A Fairy's Duty

BY : Scary Guy
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Link sat down on his sleeping mat, his body aching. He had been fighting monsters all day in the water temple and only now had any semblance of respite. He had set up camp an near lake hylia, which consisted of nothing but a bonfire and his aforementioned sleeping mat and right now all the hero wanted to do was rest. however the pain in his limbs made it nigh impossible to do so.

luckily for him, his companion could fix that.

"Hey Link you look pretty worn out." Navi said , as she was fluttering around him. She was intently eyeing his half nude body as all he was wearing right now is his tights. "want me to help you with that?" she continued her voice barely audible as a result of her small size

But Link heard her clearly and In response the hero nodded, smiling, as he knew exactly what she meant.

"Ok you know the drill, cover your eyes" she requested. He complied and closed his eyes before covering them with his hands, this being a reoccurring situation for him.

Navi then floated over to a few feet in front of him and few seconds later a blinding, blue light emitted from her body. Link could tell what was happening and kept his eyes closed, he knew that the light would be gone any moment now. He was right, as not too long later his companion stopped glowing.

"alright you can open your eyes now." the fairy said, her voice much more clear now. So Link did and saw a beautiful woman, about the same age as him, standing in front of him

She had fair skin and yellow blond hair, that was tied neatly in a single bun. She wore a blue, strapless corset with floral patterns along with a matching mini-skirt. Four large gossamer fairy wings, sprouted from her back, similar in color to her clothing and a sharp contrast to her green eyes.

Another noticeable thing about her was her curvaceous body. Her breasts were large for a girl with a slender figure, yet they was not abnormally large. Her hips were broad and round with a very fine ass. Not to mention her legs which were long, slim and well toned . Indeed, as annoying as Navi can be sometimes, she looked rather ravishing when you get to see her properly.

Some fairies have the power to increase their size for a limited amount of time. Navi in particular could sustain her larger form for hours before needing to turn back. It is something she used to help her partner relax during their quest.

"So shall we get started ?" she asked, grinning. Link however raised his hand and point towards her large wings. This instantly had the fairy realize that wasn't done getting ready yet.

"Oh right the wings!" Navi exclaimed. She then closed her eyes and her wings dissipated, as she now looked like any ordinary person. All fairies could do this, but most of the time they needed wings to fly around because of their small size.

"Haha sorry about that! you know I can be a bit forgetful at times" she said rubbing the back of her neck with her hand. Then her lips curved into a flirtatious smirk as she opened her eyes. "But now we can get started, right ?." she said in a low voice.

Link returned her lascivious smile with his own more ,as he beckoned her to come closer. His fairy of course obeyed, taking a few steps, before sitting down on the sleeping mat beside him. The both of them had their heads turned facing each other as she placed her hands on his shoulder.

"Lay down Link, I'll take good care of you" she said reassuringly. The hero simply nodded and layed down on his stomach, giving his companion a good view of his back side. Nazi immediately began her work, as she was gently massaging his back, driving the fatigue away from his body.

Link let out a sigh of relief, as she rubbed the strong muscles on his back. Her hands working magic as they, moved from his backs, to his shoulder, the back of his neck and his bulky biceps.

This was a somewhat common thing for her to do ever since Link's quest began. The young hero was often tired from running around hyrule, fighting monsters and of course from going through those dungeons. So Navi gave him a nice massage to help him relax. but that wasn't the only thing she did to ease his pain.

The grin on her face unfaltering as continued to rub his back, as he was unwinding more and more. "Ok Link, now turn around" she said.

With a lazy huff the hero rolled on to his back, now giving her a good view of his front side. His fairy went back to her task, now massaging his chest, abdomen and stomach. Link closed his eyes, loving the feeling of her soft hands, kneading his hard muscles.

"That's right Link, let it all out" she said soothingly, admiring athletic figure while rubbing his strong body. "You've been working really hard, lately and you deserve some rest. especially after all that crap you had to go through in the water temple. "The Hero just leaned his head back and fully enjoyed the careful, attention she was giving him.

After a few more minutes of massaging, the hero's body was utterly relieved of stress and he was beginning to drowsy. Something his partner quickly caught on to, as she was tenderly stroked his torso, one hand slowly moving down towards his nether regions as it caressed his stony abs.

Link was aware of what was going on and made no effort to stop her. He knew that he was about to a good time as his Fairy's was going lower and lower, now very close to the waist band of his breeches. Without any warning she pulled his pants down, reveling his limp cock and leaving him completely naked.

