Grimouija Region Journey

BY : SparkyMuse
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Did I lose it? Oh, fuck, tell me I lost it.

He stood half-bent with one hand up against a tree for support, breathing heavy from running through the woods for the last half-hour in this dim light. He wasn’t sure if it was early morning, if it was later evening, or if the light through the trees just wasn’t very good, but to him it was as if he was just dropped into the set of some kind of horror movie. Half an hour ago, he had woken up because he’d heard something strange, and instinct told him it wasn’t something he wanted to find him. He’d gotten up and started running- and apparently not a moment too soon. With a horrible ear-splitting screech, something very large had landed where he had just been. As far as he was concerned, that was all he needed to know- he ran as fast and hard as he could, for as long as he could. His motivation was the sound of whatever was chasing him being something very large and possibly very strong crashing through the brush behind him.

As far as he could tell, though, it was pretty quiet right now. There didn’t sound like there was anything following him, at least not for the last three minutes, and he was so winded, he could barely walk. Still, he had to keep moving. He knew that much. Just about forcing himself to his feet again, using trees as support, his vision slightly blurry at times because of how wiped out he was feeling, he kept moving forward. Help. He needed help. He also needed to know how he got here.

Having a moment to breathe, he was able to think back. How had he got under that tree, and why was he sleeping? Hell, how had he even wound up here in the forest? Hell, who even was he, and what was his name? The very first thing, or the last thing, depending on the phrasing, that he could recall was waking up whenever he first heard whatever was after him. He tried thinking harder, because obviously there had to be more, but he was hitting one heck of a mental blank. It was, more like, he could sense some kind of fog, but beyond that, there was nothing. He could probably find a way past it if those people weren’t-

He stopped suddenly, leaning against an oak tree, then drew his hand back and touched it to his head. That’s right. This wasn’t random. There was somebody after him. Somebody who sent that thing after him. But why? What did he forget that was just so-

"I wanna be, the very best, like no one ever was...."

He heard a female voice, and looked to his left, down toward the bottom of the small incline he was atop of. He was fairly hidden by trees, and she was on what looked like a small clearing next to a dirt path, a picnic basket sitting on a blanket nearby while she had her back to him, back and sides, mostly, and was moving and jerking in some really strange ways. Watching her for a few seconds, he realized she was dancing and singing to music from headphones in her ears. He smiled; something about her was just so….. wow. He stood there a moment, captivated, taking her in and doing his best to memorize everything about her.

She had some pale, peachy skin, and her hair, initially purple, was straight down to about the middle of her chin, where it suddenly turned a sort of toxic-looking dark red, and where it was wavy, like sideways ruffles, the kind one might find on a dress, and her hair was shoulder-length. She had on a short-sleeved blouse, semi-tight, dark green, with the sleeves barely more than a few inches long and having the bottom of it ending several inches above her belly button, which he saw when she made a really cool full spin at one point with her eyes closed. She also had on fingerless gloves, the kind with Velcro at the wrist, like a person might wear to a gym to practice punches.  Her pants were black and kind of tight, kind of shiny, with some sort of strange kind of like leather but also not, and a gold-colored belt was around her waist, outside her pants, looped in only at the back and at the two loops next to the buckle. The belt’s pattern looked like little metal gold scales all linked together, and where her pants ended, she wore black boots that came a few inches above her ankles with straps secured in place by ruby-red buckles. The strangest thing was the black cloth around her face which he recognized as a neck garter that covered her nose and mouth and dangled down to her shoulders.

He smiled as he watched this strange girl, watching her move, admiring her and all her various curves. Her chest seemed kind of small, but somehow, it fit her very well. His eyes were drawn quite frequently to the seat of her pants, since she had her back to him a lot, especially when she was running her hands up her legs or moving it back and forth as she danced to whatever unknown music she was listening to, which by now had to be the second or third song on the track. He felt like he could stand here all day watching her, and it felt even better, because he knew she hadn’t noticed him yet. She just finished a dance move of some sort that would be extremely embarrassing for her if she knew he was watching which gave him a very nice few of her butt for a few minutes as she bent over at the waist and slowly straightened herself up while running her hands up her legs when he was shocked out of his daze by a large yowling and a lot of barking. To his panic, he looked back where he’d come from. Whatever was chasing him had come back, with friends. Without thinking, he spun quickly and made to run, but instead wound up recoiling from smashing face-first into the tree he had been standing next to. As he fell back, his foot slipped, and with a crash to the ground, he landed hard on his back on the incline down to the path where the girl was dancing, which, of course, he just so happened to roll down. When he finally came to a stop, he was dazed, confused, highly disoriented, and wasn’t really sure of anything when all of a sudden a pair of very light blue eyes, the shade of ice, almost, appeared upside down above him, framed by black cloth and purple and red hair. “Are you alright?”

He winced. His face hurt, his entire body hurt from hitting rocks and rolling down the hill, as well as attempting to plow into a tree, and he was still rather winded. “N-not really.”

“Good.”  The next thing he knew, her fist collided with his chest, then a second time, and then with the right, then left side of his face, and finally his nose. That’s about the time he blacked out.

She sighed as she crouched over him. True, she hadn’t needed to hit him into unconsciousness, but when she’d heard a hunting pack out in the woods, she’d turned and saw him peeping at her in her personal ‘me time’ and that was not something she could forgive so easily. Now she’d have to find a new spot. That was just such a major hassle, could she really be blamed for losing her temper at a pervert? She stood up and went to go get her things, fully intending to leave him there on the road. After all, somebody would have to come along eventually, right? Then, she heard the hunting pack again, and her hand stopped just short of grabbing her picnic basket. They were closer this time.

She looked back at the person on the road. He didn’t look like one, but then again, for the most part, neither did she. If he was, though….. She sighed again. She’d really rather not help a pervert, but Mom would have her ass if she left somebody in need to the mercy of wild Pokemon, and she really didn’t feel like being lectured today. Silently cursing her conscious and bad fortune, she heard the howls, a little closer, and swore. Not much time left to get ready to fight, then. She reached up and started unbuckling her belt so she could take off her pants.

This pervert was so going to owe her big-time for saving his life.

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