Lexi T'Perro gets Gangbanged

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Ryder always had a way of picking people up when they're down. Peebee had gotten Lexi down in the dumps, thinking 
that the rest of the crew didn't think she saw them as people, but instead as experiments. The truth was that 
Lexi did see them as people, hell she saw them as friends, but that didn't stop her from doubting herself. Plus 
the doctor had her hands full with work regarding the Pathfinder and their team, and how they get shot at on an 
almost daily basis. Stress levels were at an all time high, so Lexi tried the traditional method of de-stressing: 

After spending some time failing to drink her problems away, Lexi was beginning to lose her mind. That's when 
Ryder showed up to make things all better. After a short conversation, Lexi's mind was put at ease. Ryder 
confirmed what she already knew, that the crew saw her as a friend, no matter what Peebee has to say about it. As 
Ryder was leaving, Lexi was given one last bit of advice: to cut loose and enjoy herself for once. Whether that 
be with alcohol or with mountain-climbing, it didn't matter. Later that day, Lexi decided to take Ryder's advice. 
She would go back to the Vortex clad in a form-fitting, skimpy red dress, drink with the hottest guy or gal 
there, and see where the night takes her. So there she was, by the bar, two drinks in when she was approached by 
a strikingly handsome human male. She had to stop herself from viewing him in medical terms, reminding herself to 
have fun. "I'm pretty sure it's a crime for a sexy lady like you to be drinking alone. Want to join me and my 
friends over at our booth?" The man gestured over to a group of four other studs in a corner booth. "Only if you 
promise to keep me entertained." Lexi smiled seductively, grabbed her drink and headed over to the group.

Over the course of the next hour Lexi ended up in the middle of the group on the biggest guys lap. His hand gently 
stroked her ass, and the others would try and cop a feel while they crudely flirted with her. She let them, being 
mildly drunk but still in control of herself, yet at the same time willing to see how far this situation could 
progress. The answer: pretty damn far.

The group brought Lexi back to an apartment on the Nexus. This one was fairly large, though the asari doctor 
didn't get to see much of it past the central loft. Sparing no time for anything other than what they were there 
for, the crowd of five immediately began kissing, groping and stripping the eager and willing asari. Lexi was 
quickly presented with a ring of thick, fully erect dicks to do whatever she wanted with.

Sliding down to her knees, Lexi took a cock in each hand and went to work. Her steady, medically-practiced hands 
slowly slid from base to tip, twisting and squeezing, slathering them in their own precum. The three other men 
stood around the kneeling asari beauty, jerking their cocks, each of them imagining how they were going to fuck 
her blue brains out. One of them stepped forward and rubbed his impressive dick over her lips. Lexi's tongue shot 
out and slathered the cock in saliva. Already getting drunk on the musk emanating from this group of horny 
humans, the asari doctor opened her mouth and devoured the cock in front of her. Her hands began to jerk faster 
as Lexi deepthroated the entire dick in one quick motion. Looking up and smiling as best she could, the human 
grunted in pleasure and put his hand on the back of her head. He slowly pulled out of her tight throat before 
thrusting forcefully back down. Lexi gagged initially, but soon got used to the sensation of being sloppily 
facefucked. Strings of spit dripped onto her chin and tits as she gave herself completely to having her mouth 
used as a cocksleeve.

A hand reached down and roughly grabbed a tit, causing Lexi to moan around the dick deep in her throat. The hand 
on her head finally pulled her off completely, allowing for a brief moment of coughing and deep breathing before 
another cock jammed its way down her throat. Her hands switched cocks as Lexi recieved another oral pounding. The 
doctor was burning with desire as she was passed roughly from cock to cock, each one spearing her throat and 
causing spit to drip sloppily from her mouth, even making its way to her face as the men slapped their hard dicks 
against the asari slut. That's all she was to them: another sex-crazed blue whore to be used and fucked. Lexi 
knew this, and right now she was absolutely fine with it.

After taking each cock deep down her throat, Lexi was brought to the couch where one of the men had sat down. She 
sat down on his spit slathered erect cock and came instantly, the debauchery of the last few minutes finally 
culminating in an explosive orgasm. Lexi's screams of intense pleasure were cut off by the cock that made its way 
around the couch and into her mouth. The man underneath her began sucking the blue tits dangling above his face 
as Lexi was bounced up and down on his dick by the pounding he was giving her. The man fucking her face pulled 
out briefly, a thick stream of saliva tethering it to Lexi's lips. "Make sure you get my cock nice and wet, 
'cause it's going in your ass!". The asari's eyes widened in fear and anticipation, even though internally she 
couldn't wait to be completely airtight. Once the cocksucking resumed, Lexi dialed her sloppiness up to 11.

