Soldier VS Spy

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“Radio communications”

Soldier VS Spy

Ch1: Pest Control

Year: 2184, Location: Omega, Primary docking bay

Omega. In the human language it was both the name of the last letter of the Greek alphabet and a euphemism for the end of all things and in the case of this particular cesspool was the last stop for a lot of lost souls. It was also a place that attracted the worst of the worst of both low and high class scum, and today a certain Spectre and his squad were here to do a little pest control.

Commander John Shepard, N7 Commando and Council Spectre, stepped off his ship, the SRC-class corvette SSV Sparrow, in full heavy Onyx Armour with the red N7 Honour Stripe along his right arm, packing a pair of M6 Carnifex heavy pistols on his hips, an M96 Mattock assault rifle and an M97 Viper sniper rifle on his upper back, and an N7 Crusader shotgun mounted to the small of his back, all modified to his specifications. He took in the unsavoury sights and sounds of Omega. The smell was that of decay and rot and seemed to violate his sinuses. Behind him two more marines stepped out of the airlock.

One of them was Lieutenant James Vega, an almost equally tall, but even more muscular man in heavy Onyx Armour. The other was a slightly shorter Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams, roughly five foot ten wearing the female version of heavy Onyx Armour. Both had assault rifles and heavy pistols on their back and left hips respectively, but Vega also carried a shotgun on the small of his back and a grenade launcher right next to his assault rifle while Williams carried a sniper rifle opposite her own assault rifle.

Williams nose wrinkled in distaste as the smell of Omega hit her sinuses. “Perhaps we should leave our helmets on?!”

James snorted in agreement, while Shepard merely shrugged. “You’ll get used to it.”

Moments later a small salarian in a badly tattered business suit came up to them from a side alley. “Welcome to Omega. You’re new here aren’t ya?! I can always tell! Allow me to show you around.”

Shepard’s eyes narrowed at the Salarian. “Get lost scavenger. We can find our own way!” said Shepard as he and his companions muscled their way past him.

An ugly sneer  crossed the salarian’s face as he drew a heavy pistol from behind his back, only for Shepard to snap around, draw his, and aim right between the salarian’s eyes. “Give me an excuse, please?” said Shepard and the salarian ran off in fright. “They never learn!”

The trio continued on into the station proper and the sights were not any better, in fact it just got worse. The Omega cityscape was the opposite of the Citadel’s. Dirty and decrepit with a dark red menacing glow about it. The trio continued on until they came to some sort of nightclub called Afterlife, a much cleaner place than either the Lieutenant or Gunnery Chief would have expected in a place like Omega. Above its neon pink sign a massive vertical holo-display was showing what Afterlife had to offer. Glamorous women, drinks and strippers to cater to most patrons tastes.

Shepard smiled slightly as he made his way up the short flight of steps where an elcor bouncer and a batarian doorman stood standing with a holo-pad. The batarian quickly noticed the trio bypass the line. “Halt! Get back in line, humans, or you’ll have to deal with my friend here!” the batarian sneered while the elcor moved forward with heavy thunderous steps.

Shepard’s eyes narrowed. “I’m on the guest list. The name’s Shepard, Spectre, with two plus!”

The batarian snorted as he made a show of looking over the guest list. “No it isn’t...” he gasped as Shepard gripped him by the lapels of his suit.

“Wrong answer. Check again!” Shepard growled.

The batarian finally recognised Shepard for who he was then checked the list again and waved off the elcor bouncer. “You’re right. Stand down. My mistake!”

The elcor grumbled slightly as he moved back to his spot by the door. “Annoyed resignation: Next time look closer before shooting your mouth off to a Spectre!”

The trio of humans entered the nightclub, and the change was immediate. The corridor into Afterlife was clean with holographic flames flowing over the curved ceiling and walls, casting a warm yet violent glow. At the end of the corridor the inner door opened up to a lively nightclub. It reminded Shepard of Chora’s Den back on the Citadel, only larger and the bar was situated at the three o’clock position along the wall from the main entrance with patrons swigging down various alcoholic drinks like it was water. In the centre was a raised circular stage with asari, female drell and human women dancing seductively to the heart pounding music around a series of poles. The asari and human dancers seemed to be competing to be the most seductive. A shaft covered in holograms was embedded in the centre with holograms of scantily clad asari, shaking their assets and dancing as if they were performing inside a glass cage.

“A million light years from Earth, and we walk into a sleazy nightclub filled with half naked women shaking their asses out on stage. I can’t tell if that’s funny or sad,” said Williams as she took in the sights.

