Tender Aches

BY : RandomJaz
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No sound could be heard after Rod yelled from the front counter. Glancing at the clock Rod double checked to make sure he was in fact on time. Upon glance, the clock said twelve o' clock. Satisfied, Rod anticipated Allen.

Allen, who had been the one to invite Rod over, had complained days prior that they hadn't hung out in a while due to their work loads. In efforts to correct that he insisted Rod come at noon for a haircut since he needed one... but that couldn't happen without Allen actually there. The clock showed it was now noon five past, so where was Allen?

Rod stretched, trying to crack his sore knees. The horses were giving him a run for his money this week, part of taking care of them was riding them for exercise and that proved to be strenuous when having multiple. Pets, how he loved them. His knee had seen better days, however.

"ALLEN!" Rod proceeded to yell for his best friend, ringing the service bell obnoxiously.

The sound rang out unnecessarily loud, followed by his voice.


"I'm gone for two fucking minutes."

The front door opened and in came Allen from outside, a large paper bag in his arms. He came in and breezed past Rod as he walked in. With his attention drawn to the bags of course Rod tried peering in to them out of curiosity. Allen pulled it out of Rod's reach and headed towards the stairs nonchalantly.

"Nosey." Allen scolded, light heartedly. "I'll be right back. Stay put for a minute."

Rod blinked but said nothing. His lack of response was enough for Allen who just went upstairs without saying anything else. Minutes ticked on and Rod waited patiently, not hearing the sound of scuffling up on the second floor. About fifteen minutes passed but Allen had yet to return. Leaning on the counter to try and alleviate some of the pressure on his knee, Rod rested his chin on his palm. His eyes slid over to the bell again, his fingers twitching mischievously. But, before he could ding it, a voice startled him.

"Ring that bell again and I'm shoving it up your backside."

Rod laughed off the threat and stood back up straight.

"I didn't know you were out earlier, sorry. Thought you were upstairs."

"Just had to grab some stuff from the store" Allen told him. "But, if you thought I was upstairs why not just come up and get me like a normal person instead of wailing like some house wife from all the way down here?"

Rod raised his shoulders indifferently, giving his friend an "I don't know" expression. Allen took it in and just shook his head as if it were totally normal behavior for Rod to do something silly, which it actually was.

"Simpleton." Allen called him jokingly. "Too lazy to go check."

"For your information my knees hurt. The horses have been a lot this week..."

"Take it easy on yourself, Rod. Animals are a lot of work but there's no point hurting your body over them. I swear you don't know how to prioritize sometimes, like a child if anything. But moving on, let's get that hair fixed. I can't stand to look at it anymore."

Nodding in the direction of the salon chair, Allen ushered his friend over. He spun the chair for Rod to sit down in then patted the seat invitingly. Plopping himself down, Rod made himself comfortable whilst Allen snuggly fastened a cape around him. Allen twirled his comb expertly before looking at Rod's orange head of hair.

Sapphire blue eyes peering through prescription lenses, the redhaired young man was not impressed what so ever. Exasperated at the mess Rod had allowed himself to become, Allen could only bring himself to scoff. He had nothing nice to say. The once short orange spikes were now too long and falling slightly, looking disheveled and messy. Layers out of line and nothing looking right.

"So, what are we doing here?" Allen asked the coppery haired male. "Your hair is getting unruly. It's a fucking mess, Rod."

"Uh...I don't know, actually. I just know it's time for a trim..."

Allen nodded, almost solemnly.

"That it is." Allen agreed. "I'll just clean you up then. We can go from there if you change your mind."

Allen sprayed down Rod's hair and combed it straight before snipping away at his uneven, wispy ends. The opening and closing of the handheld blades clicked softly as Allen began his work. The two stayed quiet, comfortably of course. Rod didn't have much to say, nothing new came in to his shop as of late. Nor did any new people. So instead of chatting aimlessly about nothing, he chose to let his friend work in peace. Of course Allen didn't mind his friend's happy chatter, so long as it was in moderation. Nonetheless, Rod still stayed quiet.

"So, I saw Rachel saunter up to you with some Lasagna the other day." Allen mentioned, breaking the silence. "What was that about?"

