Late Night Swim

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FlowerBud Village was too warm for her liking, the summer being brutal. Nearly midnight and the air was still heavy and humid.

"Fuck the countryside. Seriously?"

She had a fan set up in her bedroom but it offered nearly no relief to the farmer currently sweating through her sundress. It was a light breathable blue cotton dress and weighed down on her skin like insulation because it was just too hot.. The dress had string straps and just barely reached halfway down her thighs, a garment which would offer comfort during normal circumstances. A set of skimpy of panties was all she wore underneath but she was still dying.

She vaguely wondered how her boyfriend was holding up at the Carpentry Shop, he was known for being silly and cheerful but lately he had his moments where he was just as irritable as she was this summer. The heat wave passing through the village was disgusting . More often than not her boyfriend, Joe, spent his time off at the beach swimming to cool off. So Tina decided that he was on to something and a late night swim was in order.

Putting on a pair of flip flops, she left her house with nothing but the dress she was wearing. Confident no one was out at such a late hour she had no worries of being seen due to village being old fashioned in some degrees.. Stepping outside, the humidity hit her like a brick wall and Tina could have screamed from pure agony. The walk to the beach was very short being that her farm was on the plot of land by the sea. She made her way behind the rough bumpy boulder that sat on the shore and kicked her flip flops in to the dry sand. She pulled her dress off and placed it next to her shoes folded up in to a small pile.

The relief she felt when she waded in to the cool water was fantastic, the surface of the water splashed against the underside of her breasts and in that moment she truly believed in a higher power. Finally some relief. She dove underneath and came back up for air seconds later, wiping her sopping wet hair away from her face.

Her breasts were just barely covered by the deep blue water and her shoulder length hair was slicked back dripping down her back. How nice being alone and submerged in the ocean felt, free of any clothes... but a low whistle came from behind her and the color drained from her face as she realized someone was watching her. Wrapping her arms around herself she whipped her head turning towards the shore. And there sat Joe on top of the Boulder in just a pair of cargo shorts.

"Out for a late night swim are we?" Joe teased from his place on the Boulder, leaning backwards on his palms. "Thought I was the only one"

Laughing at his girlfriend's stunned silence he just continued.

"Nice bathing suit by the way" he a called down teasingly, relishing in the embarrassment she clearly felt from getting caught.

"YOU JACKASS" she yelled back before quickly covered her mouth, It was past midnight and she was screaming. NICE.

Joe slid down off the Boulder and walked over to where Tina's dress was lying in the sand, dropping his shorts down next to Tina's clothes. Her face suddenly regained circulation and turned bright red. He wasn't wearing underwear.

She turned her back to him, ready to scold him but there was a loud splash then she realized that he had dove into the water and was swimming towards her. His head emerged from the water and planted a kiss on her mouth. She pulled away from him, tightening her arms around her bare breasts.

"Joe! You're NAKED. " Tina squeaked and Joe just gawked.

"Babe..." he said, gesturing towards her and Tina sunk in to the water until the surface reached her collarbone.

"I have underwear on!" she sputtered. "I'm not naked."

He reached under the water and lifted Tina by the waist in to him, her breasts pressed up against him.

"You consider this underwear?" he asked coyly while tugging on the fabric between her cheeks. "String doesn't quite cut it...but damn if I'm gonna complain."

Tina pushed herself off of his chest and splashed water at him.

"Now is not the time for this!" she told him, embarrassed deeply. She really just wanted to cool off, that's all she wanted tonight but here she was caught skinny dipping.

Joe just began to creep towards her and she couldn't have gotten away even if she tried. Before she knew it he had picked her up and was carrying her to the Boulder by the shore, hiding their bare bodies. Tina was roughly kissed and pressed up against the cold surface, her legs wrapped around Joe's waist. He reached down between her thighs and ran his fingers over the drenched material clinging to her pelvis, dirty thoughts running through his mind.

Her breath hitched and she was scared, knowing the risque nature of their behavior. Taking part in public nudity was bad enough, the indecency didn't need to escalate any further. Granted no one was probably out but that's what she had told herself before she got put in this situation.

"Let's just go back to my house" she suggested to him as his finger crept beneath the fabric of the thong she was wearing.

Joe put her down but not for the reason she expected. She went to move and retrieve her dress but Joe pushed her up against the cool surface of the Boulder and pulled the underwear down her legs. Lifting her back up again he bumped the slippery head of his penis against her wet folds.

"We can go back to my house-"

"For what? Us to get all heated inside that little room of yours?" Joe spoke lowly against her neck. "I like it right here, don't you?"

Tina wanted him, but not there. They were in public and the idea of it left her uneasy and paranoid. Her legs were kept spread by Joe's torso as he held her propped up off the ground. Using his body weight to keep her pinned to the Boulder, he held one thigh while his other hand grasped his own erection. Using the smooth bulbous tip of his erection to stimulate her clitoris, he teased her knowing it'd be moments before her entrance became slick with arousal.

"We really should stop..." she protested, moaning softly as her boyfriend slipped his tip around her pearl before gliding it to her entrance and returning back to the sensitive nub. "We can't do this here."