“Maybe both, Gunny,” said Vega as he barely managed to keep his tongue in his mouth as he watched a particularly voluptuous asari shake her tits in his direction.

Shepard quickly stepped behind his subordinate and promptly slapped the younger marine on the back of his head. “Eyes front Lieutenant. Remember this is Omega and we are not on shore leave!”

The chastised Lieutenant nodded. “Aye sir.”

“I’ll be by the bar. Make sure he keeps his eyes on the job, Gunny,” said Shepard as he moved over to the bar.

“Don’t worry skipper. I’ll keep him in line!” said Williams with a slight smirk as she slapped her gloved hand on the almost mesmerized lieutenant’s shoulder.

Shepard quickly made his way over to the bar where a turian and a human were tending to it. He quickly took a vacant barstool close to the human, a young woman in a dark leather outfit who was twirling and throwing bottles of various forms of alcohol, much to the delight and awe of her drunken customers and the consternation of her turian co-worker. One was a blue rectangular bottle, human gin, the other was a simpler tall wine bottle and mixing a drink that he didn’t recognise. As soon as she was finished she came over to him with a friendly smile.

“What can I get you?” she asked.

Shepard leaned forward. “Batarian ale, uncut.”

She nodded and produced the ale, a green drink in a small glass, along with a small OSD shaped like a coaster. Shepard quickly paid her and pocketed the OSD before he drank down the ale in a single gulp and put the glass back down. He sat for a moment as he felt the alcohol burn delightfully down his throat. “The one good thing about the batarians. They make a mean ale!”

“Glad you appreciate our ale, human,” a gravelly voice said. Shepard turned around and saw the source of the voice. A big and mean batarian in heavy armour, with Aria’s symbol etched into his chest plate. “Aria wants to speak to you. I suggest you present yourself to her, now!”

Shepard let out a slight growl from the back of his throat. “I’ll present myself to her highness when I’m good and ready. Not before!”

“Then I suggest you get ready, fast. Things have a tendency to explode around you Shepard. You can’t blame Aria for wanting to know why you’re here,” said the batarian with a shrug.

Shepard groaned, but nodded back. “Give me a sec.” He put his right hand up against his ear. “I’m going to be a while. The Queen of Omega has summoned me. Don’t do anything foolish you two. Understood?”

“Understood Commander. We’ll just continue enjoying the scenery,” Vega responded from a nearby booth over the radio. Williams looked ready to strangle her superior.

Shepard then turned back to the batarian. “Lead on!”

The batarian led the commander to Aria’s balcony lounge which served as her throne room. As he approached he saw her watching over her domain like a queen, tall and proud wearing a white mini-jacket with a high collar over a skin tight leather outfit that revealed more than a little of her purple skin, a rare colour for an asari. Without turning she immediately noticed his presence. “Good day, Spectre. What brings you to my domain?”

“Just a slaver crew that thought they could do a slave grab in Alliance territory. We’re here to reclaim our people and make sure these slavers don’t get the chance to do it again!” said Shepard evenly. “Does that meet with your approval?”

Aria turned fully towards Commander Shepard and looked him over, her face deceptively neutral, before her lips twisted up into a tiny smile. “The slaver crew that took your people are not directly affiliated with Hotel Afterlife, though I have occasionally done business with them.” She nodded to one of her asari dancers who was shaking her ass next to her couch, a young and petite maiden who couldn’t be more than a century old. “Recently they have been more than a little aggressive with their merchandise. This one was half starved before I bought her six months ago.”

The maiden stiffened slightly at her story being heard, but quickly returned to dancing. Shepard looked her over with a critical eye. “So I see. Not bad for six months of good food and plenty of ‘exercise’.”

“She is a superb specimen,” Aria purred as she ran her hand along the maiden’s spine which made said maiden shiver. “I assume that OSD the bartender gave you has the information you need?”

Shepard tensed up slightly as his right hand drifted closer to one of his pistols, only for a turian guard to unfold an M6 Carnifex and pointed it at his head.

“Relax Shepard. I’ve got a good thing going with the SAI agent. She provides me intel on my rivals and gets to keep her cover as one of my bartenders. Plus she has taught me a thing or two about human drinks,” said Aria as she sipped a dark red drink from a wine glass. “Château Picard, 2150. I’m told it was a very good year.”

Shepard’s right eyebrow rose up at her comment. “I wouldn’t know. I’m more of a scotch and beer man myself. I need to get back to my ship!”

“How about you find yourself a nice girl to curl up to tonight. You look like you could use one,” replied Aria as Shepard left. Maybe I can provide one, she quietly mused as she enjoyed the dancer’s routine.

