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Seven years ago, if you told me that my life would become anything than what it was before; I'd have called you stupid, insane even. I didn't know anything besides the North Yankton street gangs that littered this miserable town. I was only a kid at the time, doing small-time things; Being a little snitch, look out, you name it. When I killed my first person, another human being, just like me, it made me realize my future in life; A future with endless possibilities.

These thoughts swirled around  Collin's mind as he and his longtime pal, Gregory (Greg for short), were loading the van with the supplies and goods they'd need to send over to a neighboring town from North Yankton. The van they were using was a black, unmarked van, with small headlights spread on the front and top, for maximum lighting capabilities.

The thing was armored pretty damn well, extra plating covering the whole van. Collin looked over to the other two people who'd accompany them; Two bikers who were recent additions to the North Yankton Mafia. The Mafia formed before Collin was born, but he was soon thrown into it because of his situation, the mafia becoming his family....his only family. Collin walked over to the two people accompanying them to run down on the plan one more time.

"Alright, so, you guys know what we gotta do, right?" The two bikers looked at each other, helmets on, and nodded to each other, and to Collin, making him smile. They're not completely useless...good!  Heading back to Greg to load the rest of the items into the back of the van, they got ready to head out. What Collin and Greg didn't see was one of the bikers place something under the truck, heading back to their friend. The two female bikers raised their visors and looked at each other for a short time, before sliding them back down and revving their motorcycles up to be ready for the time when it comes.

'If only I knew...'

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