" Goody two shoes" he taunted huskily, thrusting in to her.

He grunted and picked up pace when Tina's fingers tightened in his long shaggy hair, tugging the brunette strands while her core was pillaged. She couldn't rustle it enough as she gasped and breathed choppily, something about him without his goofy bandana peaking her attraction to him.

Her shapely bottom bumped and grinded in to the surface of the Boulder behind her, making her whine under her breath and cling closer to Joe. Sliding his hands down to her cheeks, he held her by the bum to provide a barrier between her and the uncomfortable surface. His fingers squeezed the pilowly flesh there while he rhythmically bounced her up and down.

Her pelvic muscles squeezed, tightening as she built up to her orgasm. Trying her best to stay quiet, all that escaped her mouth were heavy pants and light whimpers. The sounds were encouraging to Joe as he neared his orgasm with her. Her body jerked and she tightened her thighs around him, waves of pleasurable feelings making their way through her center. In her post orgasmic high all her senses could register were the crashing waves behind them, and Joe's wet skin pressed against her.

Joe released as Tina came back and she rested her forehead against Joe's. Her heart was pounding against her ribcage as she regained her senses after coming down from her orgasm. Sucking air in to her lungs, she loosened her grip on Joe's hair. He lifted his head from Tina's, smirking contently at her now lax muscles, and pressed a kiss to her forehead above her browbone.

Tina released Joe's hair from her fingers and rested her arms loosely around his damp neck, a mixture of sea water and perspiration slick across their bodies. Lifting her eyes to meet his, she wasn't at all surprised when she caught Joe's smug expression. Rolling her eyes she playfully pushed against his shoulders, signaling she was ready to be put back down on her feet.

Joe complied to her wish, letting her feet touch the sand.. He tugged on his cargo shorts and she immediately sought out her cotton dress that rested in the sand by her flip flops. Bending over she grabbed for the dress and slipped in to it, the material sticking to her wet skin. Slipping on her flip flops she turned to bid her boyfriend a good night.

"So that was great and all but I have work in the morning so I'll see you later" She said in an effort to get back home to bed but Joe just smirked suspiciously as she attempted to give him a goodnight kiss.

"Forgetting something?"

Tina just looked at him confused. She hadn't brought anything with her to the beach. Joe leaned against the Boulder and Tina knew he was up to something. It was nearly 1 in the morning and she had work to do soon, she didn't have the time to play around. Annoyed she just pointed a skeptical glance at Joe who in response held up her thong, swinging it around his index finger teasingly.

"Maybe I should drop this off at the Mayor's house. I'm sure this little "bathing suit" of yours being found in the community lost and found box would give old Theodore quite the nose bleed" Joe chuckled. "Boy do I know how that goes."

Tina tried reaching for it but Joe held it out of her reach, enjoying her agitated expression as she frantically tried to take it from him, but he refused to let her have it.

"Joe, I swear! Give me back my panties!"

Joe dodged the swipe she made for the underwear but Tina caught him off guard as she tackled him in to the sand, sitting on his lower abdomen ...bare. Due to being shirtless Tina's bare ass and pussy were directly planted on his skin. Her dress rode up in the struggle and Joe just made it worse, continuing to harass his girlfriend.

Another reach for her stolen undergarments was sabotaged as Joe held the wanted article of clothing away over his head as Tina struggled, one arm propped on his shoulder while the other reached for the unattainable item. Joe had actually planned on giving her back the underwear after he fell to the ground, but the compromising situation they were in was just too good to pass up. Every attempted reach of Tina's rubbed her bare crotch against his skin, and it was marvelous. The jerked movements from her struggled swipes, her bouncing breasts barely covered by the thin material of her dress clinging to her wet skin, it was quite the site.

Tina's hand slipped from underneath her and she tumbled forward with her chest landing on Joe's face. Momentarily stubbed by the warm cleavage in his face, the grip he had on her underwear relaxed. Tina took the opportunity to take them and held her panties up victoriously.

"Hell yeah! What now!?" Tina boasted, fist bumping the air.

Joe regained his senses and stood up, watching his girlfriend fall backwards, legs splayed open comically.

"Wow Babe, you should really put on some panties, So lewd and indecent. In public too, tssk." he chided while a lecherous grin donned his face, eyes pointed between Tina's legs.

Tina's face turned red and her thighs clamped shut so swiftly that the movement made a loud wet clap sound.

"Shut up!"

Joe burst in to laughter and Tina tossed her flip flop at him.

"Seriously dude! Shut up! It's like the ass crack of dawn." she hissed, cheeks still flushed.

Bending down he took her ankle in his hands and lifted the pale skin to his lips, then proceeding to slip the flimsy sandal back on her small foot. He helped Tina to her feet and pulled her close, hands on her wrists.

"I'm just teasing you, shh" he murmured, smiling softly down at her.

Tina pecked him on the nose in forgiveness and pulled her hands free, urging him towards her house. Joe followed her through the grassy field that led up to her little home and she insisted he come inside. They entered the house and Tina left her flip flops by the door and then approached the little bathroom in her home. Investing her funds in crops and livestock left little for luxuries such as house renovations.