"Oh, you saw that? It was nothing. She said she'd made too much or something...told me to take some off her hands or whatever." Rod explained, thinking back on the day where Rachel presented him with a plate of his favorite food while at work. "It was nice she gave me some."

Rachel was nice to him, not that Rod paid any special mind to it. He, himself, was friendly so it made sense that friendly people attracted other friendly people. Overgrown locks of hair were snipped off, falling to the floor. Allen looked down his nose past his glasses as he focused on the task at hand.

Rod stole glances at Allen through the reflection in the mirror and couldn't help but wonder how his best friend always looked so well put together. His ruby hair lay sleek down his face, his eyebrows always perfect along with his outfits yet Rod couldn't be bothered. If his best friend wasn't a beautician, he'd be screwed.

"Well well, isn't she nice?"

The tone of voice from Allen was one he often used with others, but not with him. Unimpressed and undeniably so. His childhood friend wasn't like that to him, not so harshly. Allen had a reputation for giving backhanded compliments to people, being impossible to impress as well as just sounding painfully disinterested at near everything that didn't involve himself. Even so, that didn't carry over to their personal interactions, at least not so obviously. It struck Rod as weird but he let it go, assuming Allen was tired or something. Or maybe he just interpreted it wrong?

"I guess? I don't know." Rod replied, shrugging. "The lasagna was kind of bland, it was the thought that counted. It was a letdown though since it's my favorite dish. I like it a certain way."

Rod peeked up at Allen's reflection from under his bangs as he spoke, Allen working away. If he was honest with himself, Allen was stunning. Rod's eyes widened as he realized what he had just thought, shaking it off mentally he looked back down at his lap. Choosing to ignore the intrusive thought he dismissed it. Allen was his friend, there was no need for that. He didn't feel anything towards the other. Allen just happened to be very handsome for a male. Meanwhile Allen continued snipping away at his hair, combing the layers and fixing them.

"I make pretty good lasagna, I didn't know it was your absolute favorite." he admitted. "All these years, you should have just said something. I'll make you some. You'll like it."

"...oh. Thanks! I'm sure it'll be great."

Allen grinned, his fingers grazed Rod's scalp lightly as he worked, causing tingles to erupt over his skin. Over and over again Allen's raked his fingers through Rod's hair while ensuring his cuts were even, causing his nerve endings to flutter and constrict as the roots of his hair were tugged gently. The feeling became stronger and Rod struggled to ignore it but an unexpected spritz of water gave him a big wave of the willies.

"Ngh!" he yelped, moving forward abruptly.

Allen laughed, his voice a melodic chuckle before pinching Rod's earlobe teasingly.

"Sensitive." he remarked, "Didn't mean to tickle you. Just wetting you down to double check the layers. You act like I did something suggestive."

Rod coughed embarrassedly, his face warming a bit as Allen began fixing the line at the nape of his neck with a trimmer. Once done he retrieved his hairdryer and started to dry Rod's hair back to it's soft spiky texture. When Rod looked up again he looked at the reflection in the mirror, his breath catching when he saw Allen's eyes meeting his. They were focused.

"You look kind of flushed, the heat too much?" Allen asked casually, running his fingers through Rod's hair as he dried it. His perfectly plucked eyebrows raising questioningly.

"Yeah, the heat it kind of high, don't worry about it..." Rod explained, lying of course, his attention drawn to the delicate arch that was Allen's eyebrows.

Were they always so perfect? Like, THAT perfect? A glance at his own made him feel unkempt, they weren't bad...they just weren't anything special. When finally done, Allen clicked the blow dryer off and wrapped the cord around the handle of it. He then set the drying tool down on the counter. Rod looked at his reflection, rubbing his eyebrows worriedly. Did he need to fix them? Allen fixed his own all the time...Rod failed to notice Allen who leaned down, face over his shoulder, and spoke.

"Who's this cutie sitting in my salon chair?" Allen teased him. "I could have sworn some unkempt stranger was here a minute ago. It's amazing what a haircut can do, hm?"

Rod jumped slightly. Allen smirked at him before he noticed the worrisome way his friend was looking at his eyebrows in the mirror. Being a cosmetologist, Allen offered to take care of it, not that there was really anything wrong with them. They lacked shape a bit, but otherwise were fine.

