Tipping the Scales

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I don't know what came over me when I decided to call Paul out on his bullshit, but whatever it was certainly wasn't any force I was used to. He made some rude comment... as he often did. Normally I was guilty of just letting him throw out his opinion or rude comment then get over it, not saying anything in fear of pissing him off. But, this time around, I was pissed. Paul was notorious for throwing out crude remarks and had a bad habit of using derogatory terms related to homosexuality... but enough was enough.

My suspicions of him were passing but there. It was almost impossible to decipher whether his homophobic remarks were actually homophobia or just the tip of the iceberg on his slew of bitter vocabulary. I never thought I'd actually ever say anything to him about it, but I did. And that set a whole new problem in motion that I did not need. I set off the wrath of Paul.

It started when he walked in on me when my mother called. Her face was on the screen of my laptop as she explained to me that Gary had been trying to get ahold of me...not that I cared all that much. In honesty, that translated to 'denial'. I sat with my laptop in my lap while seated on top of my bed, talking to her. The whole time I groaned internally, I didn't want to hear from her about Gary. Not at all.

"Well Mom what do you want me to do? "I asked her, talking over webcam. "Him and I don't work anymore. I'm serious. We tried so many times."

"Honey, please. I'm sure you two could work things out. Gary really likes you! You were so happy, what happened?" she questioned, holding a hand to her face in a motherly manner. " Please call him. I know Gary's a strong willed young man but sometimes so are you...like right now! Don't hold that against him. You're being stubborn."

Breathing out my nose I raked my hair back and looked at her, holding in the annoyance itching to spill from my mouth. My mother meant well...sort of. She didn't know just how bad thing's had gotten. She didn't know at all. She only saw what she wanted to see.

"It's not that, Mom. Can we drop it? It's complicated and I really can't get in to it."

"Ash. I'm your mother."


Mom sighed and smiled despite the situation at hand before giving me that signature "Are you hiding something" look. She stared at me long and hard.

"Is there another man?"

"WHAT!" I yelped, the accusation not called for. "Mom! Come on!"

Waving her hand in surrender she giggled.

"Oh Honey, I'm teasing." she assured me as the door to my room opened, "Although. I wouldn't be surprised if you were holding out for that Paul fellow you're rooming with at that Poke Center! He's a looker ain't he?"

"Such flattery." A voice piped in, monotonely. "And what do I owe it?"

I balked in horror and my mom, being the person she is, just kept on as if nothing was wrong. Paul walked in, his usual brooding self with lips down-turned and eyes dark as coal. He was back so soon... and he was home a lot more than before. I could only assume he'd lost his job or something. Probably for being an asshole if my hunch was right.

"Oh, hello Paul! Was just telling Ash that his ex may have some competition." she told him cheerfully, as a joke "Poor Gary! I should tell him."


"Oh, hush. I'm just teasing you, Ash. You're all bent over nothing, again. Well, I'll be going. Bye bye, Sweetheart! I'll tell Gary to call you!"

Mom shut the conversation before I could reply and tell her not to have Gary call me. He'd just stopped blowing up my phone. I shut my laptop in absolute mortification and Paul just scoffed as I looked over wearily.

"Who's Gary?" He asked curiously, never having heard me mention the name. "Someone important?"

"My ex... he won't leave me alone. "

"He sound's desperate, has to be to have dated you. Better off without him. Desperate people are pathetic."

Paul breezed by casually, sitting on the side of his bed while facing me. He took out his pokedex and began looking through the old entries as if he hadn't just burned me deeply. Not bothering to look up, he spoke again.

"What? You two break up cuz you wouldn't put out your ass or something?

That was inaccurate and the farthest thing away from the root of the problem. I closed my laptop and set it aside, placing it on the nightstand before glaring at Paul who didn't even notice because he still hadn't looked up. Then I made my mistake. I retorted back at him. I set it in motion a big mess.

