Until Dawn: Revenge is the Best Medicine

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Disclaimer: I don't own Until Dawn or any of the characters in it. I make no money from the writing of this story.

Author's Note: I am writing this story because I would like to give our darling little psychopath, Josh, a happy ending. 

“Those fuckers…” the young man breathed heavily, looking around him then at the man who was responsible for his restoration. The shaman looked at Josh boldly, his eerie white eyes almost glowing in the darkness of the mine. There were scars on either side of the shaman’s mouth from how his lips had been stretched out beyond their normal limits. He had been a Wendigo and it was for that reason that he was able to heal Josh.

Josh stood up shakily, whispering to himself. “I’m gonna bathe in their fucking blood I’m gonna bathe in their fucking blood I’m gonna bathe in their fucking blood…” He said those words over and over to himself, completely ignoring the shaman. He started to walk away in the opposite direction, his hands going to his mouth. He still had the needle-like fangs and beginnings of sharp claws like a Wendigo but had never fully transformed into one. The shaman had seen cases like Josh—it meant that the person had an extremely strong will and had fought the spirit of the Wendigo by not consuming a lot of human flesh.

The shaman, who went by the very obvious name of White Eyes, called out to Josh. “Wait! There is a young lady who wishes to see you!”

Josh turned around slowly, making eye contact with the healer.

“To hell with her!” he shouted, then stalked away into the shadows.

White Eyes shrugged. He couldn’t force the young man to stay and meet the young lady if he didn’t want to.

Sam waited eagerly for the shaman just outside the mines, shivering in the cold. “Well? Did you find him? Did you heal him? Can I see him?”

“He left” White Eyes responded casually, walking past her into the woods.

“What do you mean, he left?! How do I even know that you healed him?!”

“So don’t believe me then” the shaman said, not bothering to glance back at her. It was starting to snow and Sam didn’t want to go in the mines by herself.

She got in front of White Eyes, stopping him forcefully with her hands. “Please, just swear that you healed him and take the money” she said desperately, pressing the briefcase into his hands. White Eyes moved around her, keeping his arms crossed over his chest.

“I told you I don’t want money” he said sharply, walking quickly away from her.

“Then why did you do it?!” Sam yelled at White Eyes in frustration. She wanted to believe that he had healed Josh yet he stubbornly refused to take the money. What motive did he have for healing someone that he didn’t know?

White Eyes stopped and walked back to Sam, holding the bizarre headdress that he had worn during Josh’s exorcism in his hands.

“I did it because of your perseverance… and because you love him…”

Sam flushed slightly, averting her eyes from the shaman’s. Just like his name implied, his eyes were completely devoid of irises and pupils.

“He’s just a friend…” she said, still not looking at the shaman. At this point, White Eyes was tired of talking to Sam so he just agreed with her denial.

“Okay, whatever, so you don’t love him. You have your motives and I have mine. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I would like to put this behind me.”

“Wait… I have to pay you somehow, I owe you for what you did. Why don’t you just take the money?”

White Eyes sighed deeply.

“The best thing you can do is to never talk to me again.”

And with that, White Eyes walked out of Sam’s life into the snow.








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