A few minutes later, Lexi had a cock in her pussy, a cock in her mouth and a cock pushing its way into her big 
blue ass. Overwhelmed by the sensation of being triple-penetrated, Lexi's entire body shuddered and twisted 
wildly in orgasm. The cock in her mouth pulled away so her screams and incoherent slurs could be heard. Her face 
fell to the man's balls, licking and sucking at the sweaty orbs as she came down from her high. The dicks in her 
pussy and ass had no rythym, thrusting in and out of the asari slut's holes with no concern for the slut herself. 
Smacks reigned down on her ass from one of the men on the sidelines, while the other would take turns using her 
mouth. Sometimes her throat would be roughly grabbed, forcing her to look into the eyes of the men ruthlessly 
fucking her. Another orgasm washed over her as dicks slapped across her face and her holes were ruthlessly 
pounded. In the throes of her orgasm her mind wandered briefly. She wondered what the crew of the Tempest would 
think of her in this position. What would Ryder say? Or Peebee!? What would they think of Lexi T'Perro, always so 
proper and professional, getting gangbanged by five juicy cocks, being used and abused like she was just another 
asari whore. The thought quickly faded as Lexi was lifted and brought down and fucked in a reverse-cowgirl 
position on the couch. Once again filled to the brim, Lexi was impressed that none of the humans had come yet.

Over the course of the evening, Lexi lost track of which cock was railing any of her holes at any given time. She 
came more times than she could count, with each orgasm bringing her into a new realm of pleasure, and a new level 
of whore. Eventually, after an intense session of triple-penetration, the men reached the end of their rope. Lexi 
was positioned once more on her knees surrounded by a circle of men furiously beating their dicks. Eager to be 
covered in cum, Lexi fingered her well-fucked pussy and slid her fingers into thoroughly-used mouth. "Are you all 
ready to blow your loads for me? All over my pretty little face?". One man on the brink of orgasm stepped 
forward. "Oh yes, give me your cum! Give me what I've worked for!". With a loud groan the man finally came, 
shooting thick ropes of hot cum across the asari slut's cheek, some reaching up towards her forehead. Lexi barely 
had time to react before a second man came, then a third. Streaks of cum fell across Lexi's face, draping itself 
over her forehead, her closed eyes, her tits. By the time the fifth and final man came, Lexi's face was 
completely covered in thick white jizz. Using her delicate fingers she wiped the cum from her eyes and licked 
them clean, humming in approval of the taste. The men took pictures of the cum-soaked doctor with their omni-
tools. Lexi was smiling in all of them, all of her cares in the world fucked out of her. Soon Lexi would have to 
clean up and return to the Tempest, but for right now she was content to lay on the ground, covered in cum, the 
happiest she had been since she arrived in Andromeda.

The next day Lexi had settled back into working on the Tempest. She was still a bit sore from the previous 
night's events, and it was difficult to walk straight (members of the crew asked if she was alright more than 
once), but she was calm, clear-headed and stress free now. At one point while Lexi was finishing the most recent 
medical reports for the crew, she received an email from an address she didn't recognise.

"Hey sugar-tits,

Your name's Lexi, right? I saw a news report about the Pathfinder's crazy missions out in the cluster and noticed 
your pretty blue ass popped up more than once. If we knew you were pals with the Pathfinder we would have rolled 
out the fuckin' red carpet haha!
Shits and giggles aside, you were a fuckin' monster last night. Like seriously, the best lay we've had since we 
woke up in this galaxy. So if you're ever back on the Nexus and lookin' for a good time, hit me up and I'll round 
up the boys! Might even be able to find a krogan or two, just for you! ;)

Malcolm (and friends)

[Attached is a picture of a smiling, bukkaked Lexi from last night]"

Lexi felt proud of herself for having made such an impression. She might even take him up on his offer the next 
time she has some shore leave. She was definitely saving that picture though, as a memento of the time she took 
Ryder's advice and cut loose. The memory would serve well in getting her through some of the lonely nights in 
space aboard the Tempest. As long as it didn't fall into Peebee's hands...

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