Percy had seen earlier.

“Yeah of course,” as Percy went to choose his favorite pairing or tripling, Lara went over to the coffee on the table. Tasting his cup, she narrowed her eyes; she knew he had done something to hers. The other one had a slightly saltier taste than his. He would have his fun for now, but she vowed to get her revenge.

After a couple minutes, he walked back to her holding a strapless black bra with gold trim and a matching g-string. The bra was practically see through and her nipples would barely be covered while the g-string barely covered her outer pussy lips.

“I think you would look absolutely banging in this, good enough to eat.” Percy stared lustily at her body, imagining her in the revealing clothing. Lara took a shaky breath that suggested anger, but put on a smile, going along with her plan.

“Thanks,” she retreated back into the closet. She had to admit, Percy was right when stating that she would look good enough to eat.

She walked up sexily towards him, and did a slow turn to show off her goddess of a body. “There’s one more thing I need your help with Percy.”

“Yeah, what is it?” His eyes never left her body when he asked the question.

“You know that I was offered a million dollars by a wealthy aristocrat if I seduced Piotr Neville and steal his algorithms. Now, I probably have to end up on my knees, oh god this is embarrassing.” She said with a blush that Percy couldn’t tell was real or fake. “Please don’t tell Harry about this, I couldn’t live with him knowing, and I know that you and him are best friends, but you’re a little more sensitive, you’re kind of like my guy best friend.”

“Yeah, no worries, you have my complete and utter trust.”

“I really appreciate it Percy. So, like I said, I have to seduce Piotr, and I haven’t really practice being on my knees, and doing the business, so I was wondering if I could practice on you.” She said the last part with a blush on her face.

His eyes widened, the thought of his hot boss on her knees before him, sucking his dick. “Y-yeah, of course Lara,” He said, his dick starting to harden in his trousers.

“Great, I’m so glad that you accepted this and didn’t think it was weird. I was also hoping that you could tell me what to do, as I said I haven’t really done this much before, so I’m going to need a little help.”

“Yeah” Percy smiled. He couldn’t believe it, this was actually going to happen.

“So let’s not waste any time. First, I want you pull down my trousers with your teeth while looking me dead in the eyes.” Percy commanded, never feeling so powerful in his life.

Lara did as told, grabbing the waistband between her pristine white teeth, and pulling it down. The first thing that she noticed was that it was incredibly thick, thicker than her forearm. The second was that the length was over a foot long, about 12 inches based on her calculations. All of a sudden she was now scared, surely she couldn’t fit the whole thing into her mouth, and surely she couldn’t take it all the way down her throat.

Seeing her pause, Percy just smirked. “Now, when you are sucking his dick, you’ll probably endure some rather rude names, so I guess we should practice that. What’s the matter you cock teasing whore, never seen one so big? Are you scared, huh?” Percy knew he was pushing it, but he wanted to see how far he could get without his boss ripping his balls off.

Lara’s eyes flashed with anger, but she kept going. “No I haven’t, and I’m not scared.” She pulled down his pants until his pants were all the way on the ground, his dick slapping her beautiful face, wiping a bit of precum on her tanned cheek.

She recoiled at the contact, but quickly looked back to Percy for further instruction. “Next, I want you to completely wrap one or both of your hands around the base of my cock and run your hand up the length of it until I say stop.”

She tried to fully envelop the width of his cock with one of her smooth hands, but gave up soon enough and chose to use two. She came up about halfway before being told to stop.

“Now I want you to jerk me off from the base till that point. Then you’re going to bring your whorish lips to the tip of my cock, and slowly envelop it, working your tongue around it. Keep in mind; you don’t use your teeth as well.”
She did as he instructed, slowly and sexily bringing her mouth tantalizingly close to his tip, maintaining eye contact, and enveloped the full length of his head in her warm, wet mouth

To her surprise, the head practically filled her mouth and made her lips open practically as wide as they could.

“Good, now then, keep jerking me off, and I want you to bob your head up and down, slowly swallowing more of my dick into you tight mouth.”

Again, she did as instructed, and Percy wondered if she was going to give him an actual blowjob, letting him finish, or give him the worst blue balls experience in his life.