"You're such a dick, Dude"

Paul shrugged, not looking up. As if my insult had meant nothing at all he sat there unphased, just going through his dex still. Like my words just bounced right off of him. His cold front didn't budge.

"You clearly don't seem to have an issue with dicks so quit bitching." he retorted, boredom evident in his voice. "One more won't hurt. You're used to it. Clearly."

Something in me stirred and a sudden burst of confidence hit me. Pissed at the constant put downs, I didn't back down. In fact, I lashed out. And I never lashed out, ever.

"Honestly? Fuck you." I snapped. "I don't know what your problem is but you don't have to talk to me like that all the time. You're a jerk."

"And you're queer. Not that I'm surprised. Always knew." he shot back, calmly.

Almost uncaring, like he didn't even want to be part of the conversation anymore, Paul brushed me off.

"You really fit the bill. It's obvious."

"Takes one to know one."

That caught Paul's selective attention, quickly at that. His brows dropped and he scowled, my retort clearly bothering him. I'd gotten a reaction out of him but that wasn't a good thing. At all. I kept going, though. Like an idiot with no regards to his own wellbeing I just kept on talking.

"You're giving yourself away with that gay complex you have. You think I'm such a dumb ass but it's not hard to figure out what your problem is. You're a homophobe and my shit just hits too close to home for you, doesn't it?."

Paul's eyes lifted from his dex and he stared at me in warning. Snapping the device shut, he placed it on the nightstand and lifted a finger towards my face. He pointed at me, expression unwavering, and spoke lowly. That deep tenor he spoke it dropping lower than usual.

"You need to shut the fuck up, right now."

"What, I hit a nerve?" I barked, "I'm right, aren't I?"

"I said shut it!"

My pokedex started ringing and paused whatever I was going to spit back at Paul. Reaching in to my pocket, I retrieved it and answered the call without checking the caller ID first. Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself. Paul look insulted that I ignored him for my phone. He glared at me.


"Well how nice of you to finally answer, Ash"

"Shit...What do you want Gary?"

I'd made a very crucial error not checking to see who had called. In my defense, I wasn't expecting a call from Gary so soon after talking to my mother. He worked a bit faster than usual this time. I was aggravated and Paul just rubbed salt in my tearing wounds by speaking up.

"Just hang up." he commented. "You're wasting your time."

I looked up at Paul, ignoring what Gary had just said to me.

"Excuse me, Gary. Give me a sec." I told him before addressing Paul. "What's it to you if I talk to my ex?"

"Why bother? He sounds like a fucking loser, anyways."

"Why don't you mind your own business?"

Paul's brow set heavy over his dark eyes, his discontentment evident. I was almost shaken by it, or would have been had I not been pissed and pumping adrenaline. Gary "um"ed in confusion before commenting over the receiver and drawing my attention back to him.

"Ash, who the fuck is that?"

"Paul." I answered, as if that clarified anything. "It's just Paul."

"Is he your boyfriend now?"

Groaning in aggravation of all kinds, I corrected Gary. He would ask that. Of course he'd ask that. Of all the things to be concerned over, he asked whether I was dating Paul or not. It wasn't as if there were more important things to worry about. Of course not, not to Gary.

"No, Paul is not my boyfriend. He's a passive aggressive homophobe who needs to take a fucking chill pill and come out of the closet" I said, more to Paul than Gary. "He also so happens to be my roommate. Lucky me, right?"

Silence took over. My aggressive tone wasn't approved of by either Paul or Gary. Paul glared and Gary sighed, an unimpressed and annoyed sound.

"Is this a bad time? Should I call back?" Gary offered, begrudgingly. " I've been trying to get a hold of you. Just promise me you'll pick up and I'll let you go for now."

"No, you know what? Fine. I'll do you one better." I suggested. "Are you around?"


I left Paul to stew in his own anger and went to meet up with Gary. Paul was pissed when I announced it, since I claimed I was doing it to get away from him. He flipped me off with my exit and I returned it, shoving my hat on my head. I let the door slam. I never slammed doors.

