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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some kink and power play in this one. I see Neil as the aggressive type, sexually. I know he's actually gentle deep down but I can't shake the image from my head. As always, thanks for reading :)


"What's the safe word?" Niel asked Rio urgently.

He had her long blonde hair clenched in his hand as she was pressed against the wall, chest and side of her face firmly stuck against the solid surface.

" Safe word is 'enough', Neil."

Rio was working the crop fields under the scorching summer sun earlier on in the day. She was covered in sweat and dirt, her cut off jeans were dusty with sun dried mud and her hair was an oily mess. She had been completely unaware of Neil watching her work through the dining room window but wasn't surprised when she discovered he had been.

She finished her work in the fields becoming absolutely filthy in the process and then set her tools in the shed ready to go home for a shower. Upon entering through the front door she was ambushed by her scarlet eyed husband. Startled out of her wits she screamed and Neil grabbed her, pressing her against the wall where she was now.

"Go take a shower. Make it quick." Rio turned to obey but halted as Neil spoke again.

"Do not make me wait" he warned.

Neil took a seat on the bed, kicking his shoes off and tossing his trench coat on the dresser leaving him in a pair of rough denim jeans and a black wife beater. Rio slipped in to the bathroom wrestling the filthy work clothes off of herself. She turned the shower on urgently and rushed in before the water even warmed up, knowing she had about 2 and a half minutes to freshen up before Neil's voice boomed impatiently through the walls. This sadistic game of his never ceased to panic her senseless.

1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi. 5 Mississippi...

Rio counted in her head as she anxiously shampooed her hair, using the excess suds to wash her ears and neck. Reaching, she struggled to washer shoulder blades.

19 Mississippi, 20 Mississippi, 21 Mississippi, 22 Mississippi, 23 Mississippi...

Her hands were a chaotic frenzy as they soaped up her breasts and stomach washing away sweat and dirt that clung to her.

35 Mississippi, 36 Mississippi, 37 Mississippi, 38 Mississippi, 39 Mississippi...

Hastily she ran conditioner through her long hair and impatiently watched as the fragrant cream rinsed from her hair down the drain, eating up time.

56 Mississippi, 57 Mississippi, 58 Mississippi, 59 Mississippi, 60 Mississippi...

Heart pounding,she began to panic, restarting.

I have time, I just need to wash from the waist down! Rio continued counting as she ran her soapy hands between her soft cheeks and intimate lips.

12 Mississippi, 13 Mississippi, 14 Mississippi, 15 Mississippi, 16 Mississippi...

Soap was slathered on her muddy legs and she scrubbed until the stubborn earthy substance washed off her skin.

32 Mississippi

Rio slammed the faucet off and threw open the shower curtain, reaching for her towel. She sloppily towel dried her hair before running the towel over her body trying to dry off to the best of her ability.


Knocking over various objects on the sink she quickly brushed her teeth, then dropped the toothbrush in to the holder


Fumbling on the floor for her fallen deodorant she applied it liberally, swearing she heard Neil tapping his foot.

Raking her fingers through her damp hair she was done. Pulling the towel around herself she practically ran back to her bedroom. Her husband was sitting in the exact same spot. She looked at him, suddenly feeling very small as his stern eyes burned holes in to her. She subconsciously pulled the towel around herself tighter and the slight movement was caught by Neil's hawk-like eyes.

"Drop it. Now." he ordered.

Rio obeyed and let the material fall to the floor. Neil took in her freshly washed skin and licked his lips subtly. Seeing his wife work so hard outside always riled him up but watching as she scrambled to clean up because he demanded it was so much more satisfying. She stood in front of him with her hands behind her back, keeping eye contact with him, waiting for him to tell her what to do.

"Come here, sweetheart" he cooed coyly, sitting up straight patting his lap invitingly.

Rio moved quickly, straddling his lap with her legs splayed open. Wrapping her sunkissed arms around his neck, she made herself comfortable. Neil's rough fingertip ran down the side of her waist, causing Rio to take a deep breath in at the ticklish sensation. Leisurely squeezing her hips he leaned over pressing his mouth to hers lovingly before securing his fingers in her hair.

"Baby, I love you but playtime is over. You remember the safe word? "

Rio nodded silently, shivering in anticipation as the fingers in her hair tightened.

"Good. You only speak when spoken to and when spoken to you refer to me as 'Sir' ."

Neil pulled Rio's head back exposing her pulse point. Pressing his mouth to it he harshly sucked, then he pushed her backwards on to the bed. Standing he peeled his black wife beater off his body, exposing his taut stomach and left nipple ring to her. A large black tribal vine ran down his right shoulder tapering in to his pectorals and upper bicep.

Rio kneeled up on the bed, reaching for the button to his jeans. Neil smirked at her unbashful eagerness and allowed her to relieve him of his pants. His erection strained against the confines of his boxers and he groaned as Rio pushed them down, taking his cock in to her hot mouth.

Rio looked up at him as she bobbed her head back and forth, knowing that was exactly what he wanted. Neil held her head with both hands from his standing position by the bed and used the leverage to fuck her mouth how he pleased. Her hands rested on his hips as he took full control once more.

Hitting the back of her throat, Rio gagged and Neil pulled away. He nearly came at the thought of her struggling to fit his thickness down her throat. That was way too close. Propping her ass up, Neil gave her modest bottom 3 consecutive smacks, each harder than the last.

"No funny business" he chided, standing to pick his belt up off of the floor.

"Do not move a muscle" he demanded

Rio waited nervously, not knowing what was going on behind her. The sharp crack of a belt licked her upper thigh and it surprised her to the point she couldn't even articulate sound. Neil ran the leather over the small welt and tssked before swinging his arm back to strike her again with less pressure. This time a choked squeak made it's way past her lips and Neil dropped the belt to the floor, resting his hand on her sore flesh.

"Is there something you'd like to say?" he insinuated, waiting for her to signal the safe word.

Rio shook her head, remaining in position.

"N-no Sir" her voice trembled from the stinging she felt on her skin.

Neil chastly kissed the swollen welt and slipped his fingers in to his wife's slippery entrance. Despite the pain, she was immensely aroused. Urging her to stay still he pressed down on her should keeping her ass propped in the air and continued playing with Rio's aching pussy. He pulled his fingers out to tease her clitoris and watched as she squirmed, signaling her frustration.

Neil plunged 3 fingers in to her, arching them to press in to her G-spot before quickly withdrawing them. He ordered her to get on her back and spread her knees. Kneeling by her heals he placed her hand on the apex of her own thighs, clearly signaling to what he wanted her to do.

Rio obediently brought her fingers to the space between her thighs and sought out her sensitive pearl, massaging it as Neil watched her. Stroking himself, he slowly began to lose his patience. He loved watching Rio play with herself but he was going to burst.

Wrenching her hand away Neil climbed on top of her and penetrated her with one deep thrust. Her walls tightened on his shaft from the sudden intrusion and Neil would've lost his seed had he not braced himself. Pounding relentlessly in to her, Rio's nails clawed at his back as she neared the edge. Lifting her legs to rest on his shoulders he fucked her deeply , swirling her small pink pearl with his fingertips until she came shuddering on him.

Neil's orgasm ripped through him powerfully and he clenched the sheets by Rio's head as his arms nearly gave out on him. Breathing heavily he stared down at the woman beneath him who looked like she could really use a nap. She was under his control.

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