After a couple of bobs, the head of his prick was in her throat, creating a noticeable bulge. By now, more than a few dollops of precum had made their way into her mouth, and seeing this, Percy demanded that she swallow all of his cum.

She regretted swallowing the second she did, the taste causing her to retch over his dick, and her gag reflex acting up for the first time. She pulled herself back quickly, and gasped for air, strings of saliva connecting her plump, pouty lips and his dick.

“It’s alright, we can take it slow, unless of course, you’re too scared and you want to quit.” That wasn’t an option for Lara because if she did, then she would have to admit that she got off on teasing other men with her perfect body. However, she also didn’t think that she had the ability to completely swallow his prick.

With determination in her eyes, she took another deep breath speared the prick down into her mouth while still jacking him off. She focused on breathing though her nose and soon enough had 7 inches down her throat, battling to resist her gag reflex.

“Oh yeah babe you’re doing fucking great. I knew a whore like you knew how to take a massive prick like mine.” His head went back and his hands to the back of her head, grabbing her chestnut brown hair as he relished in the sensations his boss was giving him.

A shot of precum went down the back of her throat, and she hated the salty taste of it, but for some reason, couldn’t get enough of it. As the shot of precum came, he forced her head down another inch, no passing her throat that had a large bulge from the massive object that was being shoved down it.

The action caused her to gag once more, but she got it back under control, breathing in large amounts of air through her nose causing her nostrils to flare.

“You’re doing great Lara, keep it up and I’ll be done in no time.” Lara was both relieved and disappointed at the statement. Relieved at the fact that she could get over this horrible experience, and disappointed because her secret fetish was that she wanted to be completely dominated by one or even both of her employees. She could feel her pussy moistening at the experience, and wished she could get some release.

Lara continued her efforts, and within a couple minutes, had the entire length down her throat. It felt as if the thing was in her stomach as well. With the length, she wouldn’t have been surprised at the possibility of it being true.

She gave a moan as he decided to take control of the matter and started fucking her face.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you bitch. I bet you’re gag reflex doesn’t even work from how many big dicks you’ve sucked. Isn’t that right Lara?” She just gave a moan in response, completely incapable of speaking in her dazed state. “And you’re getting off on this, damn, you’re more of a whore than I imagined.” Lara just gave another moan as he continued jackhammering her face. He smirked.

At this point Lara had time for only one more coherent thought, and that was: whether she was still in control of the situation at hand, or whether he had turned the tables on her. Her pussy moistened at the thought of her fetish becoming true, and that the possibility of him fucking her pussy that was contained in her soaked, tiny panties, was very real.

As she thought that last word, her mind lost all sense besides pleasure. She screamed around his dick as she came, completely soaking the bottom half of her attire, and causing more pleasurable sensations for him. Her eyes were half lidded, still being on her orgasmic high.

“Dang, you even came while just sucking on my dick, I wonder how many times you’d cum if I fucked that virgin pussy of yours, or maybe you’re ass.” Lara moaned louder after the last statement. “So you’re an ass girl huh, never would’ve thought it.” Within a few more strokes, he pushed her head all the way down and came, squirting his baby milk into her stomach, filling it to the brim.

Once that was over, he pulled his half-mast dick out of her, letting go of her hair in the process. She fell down onto the floor, only being able to moan in response.

The sight in front of him was the sexiest he had seen by far. Her brown eyes half covered by her eyelids. Her regal face with high cheekbones was framed by her beautiful hair that had been made messy from the furious oral session. Her slender neck giving way to her perfect arms and hands, her bra had fallen down enough so that her entire nipple was shown, but the underside of her breasts were covered. A stomach that had practically no fat and widened at the hips forming the perfect baby producing body; which then went down her g-string which was stuck to the inside of her pussy from how wet it was. Then was her incredibly long, tone, and tanned legs.

Noticing that he had quickly recovered from the ordeal and was practically at full mast, he jerked himself off and came once again, over her entire body. Spraying the first load over her face, the next over her bountiful breasts and hands, the third on her stomach, and the rest over every single inch of her body that hadn’t already been covered, smiling to himself, he took a picture and left her in the state of dazed. He knew that she would come back to him for more mind blowing sexual activities, and soon enough, he would get Harry in on it too and they would have their own personal sex slave. 

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