Gary was waiting for me at a local shopping plaza, leaning against a shop wearing his usual black collared shirt and blue jeans. I could spot him from a mile away with his familiar spikey hair and outfit, not to mention he was ingrained in my mind. Like old scar tissue.

He spotted me as I walked up to him, eyes perking. Once I made it over to him he gave me a smile and stood up straight as I approached. I wasn't one hundred percent sure as to why I chose this as an escape route from Paul when there a million other things to do rather than meet up with him... but there I was. Gary's eyes twinkled at me like emeralds in the sunlight as he eyed me.

"Now there's a familiar face." He greeted me "If I didn't know any better I'd think you were avoiding me all this time."

"Well... I'm here" I mumbled, looking away. "Great timing too because my roommate is being an asshole. Didn't wanna hang around too much longer."

"You staying at the pokecenter down the road?" he questioned me, nodding towards the path I walked down from. "That one over there?"

I looked over my shoulder before nodding in affirmation.

"I see...well I'm staying with one of my grandfather's colleagues who's lab is nearby. They have a huge Pokémon reserve, I've been doing some research there."

"Oh, really? I didn't expect you to be around these parts...when did you...?"

"Well had you answered your phone months sooner I could have told you."

My interest was piqued when he mentioned Pokémon, which did not go unnoticed by him. Gary knew me very well, he knew what I liked. He offered to show me and I accepted because I was fucking stupid. The walk there wasn't very long, it wasn't very comfortable either. I knew Gary was eyeing me like a predator, his eyes raking over me whenever I walked slightly ahead.

I tried to keep back as subtly as possible but somehow Gary always managed to fall back... even with the long confident strides he takes. It was not the best walk I'd ever taken in my life but the laboratory came in to sight and Gary let me in, then he introduced me to his distant grandfather's colleague

According to the professor it was totally fine for me to explore the Pokemon reserve being that I was chaperoned...by Gary, of course. The land was huge and there was so much distance to cover that Gary got the keys to one of the jeeps so he could show me everything. He drove through a forest, pointing out the various Pokémon habitats. Of course, I was amazed. I was even more amazed when he drove deeper in to the forest where the trees towered over us, their trunks surrounding a large lake.

"That's huge!" I exclaimed, amazed by the sheer size of it.

It was giant a lake in the middle of the damn forest reserve.

"Does anything live in it?"

"Yeah, of course. Come on, I'll show you."

Gary proceeded to guide me to the edge of the lake where he kneeled down and splashed at the water gently. A group of poliwag rose to the water's surface and jumped in and out of the water. They swam up to his hand when he held it out open-palmed but the baby Poliwag nudged it confused.

"Why are they doing that?"

"They're looking for food. I usually give them treats when I come out here." Gary clarified and then pointed to the jeep. "It's open, go in the back and grab the brown bag for me."

I did as I was told and walked to the jeep. I opened the back door and lifted the window before searching for what Gary had asked for. Spotting it, I grabbed it and brought it back to him. He scooped a handful of pellets and offered them to the baby poliwags who in response practically swarmed his hand. Soon the food was gone and they dispersed, except for one. It peeked at Gary's empty hand sadly and squeaked in disappointment.

"I don't think he got any..." I thought out loud. "Poor little guy, hold on buddy. I've got you."

I plucked three pellets from the bag. Not realizing how close I was, I kneeled by Gary and offered the pellets to the poliwag. The baby poliwag took them and stuffed them in his cheeks before diving under the water with a plop. Ringlets formed at the water's surface where the pokemon dove under, gone in seconds.

"So much for a 'thank you'." I joked thoughtfully, amused at the pokemon's quick retreat. "Oh well. He was cute."

"I think you're cute."

The comment caught me off guard and I choked on my saliva from gasping as Gary moved towards me suddenly. Losing my coordination, I stumbled back and fell on the grass. My back hit the ground rendering me motionless and Gary took the opportunity to crawl over me, lowering his face near mine. He stole a kiss and I pushed him away, but he didn't stop there. His hand came down on my shoulder and held me there as he leant back down.