(((((((((Soldier VS Spy)))))))))

Location: Omega, Gozu district

Outside a decrepit old warehouse a pair of batarians in soiled brown medium armour stood guard at the tall front door large enough for a corvette to fly into. One of them was smoking a human cigar of all things, much to the disgust of his compatriot.

“How can you stand the stench of that human thing?” asked the non-smoker.

“You’ve obviously never tried a real Cuban cigar,” said the smoker as he took a deep drag of nicotine infused smoke into his lungs, then blew a stream of smoke into his companion’s face. “The one good thing the humans have provided the galaxy.”

The non-smoker coughed at the rancid smell. “Even most humans don’t smoke that shit anymore.”

“See you in hell, you batarian pendejo!” whispered a slightly smirking Lieutenant Vega as he let loose with his grenade launcher. Two high explosive shells zeroed in on the IR signature produced by the cigar and promptly eviscerated the two guards before they knew what hit them and blasted open the front door. “Alright boys, we’ve knocked on their front door. Now we await the welcoming committee.”

The batarians didn’t disappoint. First one batarian with a drawn assault rifle cautiously poked his nose out, then promptly jumped back as he took a few hits from a few assault rifle rounds. He reported back and almost immediately a fusillade of return fire came back at the Alliance Marines from the darkness.

Vega snarled as he switched from his grenade launcher to his assault rifle and returned fire. “Remember boys, don’t give them an inch!” he ordered as he sent a quick three-round burst into a batarian slaver’s skull.

(((((((((Soldier VS Spy)))))))))

In the meantime Shepard and Williams skulked around to the back of the warehouse. They quickly found a small back door guarded by a grumpy batarian who was chomping on a batarian cigarette. “Of all the times to be saddled with guarding the back door,” he grumbled as he listened to the sounds of combat emanating from the front door.

Shepard drew a carbon steel combat knife and near silently sidled up against the wall, sticking to the shadows and saving his tactical cloak for the last possible moment while Williams stayed much further back and provided cover with her sniper rifle, an M-97 Viper. As soon as he got a whiff of the batarian’s cigarette he quickly cloaked and moved in quietly. With cold efficiency he grabbed the guard by the head, covered his mouth and stabbed the blade of the knife straight into the soft tissue at the base of his skull, severing both the spinal column and the main artery that supplied blood to his brain and the body quickly and silently died.

Shepard waved Williams forward. She switched from her sniper rifle to an assault rifle, a standard issue M8 Avenger. She narrowed her eyes at the batarian and kicked the dead body for good measure. Shepard in the meantime worked on the door, a rather simple electronic lock which his omni-tool’s hacking programs easily bypassed. With a light click the door opened and the two Alliance Marines entered.

Like most of Omega’s old warehouses it was dark, dirty, and it had the worst kind of smell an old industrial facility could produce. They soon came to an open area, what used to be the main assembly floor, and what they saw chilled them to the bone. Large cages were suspended from the ceiling with heavy duty chains. Within them were dozens of humans of all ages with control collars around their necks with thin strands of wires poking into their heads. Most of them sported a number of bruises and whip marks, mostly to the body. However most of the younger women were relatively unmarked, but they were jittery. Twitching at times as they recovered from the multiple electric shocks the slavers put them through to break them.

It wasn’t long before the slaves noticed the newcomers. All of them were terrified, until both Shepard and Williams both put their weapons away and quietly took their helmets off. Hope rekindled in the eyes of the human slaves and one of the younger children was about to cry for joy, but Ashley quickly put her right index finger to her mouth in the universal gesture of ‘stay quiet’ and the little girl returned it with a shy little smile.

Shepard moved towards the central control console in the centre of the room. He quickly set up a link with the SSV Sparrow’s computer network. “Confirming comm. link with their control system.” said Tali’Zorah, a Quarian he picked up on the Citadel a year previous. “Such terrible encryption protocols. Should only take a few seconds to turn off the slave collars. Done.”

A low and short buzz sounded from the collars, signifying their deactivation. Only the pain killer functions were left working, otherwise the slaves would quickly be crying out in agony from the metal wires stuck in their skulls.

At the far end of the warehouse most of the batarian slaver crew was busy fighting the marines at their front door. The marines had pushed into the warehouse itself with Lieutenant Vega leading the way with his shotgun, an M-27 Scimitar with incendiary mode activated, blasting away at any slaver that was stupid enough to crawl out of cover, while the batarians fought back with pistols and assault rifles.