"Are your eyebrows bothering you?" he inquired, tapping the edge of one with his finger. "I can groom them for you, if you want."

"I've never done it before. Do you think I need it? "

"Eh, not really. A little clean up never hurt though, you know that." Allen commented, poking Rod in the cheek playfully. "I'll grab the eyebrow kit."

As promised Allen returned with the eyebrow kit, holding it under his arm. He set it down on the counter before reaching under Rod's seat which suddenly reclined about forty five degrees without so much as a warning. Rod grunted in surprise, gripping the arms of the chair


"Could you give me a heads up next time?' he asked, catching his breath. "Like for real, please?"

"If that startled you, you better brace yourself." Allen warned."Wax and tweezers are coming your way, my friend."

Rod blanched, giving Allen wide fearful eyes as he was coaxed in to sitting back in the nearly horizontal positioned chair. By coax it was more Allen having to hold him down. Allen smiled in amusement before setting the wax to warm. He mixed the warmed wax and glazed an application stick with it very sparingly before leaning over Rod who was still looking very worried.

Blowing on the wax gently to cool it, he instructed Rod not to move a muscle. In fear, Rod laid perfectly still. Bringing the applicator up to his eyebrows, Allen dragged it softly over the space between Rod's eyebrows where sparse hairs grew.

"Relax." he chided reassuringly. "I'm not going to torture you. Just some wax. You don't need too much done, just some shaping. Could be so much worse."

A small strip of paper was rubbed over the wax between his eyebrows and Allen pulled it off quickly with a well-practiced hand.

"Your skin may feel a little irritated afterwards."

Obviously Rod flinched from the rip, yelping in pain. Allen hummed and brought the wax back up to Rod's eyebrows, applying it to the underside of one of them. Paper was applied and ripped off, pulling off just a bit of hair to clean up the arch.

"So, years of haircuts but never have you asked for this." Allen observed thoughtfully."Why the sudden interest in your eyebrows?"

Rod reflected on the way he viewed Allen, always put together and looking great. Earlier he had taken notice of just how well put together he looked, his eyebrows standing out to him. He wasn't really a self conscious person, but Allen's appearance made him feel that way. Figuring it was perfectly fine to be honest about it, he came out and said it. They were friends after all.

"Well..." Rod began. "I was just thinking how yours are always done and thought maybe I should too. You always look nice."

"I do, don't I? Thank you for noticing, though it's impossible not to."

"No problem..." Rod whispered. "It's really true though. You look great."

"That's so sweet but you look great too, don't ever doubt that. Not everyone can be me, though. Don't stress that. It's just the way things are."

Once done waxing, Allen took a small eyebrow comb and scissors and trimmed the length just a little. A few hairs were plucked after and then he was done. As promised, the skin around Rod's eyebrows were a little irritated from the grooming, along with the wax residue sticking there. He reached a hand up to scratch one side but Allen swatted it away.

"Don't!" Allen insisted. " Let me wipe them off."

Allen proceeded to do so, but it did little to appease Rod. He tried again to scratch as Allen wiped off his eyebrows but again he was swatted away. Poor Rod was distraught.

"It itches! Let me scratch!"

"Don't you dare!"

Once cleaned up, Allen rubbed some soothing oil on the skin to calm down the irritation. When Allen started discarding the used materials and putting away the supplies, Rod managed to sneak in a scratch but yelped in pain which alerted the red headed stylist that something was amiss. When turning around, Rod was spotted rubbing at the edge of one of his eyebrows, the skin reddening further.


Whining, Rod looked up at Allen pitifully.

"Allen!" he whined, rubbing the area and effectively making it worse."Ehhh."

Allen rolled his eyes and shook his head. Coating a cotton ball with more oil, he turned around grabbing Rod's wrist and pulled it down. He rubbed it over the area, AGAIN, and firmly told him not to touch it..

"Dummy." he teased. "Don't. Not. Touch. Don't make me have to tell you again, I don't have the patience."

"But it itches! Why'd you let me do this?!"

Ignoring the whining, Allen leant down and chastely pecked the afflicted skin with his lips.

"Poor thing." he cooed. " I'm sorry."

The small, sweet gesture caught Rod off guard, who in response looked up at Allen.