"We're outside!" I argued, trying to stop him. "Don't-"

"We're in the woods, Ash."

"On the reserve! Don't they come out here to check on the Pokémon?"

"The professor already did his rounds and the staff finished hours ago. Nobody is coming out here again for today."

Gary suckled on the skin of my jaw and I briefly accepted his answer before realizing there was bigger issue at hand. I pulled my face away from his suckling mouth, batting his hands off me. He was grabbing at me, feeling up and down flesh he'd been without for quite a while.

"Stop it! Quit touching me. We're broken up."

"Because of you, Dumbass. Quit playing hard to get and we can fix that right now." Gary ordered, still kissing and sucking my skin."I've missed you so much. Don't be a jerk."

Gary didn't give me the chance to respond back as he moved up to kiss my mouth. He trapped me to him and invaded my mouth with his tongue, exploring what he was once familiar with on a daily basis. His hand left my shoulder and reached under my shirt to rub at my stomach before reaching for my belt. He undid it with one hand and released my mouth to pull me free of its confines.

"We really need to stop." I urged him, covering my zipper as he tried undoing that as well. "This is going to stir up everything again. We can't keep doing this, Gary. I cant-"

He swatted my hand away from my zipper and undid it after unbuttoning my jeans. Near ripping them open with his eagerness he glued his eyes on my crotch. I argued with him and he didn't seem to hear anything I said.

"You're the one who keeps running away. Is there someone else or something? You dating that guy you were arguing with?"

"I already told you he isn't my boyfriend!" I snapped, struggling to wiggled away from him. "That's not the problem!"

"Then what's the problem? Do tell, because I don't see one."

"We can't-"

There was no point pleading my case because Gary got his way, as usual. When he wanted his way, he got his way. No matter how hard he had to fight for it he always got his way. He got his hand down my pants and grabbed me, not caring if I consented or not.

Of course, I was hard as he stroked me. There was no way to avoid that with Gary around. He was stunning, that I could never deny. Physical touch was still physical touch and my body had gone without for a while.

After freeing my erection from my underwear, he leant down and licked it the way he knew would drive me crazy. Like he'd blown me days prior, he knew exactly what to do. The flat of his tongue dragged over my tip before he wrapped his lips around the side of my shaft and sucked. His saliva was warm and wet, silky like his tongue.

All the resistance I had was gone as he salivated over me, working me up like a pro. He always did this, drawing me back in with sex. Making me feel good down below the waist to distract me from his flaws. Gary and I had a tendency to use sex as solution for everything, which wasn't healthy. Trying to be mature for once in my life I ended it with him with the intent being to not be involved in an unhealthy relationship.

But, as I had said, Gary always drew me back in with what broke us up to begin with. His selfishness. He was used to getting what he wanted and continued do just that without any care to the words coming out of my mouth... and that was the real problem.

He bobbed his head up and down on me, slobbering all the while. I realized that he was lubricating me to fuck him, hence the extra abundance of saliva. With the little resolve I had left, I tried one last time to stop him but instead of listening he plunged my dick deeper down his throat... and that was it.

"How are we going to do this?" I asked him, giving in. "How do you want it?"

He pulled off me with a victorious Cheshire grin. After he helped me up I was brought back to the jeep which was still unlocked. After opening the door with what nearly seemed like enough force to tear it off, he sat in the large open space in back. With his taunting smirk he removed his shirt and tossed off his shoes. I helped him out of his jeans before undressing myself the rest of the way.

He pawed at my chest, impatiently feeling me up and grabbing at me. I couldn't get to him quickly enough and he made that very clear as he licked up my chest. It wasn't a worshipping kind of gesture, more he was taking a big taste of me. Something he felt belonged to him. When I got my shirt off my arms he laid back with his legs splayed open giving me his demanding smolder. Hooking my arms under his legs, I pulled him so his rear was rested by the edge. I was trying to be gentle given the less than savory accommodations.