Both Shepard and Williams smirked as they crept up behind the slavers and both readied frag grenades. With a flip of the safety latches they both waited for one second then let the grenades fly. The second the grenades left their hands tiny airfoils flipped out and they sailed above the heads of the batarians. With a sadistic grin both Shepard and Williams detonated the grenades above the tightest concentrations of slavers. Both detonated with a combination of disruptor tech that overloaded shields and weapons and electrocuted any who were unshielded, and splinters of red hot metal shredded both their armour and bodies. Chaos erupted amongst the batarian ranks as both Shepard and Williams blasted away with assault rifle fire, catching the entire batarian slaver crew in a merciless crossfire. In seconds it was all over and only the humans stood standing over the dead and dying batarians.

Shepard then motioned for the rest of the marines forward. “Clear and secure the warehouse. See anymore batarians, shoot them. If you find slaves locked in cages, let them out and call for the medics. For now; let’s get these people out of here.”

(((((((((Soldier VS Spy)))))))))

Location: Omega, Lower Afterlife, a few hours later

It didn’t take long for Shepard and his marines to get the slaves freed from their slave collars and put them aboard a ship back to Alliance space. Right now it was a time for celebration and Shepard watched from a nearby booth as Vega and the marines drank the night away. He smiled as he pitched back a small glass of scotch, along with Ashley Williams who also drank a shot with him.

“That’s one,” said Ashley with a Cheshire grin on her face as she poured both of them a glass for each of them from a tall rectangular bottle with the Chivas Reguld brand printed on the front. “Let’s see if the big bad spectre can match a lowly gunnery sergeant drink for drink.”

Shepard merely raised an eyebrow as she brought her glass to her lips. He then raised his own and drank down the full contents of his own glass in a single gulp, much to Ashley’s chagrin. “If you’re going to trash talk, you’d better up your game, girl!”

Shepard poured them both another shot each and Ashley immediately downed it. “Hah. I’ve drunk under the table bigger guys than you!”

He accepted her challenge and took the next shot and promptly refilled it. “Be careful, princess. Don’t want you to break a nail.”

“Oh, you did not just say that,” said Ashley with more guts than sense as she took a firm grip of her glass.

“Afraid I did.” He raised his own glass and downed it in another burning gulp.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this!” Seconds later she followed suit. “Boom!” she exclaimed with a satisfied and slightly hazy look in her eyes.

Shepard once again refilled both their glasses, to the brim this time. “Let’s see if a Williams can truly hold her liquor, ‘cause I can do this all night long,” he said as he silently thanked the Alliance for his special anti-toxin mods they had him implanted with.

Ashley stared at her almost overflowing glass of scotch in her hand before she took a deep fortifying breath. “You may have to,” she said as she downed the contents of her glass and slipped back into the booth’s couch and promptly passed out, while Shepard calmly sipped at his own pace, happy that Williams’ liver hadn’t been modded like his had been.

“Game over,” he said with a smirk as he gently took away her glass and settled in for a long wait as Ashley slept off the scotch.

From across the nightclub floor a raven haired woman sitting on a barstool by a tall bar table was appraising the Spectre with a calculating eye. She had been watching him for some time and mentally reviewed his file again. Commander John Shepard, N7 Commando and the first human Spectre. Son of Hannah and Michael Shepard, raised mostly by his father as a spacer kid aboard the merchant vessel MSV Rules of Acquisition. Graduated at the top of his class from N-School. Led the defence of Elysium and earned the title ‘Lion of Elysium’, a rather pretentious title in her opinion. He later earned his N7 designation at the Battle of Torfan and the batarians bestowed upon him the title of the ‘Butcher of Torfan’. Not exactly an accurate title according to the Alliance after action report, though no surprise considering the losses the batarians suffered.

She took in the appearance of his drinking buddy and smirked a little. I see Williams can’t hold her liquor, but Shepard seems to be going strong. She sipped at her own drink, a lovely Chateau Merlot, then got up from her bar stool and approached his booth.

Shepard almost immediately noticed the vision of beauty heading towards his booth. She wore a skin tight white and black bodysuit and thigh high leather boots with high heels. She stood at roughly six foot tall, and her gait was that of a super model, but also that of a predator. An odd combination. As his eyes roamed her body he noticed that her bodysuit had no identifying tags, no mercenary symbols, so a custom outfit. Very expensive. She wore a small Mona Lisa type smile, but her striking blue eyes conveyed a cold hard edge that immediately put him on his guard. This was a woman you did not want to underestimate.