"What? I can't show you some affection? You're my best friend. Deal with it." Allen stated blatantly, popping him on the nose. "I've known you forever."

"Exactly. I've known you forever and didn't think you had that in you..."

"You'd be surprised."

Finishing the work stations clean up, Allen set everything right again as Rod lounged in the chair and watched. The redhead cleaned up quickly before coming back to him and tickling him under the chin to get his attention.

"So, got plans?"

Rod shook his head.

"Nope. I'm off...unlike you." he taunted, smirking. " I guess we're not hanging out more today."

"That can be fixed."

Allen walked around to the counter, got a sign, and approached the front door. He opened it and placed the sign before shutting the door. Locking it securely, he walked back to Rod whom was leaning with his back and elbows on the edge of the front counter.

"Now we are." Allen deadpanned. "Simple as that."

"But what if someone comes for a haircut?" Rod argued, "It's your business day..."

"They can come back tomorrow. I don't care."

Rod was kind of shocked at his answer, it was unlike Allen to just brush off his responsibilities. What was there to do today that was more important than keeping the salon open?

"Why close the shop now though?"

"Maybe I want to spend some time with you. It's been a while, we've just been so busy. I mean, look at you," Allen reasoned. "You went nearly Three months without a haircut. That's unlike you to put it off quite that long. And you're sore. All from work. It's been hard getting a hold of you... so I want to hang out."

Rod smiled at his friend whole heartedly and tried standing back up straight but once he pushed himself off the counter, he grunted in discomfort. His knee buckled a little from under him, the joint aching. Shaking it off, he rubbed at it and played off the pain.

"So what do you want to do? " he asked Allen, rubbing his knee again. "Wanna go to the forest or café? We could take a walk by Rachel's farm. Her animals are roaming around and we can pet them, she doesn't mind."

"I go there all the time, I know that."Allen retorted, unusually quickly. "Let's just stay here...your knee is sore anyways."

Up the stairs they went, Allen leading the way. The stairs led up in to the kitchen and Allen insisted Rod sit down after removing his shoes. Climbing the stairs wasn't the best idea but his knee wasn't injured, just tender. He rubbed at it and Allen scrounged for an ice pack from the freezer. After handing it to Rod, he turned back around and opened the fridge, pulling out a bottle of wine.

Rod noticed it, unsure of what the occasion was he cast a curious look at Allen.

"It's Friday? " Allen offered as a reason to drink.

Rod of course just snickered.

"I don't need an actual reason for wine, it's wine. Shush and mind your business."

Without asking, Allen poured Rod a glass as well as one for himself.

"I'm not really in a drinking mood..."

"Just drink it, it'll take the edge off. Your knee will thank you."

He handed it to Rod before disappearing in to his bedroom, shutting the door behind himself. Rod didn't question it and sipped from his glass. He wasn't a drinker but he liked wine, especially the wine Allen picked out. He always got the good stuff. Allen came back, again shutting the door behind himself and then sat down across from Rod. Rod sniffed the air suddenly, brows furrowing.

"I smell matches."

"Don't be silly."

Again, Rod looked around. He spotted one of Allen's scented candles on the counter top. It was unlit with the wick burnt black from the soot of prior uses.

"Oh, it's probably just that candle you have. Did you have it lit earlier?"

"Mmhm. Anyways, how's work going for you? Aside from the animals trying to ruin your knees?"

The pair of friends chatted casually as was normal for them, finishing their glasses before Allen refilled them again. Of course they weren't drunk or at all tipsy, just enjoying their beverages as they spoke. Rod kept a hand on his knee protectively, worried that his pain would worsen if he stopped massaging it. Allen scooted his chair closer to him, and patted his hand softly so he'd move it.

"Here, let me."

"I can do it."

"You don't know what you're doing. Just move your hand."

Allen put down his glass and rubbed Rod's knee nicely, massaging the area with a much more skilled hand than he had. Rod didn't think anything of it. They were best friends, comfortable harmless contact was a right of passage... like the kiss Allen had given him on his brow. Allen's touch was surprisingly comforting, his hand very light as he moved it. He leaned in a little as he massaged Rod's knee, their sides pressed together like their chairs. Rod closed his eyes and tipped his head back, relief taking over, glass still in hand.