"Come on Link, don't fall asleep now..." Navi said, taking a hold of him member, making opening his eyes and a groan of pleasure left his lips as she was started to his cock into hardness. "The fun part hasn't even started yet"

So she continued her jerk him off, her hand squeezing his manhood, while also moving up and down. Her other hand gently firmly grasping his hips. It didn't long from his erection to reach full-mast, which was a very impressive eight inches, larger than most other men.

The hero looked at his companion, who started back at him with a lustful glint in her beautiful emerald orbs and her lips curved into a sexy smile. She then leaned down, until her face was mere inch away from his loins. She placed a soft kiss on the head of his erection, only to pull a away a slight bit. "Well now that your master sword is unsheathed , I believe it's time to start."

With that she opened her mouth and inserted the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking on it gently. She then removed her hand she began to gradually take

Once his whole cock was inside her mouth and down her throat. She pursed her lips around it and her tongue licked his shaft with her tongue. The fairy then gripped his hips and began to move his member it in and out of her mouth at a slow pace. He reached down to grasped the back of her head, holding it gently as he was bucking his manhood into her mouth in tandem with her movements.

Navi closed her eyes as she moved her head, her pace increasing steadily. Link was breathing erratically as she was bobbing his member back and forth into her mouth. She squeezed her lips slightly, but made sure not to touch Link with her teeth as she sped up more and more. Link could feel the pleasure building as his fairy continued her oral stimulation.

As Time went on his companion kept on moving her mouth back and forth, sucking on his hard cock. She closed her eyes and all her concentration on the blowjob she was currently giving her partner, breathing through her nose to avoid suffocation. Link now panting lightly as Navi sucked on his meaty shaft, while her tongue was licking its underside.

Now the fairy was rapidly driving his hard cock into her mouth, at a significantly faster rate than before. Link was following her movements closely, bucking his cock into her mouth, as she continued to pump her head back and forth on it. Her grip tightened around his waist as she was thrusting his dick into her mouth, bobbing her head on it repeatedly.

Navi could also feel her herself getting more aroused as she continued her blowjob. Her body heating up and the slit between her legs getting warmer, wetter. Her pussy aching for his thick long cock to pentrate her like so many times before. at first she would have to finished what she started. So she kept on driving his cock in and out of her mouth.

She ignorned the feeling  of hottness in her nether region and continued to please her parthner. As soon as she was done with her oral stimulation, the sooner she could his solid member stuffed into her moist cunt. It was what motivated her to move faster and faster. Quickly she was bobbing her head up and down on his erection, as his hands held her in place and forced his dick into her her willing, suckling mouth.

For next few minutes her speed became more consistent after she increased her pace a bit more, moving her head up and down on his hard dick. Her mouth still sucking on his erection as her tongue was lapping at it at the same time in order to . As a result Link was gasping a little bit as euphoria was flooding his senses. His grip on her head tightened his cock was starting to pulsate within her .

Navi felt his member throbbing inside her mouth and in response sped up even more. She was bobbing her head up and down on his shaft as fast she could which was significantly faster than before. All while the increasing her suction on his erection as she continued to pump it into her mouth. Link was now grunting softly as his climax was approaching quickly.

Not Long afterwards Navi moved her lips up his cock, until only the tip of it was left in her mouth. A mere second later he let out a loud groan as his orgasm had finally arrived. His quivering cock shot it's load of hot jizz into her throat as she let out a content moan and drank it greedily. Enjoying its salty, savory flavor as his ejaculation continued.

The Fairy diligently took in his seed. Making sure to swallow every last, as her mouth still sucked on it to coax out ever last drop. Soon his orgasm ended as her tongue lapped at his solid cock to lick it clean. So she pulled his member out of her mouth and released her hold on his hips. In turn Link also let of her head and rested his arms at his sides as he laid back on the sleeping mat.

Navi sat up and saw him lying there exhausted. Panting tiredly and heaving with his eyes closed. But his dick was still hard as ever, as if he hadn't even orgasmed yet. The Fairy smiled when she saw.

"Well it seems like your not fully satisfied yet." She said in a low voice, catching Link's attending as opened his eyes he looked down at her. He saw her reaching back to undo her corset. As she beamed at him with the same seductive grin and lust in her green orb.

"Well it doesn't matter..." she said as her fingers carefully unlaced the strings that held her clothing together, as it slowly loosened around her. Only a few moments later she it was completely undone and she raised it over her head before throwing it aside. Leaving her utterly naked.

Link's eyes widened when he saw her voluptuous body. No matter how many times he saw her naked his fairy's nude figure always captivated him. Her large plump, yet perky breasts, her slim and well toned stomach, her hairless nether lips. It was a truly beautiful sight. Her smile widen at his reaction before she continued speak.

"It's time for the real fun to begin"

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