As she approached a batarian in a bad suit tried a very poor attempt at wooing her. A look of disgust flashed in her eyes and she told him to piss off. With more lust than sense the quad eyed bastard got a little more aggressive. In turn she lifted him up a little with a biotic lift and shoved him back into the bar with bone jarring force. She continued forward, once she was certain that her unwanted suitor wasn’t going to get up.

Shepard let slip a small smirk as she approached his booth. “I like your style.” He stood up a little unsteadily on purpose and reached out with his free left hand. “Commander Shepard of the SSV Sparrow.”

She smiled back as she accepted his hand. “Miranda Lawson. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She took a seat on his left, opposite Ashley who was beginning to stir. “Hey Commander, what exactly was in that... who is this?” she asked drunkenly.

Miranda looked over the inebriated marine with a critical eye and quickly found her wanting. “I see Alliance standards have gone down.”

“What’d you say?!” Ashley asked heatedly as she made to stand up, only to promptly fall back down on her ass and nearly fell off the couch.

Shepard waved over one of his marines who seemed to still be quite sober. “Take Williams back to the Sparrow. I think she’s had enough for tonight. Put her in my cabin!”

The marine nodded and helped Williams back on her feet, much to her protestation. “I’m fine Commander, I can make my way back on my own,” she said with a slightly drunken slur.

“I don’t think so. Take a nap in my cabin. It’ll do you some good to sleep it off in a real bed,” said Shepard with a no nonsense tone that even the drink addled mind of gunny Williams couldn’t ignore.

“Aye, aye sir,” said Ashley with as much military decorum as she could, though her attempt to stand at attention only made her almost loose her balance again. With a steadying hand she was helped out of Afterlife and out of sight.

Shepard’s gaze then turned towards his new guest. “So, what brings you here, miss Lawson?”

She leaned in a little closer and surreptitiously activated her omni-tool underneath the table. Moments later the spark of a short-circuited listening device sounded. “This should ensure us some privacy, at least for a little while. I believe we have a mutual acquaintance. An L2 biotic named Kaidan Alenko?”

Shepard immediately stiffened at that name and his right hand immediately went to his M6 Carnifex strapped to his right thigh. Just as quickly he felt something thin and pointed poke into his left side just underneath his ribs and in between the thin ceramic plates of his BDU shirt. A quick look immediately identified the item as a double edged stiletto knife and no doubt it was a mono-molecular pointed and edged, and the only identifying mark was the Cerberus logo etched into the metal.

“I should warn you that the last time Cerberus tried to recruit me I fed said recruiter to a hungry pack of vorcha,” said Shepard, much to Miranda’s slight amusement.

“Volker was an idiot and if you hadn’t killed him we would’ve ‘retired’ him, though I don’t think you had to dump fish sauce and sausages on him,” said Miranda with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Shepard merely shrugged. “I only wanted to make him a little more palatable, but if you don’t remove that dagger from my side in the next five seconds I will shoot you dead right here and now!”

“Only if your promise to hear me out. I’m not here to recruit you!”

Both the spy and the soldier stared into each other’s eyes. Neither were willing to back down and were willing to kill the other, but both knew it would be mutually assured destruction. “On three?” Shepard asked and Miranda nodded.

“1,” started Shepard.

“2,” Miranda reciprocated.

“3,” they both said and withdrew their respective weapons.

As soon as Miranda’s stiletto was safely back in its scabbard Shepard replaced his gun back fully into its holster. “Now, before I change my mind, how is our mutual friend?”

“He’s doing well. He’s become one of our better operatives, though most of the time he has been helping to train our own biotics. He’s even taught me a trick or two,” said Miranda as she leaned in close, making Shepard notice her scent, a faint floral smell mixed with her own unique sweat. “The reason I’m here is to warn you. Over the last few weeks we’ve been tracking a number of known batarian agents. The slaver crew that you just took out was one of those groups we traced a particular batarian agent to. Ka’hairal Balak.”

Shepard’s eyes narrowed. “I know that name. Wasn’t he the bastard that commanded the batarian forces on Torfan?”

Miranda nodded back. “The same. He’s currently out of favour with the batarian leadership, no doubt because of you. We believe that he’s planning something big, something to do with Terra Nova. He’s been using whatever political and financial capital he has left to fund and equip a rather large strike force, something that requires at least a frigate’s worth of troops.”

“Have you tried to get this to SAI?” Shepard asked.

“Of course we have, but you know how Intelligence works?! They need to verify the information first before they send it up the chain to fleet command who then sends someone to act on the information. By contacting you directly, an Alliance N7 Operative who is also a Council Spectre, we bypass much of the red tape and save more lives in the process.”