Of course Joe followed her in to the bathroom. Tossing her balled up underwear in the laundry bin she pulled the dress off her body and binned it along with her underwear. She turned the shower on and pulled the curtain open, stepping inside as the cool water began to flow. Joe's heavy cargo pants dropped and he stepped in behind her.

"This is nice" he commented, looking down at Tina as she tilted her head back to wash her hair. "I could have showered at home though, it's right across the way."

"Get out then" Tina suggested, sticking her tongue out knowing Joe wouldn't.

Tina rinsed her shampooed hair and Joe watched as the suds ran down the side of her neck to the slopes of her breasts, dripping. His shower didn't have her in it. He brought his hands to the suds and massaged them in to her skin. Tina relaxed in to the sweet gesture and reached for a wash cloth soaping it up. Pulling away she washed herself and gestured to the bottle of soap behind her, Joe got the hint and washed the sweat and sand off himself.

"So much sand, geez." He observed.

The sand from both their bodies rinsed off on to the shower floor, collecting at the drain. Tina rinsed herself off thoroughly and then switched spots with Joe so he could do the same. Tina moved to ring the remaining water from the soapy cloth but Joe took it from her, cornering her in to the wall of the shower away from the flowing water. Her back hit the cold tile and she gasped.


"I think you missed a spot"

He swiftly brought the soapy cloth to the apex of her thighs and ran the sudsy material across her smooth mound, cupping her in his large palm. Another startled intake of air was sucked in to her lungs and Joe steadily massaged the delicate lips with the washcloth. Bringing his mouth to the base of her neck he sucked gently and dropped the cloth by their feet.

"While we're up..." He trailed off, knowing Tina was miffed about the hour.

His index finger creeped between her swollen labia and slipped in to her still wet entrance, resting his thumb on her pulsing clitoris. Slowly he began to move his fingers, now resting his head on the tile above her, listening to her breathe. Tina's legs began to quiver as she became more aroused, her body already warmed up, and Joe quickened the pace.

The way his thumb caught between the hood of clitoris and the sensitive surface beneath left her squirming from the direct stimulation. Breathing heavily, she attempted to move his hands but he didn't budge.

"Joe...s-stop. I'm too close"

"Maybe I like it that way."

Pulling his right hand away he firmly took her chin in his left and kissed her, unintentionally pressing his erection in to her thigh. Joe abruptly dropped to his knees and spread her thighs, lifting one leg to rest on his chiseled shoulder. Before Tina could argue, he dove for the pink pearl in his line of view, suckling it with his lips. Releasing with a soft pop, he dragged the flat of his tongue across it and felt the familiar tugging of frantic fingers on his scalp. She was close with no way to stop it..

Joe sucked, pulling on the fleshy bit before burying his face between her legs and licking quickly. His tongue darted around, hitting everywhere that left her yelping and sighing In pleasure.

"A-ah! I'm right there, don't stop" she begged, her voice rising in octave when his tongue slid in to her.

He really didn't need to be told twice. Grabbing her rear end, he pressed her in to his frenzied mouth, working her until she reached climax. Had Joe not held on to her so tightly she surely would have slipped in the wake of her orgasm. Tina's breathing came in labored pants, Joe stood to wipe his mouth and turn off the water pulling his now lightheaded woman out of the shower with o regard to if she was done cleaning up or not.

After being hastily toweled off, Tina was hurried to her bedroom and tossed on the bedspread. Still out of breath she crawled back towards the headboard to sit up and catch her breath but Joe caught her ankle and dragged her back to the edge of the small mattress, flipping her on to her stomach. Ass propped in the air, Tina felt at his mercy and far more vulnerable than what she was used to.


He gave her round bottom a playful smack and almost snorted at the surprised squeal that came from Tina. He did it again, aroused at the cry Tina gave. He held both her cheeks In his hands, squeezing and jiggling them to and frough. He kissed the pinkened cheek and kiss before thrusting in to her still wet entrance from behind.

Fingers clenching the sheets, Tina's hips pressed back against Joe's, enjoying the deep

penetration. Tina gasped loudly as Joe pulled out and yelped as he pulled her back on to his hardness repeatedly with increasing vigor. He was going to finish if she kept yelping like that and he didn't want to do so without finishing her off first.

He pressed her down by the center of her shoulder blades and rammed in to G spot, jaw clenched with strain. He was almost there and knew his girlfriend wasn't far behind him. Face pressed in to the bed Tina came, body convulsing from the sensations traveling through her. The strong fluttering of muscles around his dick triggered Joe's release and he came inside her.

Pulling out, he laid down and pulled Tina to lay on him. Looking over at the clock he groaned. 2: 13 AM.

"You need a bigger house. This bed is too small" he grumbled.

Tina swatted his forehead and giggled sleepily.

"Well I can't afford to upgrade it yet. Besides it's not like you sleep here. We're not married." she retorted, becoming embarrassed as she realized how that may have sounded

"We could be"


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