"Just give it to me." he ordered, not paying mind to my concern at all "Hurry up!"

I entered him with one swift thrust and began fucking him without mercy. He asked for it. Even between breakups his sense of authority remained completely intact, at times flaring like now. He had no problem taking what he wanted or demanding it. It wasn't right, but man was it hot at times. I really hated how hot it was because as I gave in to him, I paid the price for it. I always did. It would bite me in the ass later, surely.

Gary gasped and groaned as my movements rocked the jeep along with his body. He squeezed me tightly with his inner walls, the feeling bringing back memories of our previously shared intimacies. His body was tense and he held his hips up off the jeep because he wasn't prepared properly, his skin taunt around me. I knew I penetrated him too quickly but he asked for it. And he always got what he wanted

I was still mad from earlier and Gary just doused the flame with rancid gasoline. He gasped in discomfort with my movement and in the past I would have moved to adjust accordingly for him but that time I didn't. He was used to the rough sex, that's how he wanted it. But, after a time apart, his ass couldn't handle it like he used to. Not right away. I didn't ease up though, he wanted it so I gave it to him. He couldn't have his cake and eat it too. That being said, I paid no mind to his choppy gasps as I impaled him repeatedly.

"Shit! Ash-" he yelled, his body rocking with the jeep. "Ah!"

He was grasping for foundation with nothing to hold, my shoulders out of his reach as I purposely kept my torso leaned back. He eyes shut, sweat building across his face.

"That's so tight! Fuck!" He yelled, head thrown back. " Fuck!"

Over and over I slammed my hips in to him, feeling my peak approaching. I focused on anything but his face, which normally would have made him annoyed. He was too immersed in his own experience to notice I wasn't drowning in his presence. We weren't even done yet and I was already dreading the sick feeling that would probably eat me later.

"Where am I cumming?" I asked him. "I'm close, tell me now."

"On me!" he replied, his back arching his chest out like some God in the throughs of passion.. "I'm right there, keep going! Come on! Right there!"

Gary tightened his legs around me, tensing his body in preparation to orgasm. Pink filled his face as he took a loud breathy gasp, moaning before he came. His semen splashing over his stomach in a quick shot, shooting in a high arch. Before I was told, I pulled out quickly and stroked myself until cumming on him, adding to the puddle he made. He breathed heavily, now red in the face, before reaching over his head and grabbing an old towel.

He cleaned up his stomach and tossed me the towel. Catching it, I briefly met his eyes. They were hazy with afterglow but satisfied all the same. He smirked and I looked away to clean. I wanted to be anywhere else. I'd made a horrible choice. Both he and I knew it, I'd walked in to his trap again.

Afterwards, he pulled me down to him and rolled over to rest his head on my chest. It wasn't a snuggle, I laid there as something for him to rest his head on. He continued trying to catch his breath, myself as well. I couldn't help but be thankful for the orgasmic bliss, after the small splat with Paul I felt aggravated and tense. I still felt that way to some degree, but with the orgasm I was numb and calm. Even if it was only going to be temporary.

Gary arched his head up to kiss me on the mouth before resituating himself on my chest. I didn't bother trying to reciprocate the kiss. Gary pulled away right after. There was no point trying to kiss him.

"That was great." he whispered "I needed that."


Shortly after our romp we redressed and Gary offered to finish the tour like nothing had happened. I accepted, foggy with afterglow. Nightfall crept near so he drove us back before dark, but not without leaving his mark. Before I left he pulled me in to a deep kiss, promising to call later on in the night.

"Don't go running off on me, again." Were his parting words.

The walk back to the Poke center was quiet and my mind buzzed with miscellaneous thoughts. The high Gary left me with was there but dwindling. I hoped it would be strong enough that I'd be able to deal with Paul in a calm manner when I got back. I had no clue what I'd be walking in to.

None at all.


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