Shepard mulled over his options. “How well do you know Kaidan?”

She smiled at him. “Well enough to know that he likes Ferris Wheel rides.”

That made Shepard’s brow almost rise into his scalp. That’s our safe word for trusted individuals. If Kaidan trusts this woman I’m willing to go out on a limb for her. His eye roamed over her skin tight outfit. Doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes.

“Alright, I’m willing to look into this, but I need to see everything you have on this operation, right down to the last detail!” said Shepard.

For the first time during this conversation Miranda’s smile actually touched her eyes as she fished out a small OSD from a small pocket that Shepard didn’t see at first. “Here’s everything we know. I suggest you look it over in the morning, I think you deserve a little fun after today’s performance.”

With the slinky grace of a cat she stood up and walked away, with Shepard’s eyes locked onto her butt which just did not quit. He almost jumped out of his seat when he caught the scent of asari perfume, a very potent aphrodisiac for humans. His suspicions were rewarded with the sight of an athletic asari with a pale blue complexion and wearing a skimpy red dancers outfit.

“Complements of Hotel Afterlife, Commander,” the asari purred as she produced a clean glass and poured herself a good couple of fingers worth of his scotch and took a sip. “I am Kietse!”

Shepard smiled as he took another sip from his still half full glass as Kietse sat down next to him, giving him a good view of her cleavage that threatened to explode out of her too tight outfit. “Nice to know the queen appreciates good workmanship.”

He almost jumped once again as her hands began to wander up his trouser clad inner thighs. “Shall we go somewhere more private? The club has a set of private rooms for special guests,” she purred softly in his ear.

He let a broad smile show his teeth as he took in her beauty. “Lead on!” he ordered.

(((((((((Soldier VS Spy)))))))))

The private room that his asari pet led him to could best be described with one word. Red. The walls were painted a deep burgundy, the carpet was red and furry, and the bed was draped in a red bedspread. Kietse sauntered in and struck an alluring pose and Shepard smirked as he took in her full captivating body that was still in her skin tight outfit. She smirked back as she leaned up against a wall and began pawing at her breasts, making them jiggle which further strained her outfit to near breaking point, and Shepard’s iron will finally snapped.

In a few long strides Shepard crossed the room and began to kiss her senselessly as his hands wandered her body. Kietse was surprised by Shepard’s aggressiveness and was momentarily overwhelmed. She started to glow blue as she used her biotics to shred her outfit and push him away, revealing her full blue skinned glory. To his surprise Kietse’s breasts were larger than he thought. That outfit couldn’t have been very comfortable, especially for that rack of hers, he mused to himself as he licked his lips.

She reached up and stretched her body, revelling in the freedom her practically tortured breasts now felt, letting Shepard get a good look at them. They were definitely a fairly large D-cup with large areolas and hard nipples that seemed to be leaking along with her engorged azure as lines of moisture ran down her legs.

Shepard approached again, stripping off his shirt while Kietse kneeled down and took off his trousers. Once they were off she smiled at the large bulge in his boxers. “Lovely, good to know you live up to the legend.” She then took down his boxers and got smacked in the face by a solid seven inch dick for her trouble, smearing a solid dollop of pre-cum across her lips. Without thinking she licked her lips and got a good taste of it. “Mmhm, tasty,” she smirked up at him, which he returned.

“How about you put that mouth of yours to work!” he ordered. She teasingly licked around the head while cupping and gently massaging his ball sack. She began to lightly suck at the sensitive head which made Shepard go slightly weak in the knees. He took hold of her head and began to gently massage her head crest near the nape of the neck where a particularly sensitive nerve cluster is located. Kietse moaned in delight and took a good half of Shepard’s length into her mouth, making him moan in turn.

Shepard smiled down at Kietse who looked back with a mischievous look in her eyes. She took a deep breath through the nose and took his full length down her mouth and into her throat, causing him to moan in delight. “Oh Aria, you’ve picked a damned good one for me.”

From the shadows a purple skinned asari stepped out. “She is one of my best. I should know, I trained her.” Shepard instantly recognised the voice as being Aria’s.

“I wondered if I peaked you interest,” said Shepard cockily at her as he gently pulled Kietse off his cock, letting her gasp for air. “You gonna join us?”

She smirked back. “Not yet. I want to see your performance with my pet first. Maybe I’ll join you, but remember Omega’s one rule. Don’t fuck with Aria!”

“You want a show? I’ll give you one. Get back to work Kietse!” Shepard said as he reinserted his cock into Kietse’s mouth who swallowed it down eagerly. “Did she train on krogan? Her throat is delightfully responsive,” he asked.

Aria smirked at his question. “No, I trained her specifically to please interesting humans, mostly by having her meld with ‘experienced’ human women.”

“Then she’s learned well,” said Shepard as he began to move his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth and throat with greater force with each thrust. As he thrust harder and harder Kietse found it difficult to breathe through her nose as he thrust his pubic bone into her face. He quickly reached his limit and blasted Kietse’s face with a trio of long ropes across her panting face.

Kietse immediately began to lick up Shepard’s cum with a glassy look in her eyes while a still clothed Aria approached. “How does he taste?”

Kietse smiled back dreamily. “Taste him yourself,” she said as she offered up a cum covered finger to Aria.

Aria tentatively sniffed in the scent of Shepard’s cum and licked it up. Apparently she liked it as she lapped it up like a kitten with a bowl of cream. “You’ve passed the taste test. Now let’s see if you’ve got the stamina.” She immediately pounced on his slightly deflated and sensitive cock, surprising both him and Kietse with her eagerness. In almost no time at all fresh blood flowed into his previously spent member as Aria licked up the remnants of his previous eruption.

Shepard quickly got over his surprise and promptly took control. “If you think you’re in control here you’re sadly mistaken. Strip her!” he ordered as he kept Aria down on her knees with a tight grip on her head.

To Aria’s surprise Kietse obeyed. She carefully stripped off Aria’s white mini-jacket. She allowed Kietse only that one liberty before she fired off a pulse of biotic energy which pushed both Kietse and Shepard away from her. She then used stasis on both of them. “You stay put!” Aria stripped off her leather outfit slowly, revealing her own glorious, athletic, purple body, revelling in her captive audience’s undivided attention.

Aria then turned back to Shepard who had landed on the bed. “You are about to learn a very important lesson. You don’t fuck Aria, Aria fucks you!” She crawled up next to Shepard, who was still stasis locked. “I said I wanted to see if you had stamina, I did not say I wanted to be dominated.” Aria extended her arm towards Kietse and used her biotics to pull her towards the bed. “You see that both her tits and azure are leaking? You know what that signifies?”

“That she’s horny?” Shepard guessed.

“Not just horny. She’s just turned 350 years old and has hit the matron stage and her body is now yearning to breed. She was one of my best and most profitable maidens, but now that she’s become a matron it’s time for her to retire. I have chosen you as her stud.” Aria smiled devilishly as her fingernails enticingly ran over his cock and scrotum. “Do you find the proposition interesting?”

Shepard tried to turn his head, but the stasis held fast. “You mind cancelling the stasis, at least around my head?”

Aria nodded and a moment later Shepard’s head was free. He turned his head towards the still floating Kietse and saw the hungry and hopeful look in her eyes. He turned back to Aria, looking over her body with a hungry eye. “Is your purple butt part of the package?”

Aria smirked back. “Of course.” She released them both from stasis. “But not before Kietse gets bred.”

With an excited shriek Kietse jumped on the bed and sunk her wet azure on Shepard’s cock, shocking both as Shepard felt her tightness while Kietse gasped at his girth. Feeling him in her mouth and throat was very different to the fullness she felt in her azure. His cock scraped along every sensitive nerve cluster that lined the inside of her dark blue cunt as she raised herself up and down. She looked deeply into Shepard’s eyes as she uttered, “Embrace eternity!” and her eyes turned inky black.

All sensations were shared between the two and Kietse leaned down, getting as much body contact as she could with Shepard. Her mind and body delved into Shepard’s own, climaxing multiple times as genetic information flowed into Kietse’, triggering her eggs to drop into her womb and biotic energies to shape and meld the information she gathered from both herself and her mate. She could feel herself conceiving her child in her womb and climaxed hard, making Shepard explode within her, coating her azure in white human cum. As her climax subsided she broke the meld and rolled to the side with the biggest grin on her face.

“Thank you so much for this,” said Kietse as she kissed him on the cheek, panting as she leaned back.

Aria on the other hand wasn’t willing to wait for Shepard to recover on his own. Blue biotic fields flowed over Shepard’s body, electrifying his nerves and forcing fresh blood into his cock. “Now I want a piece of some human cock, and you Commander have impressed me. Let’s see how you handle a matriarch.”

Aria’s body was engulfed in blue biotic energies, making it seem like she was wreathed in blue fire as she lowered her mouth to Shepard’s cock, tasting both Kietse’s juices and his cum, becoming addicted to the combination as it hit her tongue.

Shepard fully reenergised by Aria’s biotic display decided to break Omega’s One Rule. “Let’s see how your ass feels like!” With that Shepard rose up and manhandled Aria onto all fours, making her butt stick up and present itself to him.

“But first some more lubrication.” Shepard inserted his cock into Aria’s azure first, making her gasp as the wind was knocked out of her lungs for a second, with him thrusting a few times before withdrawing completely and savagely entered her ass. The Queen of Omega shrieked as she felt the biggest intruder in three centuries invade her ass, making her eyes go cross eyed as she went through a series of climaxes she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“If you think this is going to be enough you’re gravely mistaken,” stated Aria as she squeezed Shepard’s dick hard, making him groan in pain.

“And you don’t have the tightest nor the strongest ass in the galaxy,” stated Shepard as he mauled her breasts with his hands, slapping and squeezing them hard.

Aria gritted her teeth as her eyes turned black and biotic energies swirled around both her and Shepard, melding their nervous systems together and Shepard shared everything she felt, including how it felt to lactate.

“Looks like Kietse is not the only one seeking a stud.” Shepard pulled out of her ass, yet kept himself wrapped up around her, maintaining the connection. “Is that what you want?” Shepard asked as he managed to manhandle Aria onto her back and laid himself over her.

Aria grabbed the sides of Shepard’s face and brought him nose to nose with her. “Yes!” She smashed her lips into his and slipped her tongue in as Shepard gripped his cock and aligned it with her azure and slipped in. He pumped in hard and pulled out slowly, repeating several times until both came, with Aria letting loose her biotics in a swirling miasma around them as she felt him cream buckets inside her, feeling her womb fill with white human spunk, coating the rapidly forming foetus, marking her as his.

“Imagine a newly matured matriarch taking a human as a mate,” Aria said with an exhausted smirk. “In twelve months I will have yet another daughter, and Kietse will have her first by the same man. Like mother, like daughter,” she whispered into his ear as both snuggled into Shepard’s sides and all three settled in for a long sleep.

(((((((((Soldier VS Spy)))))))))

Codex: Cerberus Dossier; Staff Commander John Shepard

Pre-service History

Born in 2150 Shepard grew up as a spacer kid on an independent merchant ship. Both parents were Alliance military, his father was a reservist and commanded the merchant ship MSV Rules of Acquisition. His mother continued her career and managed to reach the rank of Captain, commanding the SSV Orizaba by 2185. Shepard grew up on the Rules of Acquisition with his father, for the most part. He only saw his mother three months out of a year and even less when he joined the Alliance Military.

Service History                           

Shepard followed his parents footsteps, though instead of the Naval track he went for the Special Forces track and became one of the greatest N7 Navy Commandoes that ever graduated from the program. He had only been a month into his N6 portion of his career when the Skyllian Blitz in 2176 happened while he was on leave on Elysium. He rallied several marines and locals and held a vital strategic position until the Alliance managed to rout the pirates. His deeds earned him the title Lion of Elysium.

Two years later he was part of an infiltration team of several N6 squads on Torfan to disable the pirates ground-to-space cannons and GARDIAN defence towers. They succeeded, but were discovered before they could leave, and so dug in and held out for almost ten straight hours against hordes of pirates. When the Alliance forces finally managed to relieved them, all but Shepard and his commanding officer, Major Kyle, had perished and had reaped a terrible toll on the pirates, surrounded by the cooling corpses of various species of pirate, mostly batarians who had their heads blown off.

Once again Shepard was hailed as a hero by the Alliance, but to the batarians he is known as the Butcher of Torfan. Afterwards he was elevated to N7 and placed under the command of Captain David Anderson, who commanded the SSV Hastings, an Alliance frigate. He commanded the Hastings’ ground team. He eventually became Captain Anderson’s XO when he received command of the Normandy in 2183, and later was up for a position in the Spectres.

The mission to Eden Prime was the first of many missions together with Agent Nihlus Kryik and after a year of joint field ops which took them across the known galaxy Shepard became the first human Spectre, and has since been on several counter-ops against Cerberus, pirates and slavers.

He took part in the battle of the Citadel with Nihlus, C-Sec sniper Garrus Vakarian and the Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex. They fought their way from Zakera Ward to the Council where they encountered Saren, who was leading the Geth Heretics in their attack on the Citadel. He had been transformed into something between a cybernetic monster and a turian, indoctrinated into believing that by taking the Citadel he was paving the way for the rebirth of something he called the Reapers. A hard battle followed which saw the death of Nihlus at Saren’s hands followed by Saren’s after being paralyzed by a shotgun blast to the back and having a support beam land on top of his head.

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