When he cracked open his eyes he hadn't been expecting to feel a pair of lips on his own. Allen had leaned in when his eyes were closed, not expecting them to open when he made his move. Blinking, Rod become alert and realized Allen was kissing him. The action didn't startle him, just surprised him. He'd always though maybe Allen was gay... as awful as it sounded he just seemed to fit the bill.

Rod didn't pull away or make an struggle in reaction to what Allen was doing. So, taking his behavior as encouragement, Allen kissed him harder on the mouth before standing up. Their lips disconnected as Allen stood but he pulled Rod up with him, and before he could comment on what had just taken place, he was being taken in to the next room and trying not to spill his wine.

The door was opened and Allen's room was revealed. White candles sat lit around the room, offered a soft glow to light the surroundings. Rod took it all in, vaguely aware of the slim arms nestling themselves around him. Allen rested his chin on Rod's shoulder, both of them looking at the bed which was surrounded by small tealight candles. Rod turned his head so that his chin was parallel with his shoulder to hear was Allen was saying.

"Would you like to get comfortable? I'll help you." The redhead offered, " It would be my pleasure to do so... get you off that knee and maybe out of some of these clothes if you'd like."

Rod was speechless.

It all felt as if it came out of nowhere... which it did, in all fairness. Allen being his friend just made it worse... he was his friend! Sure, he'd always pegged him as in to guys but Rod didn't really know how he felt about Allen. He'd admitted to himself that he was very attractive, but his thoughts never wandered past that.

Sexuality was an issue at hand. When it came to sexual preference, Rod was naively neutral. Blissfully ignorant if anything. With no experience, both men and women were a mystery...he never had any experience to establish a desire or preference. Thought was never put in to it and Rod abruptly ran out of time to think about it as lips were touching his neck and made their way up.

Swallowing hard as he felt Allen kiss the shell of his ear, Rod stood still. Allen took him by the arm and pulled gently but with assertion all the same. Eyes narrowed and smoldering, Allen coaxed him across the floor.

"My bed isn't so scary." He promised. "Don't be that way."

Allen had Rod sit with his back to the headboard after getting him to approach the bed. Allen took the wine from him and set it aside on the bedside table, the glass tapping the polished wood surface almost inaudibly. Allen strokes wisps of hair off Rod's forehead before climbing over him. Rod looked past Allen at the candles once more before back at Allen.

"I knew I smelled matches."


Rod was kissed once more, and unsure of what to do he went with it. He hadn't felt in danger or uncomfortable, leaving unsure if to pull away. As Allen pressed his lips to Rod's he knew something was off with him and pulled away, licking at the seam of his lips before doing so.

"What's wrong?"

"Um...I just don't know how to feel about this..."

Allen rubbed Rod's knee again, kissing his forehead. Rod was wide eyed and a bit disorientated with the building buzz of the alcohol. Allen almost chuckled at the vulnerability.

"Allen... what are you trying to do?"

"I just want to make you feel good. " he murmured, rubbing over Rod's T-shirt. "I have for a while now...let me? Tell me what you want me. I want to hear you say it."

"Allen...I don't have any experience with this... sort of thing."

Rod told him sheepishly, avoiding his friend's face. So horribly embarrassed he was now. Allen's fingers continued trailing over the fabric stretched across Rod's chest, boldly sauntering to the collar and stroking the skin of his Adam's apple.

" Experience with what?" Allen inquired. "Men?"

"With anyone..."

Allen proceeded to fully straddle Rod. He took off his glasses and set them down next to the wine glass before removing his blazer. The thin material of his dress shirt was removed as well, leaving his smooth chest exposed. It had been slow and precise, Allen undoing his cufflinks and unbuttoning his shirt with ease.

"Touch me then." Allen instructed, the shirt dropping to the floor.

Rod didn't do as he was told right away. Taking the lead, naturally, Allen guided Rod's hands on to his body. The warm, quivering palms made contact with Allen's chest.

"You're shaking." Allen observed, patting Rod's hand gently. "Breathe, don't get nervous over this."


"Don't be."

Rod explored the expanse of flesh timidly, doing his best to keep his eyes away from Allen's. He couldn't avoid those eyes forever because soon enough Allen came down upon Rod's body and looked right at him. Smirking like Rod was the cutest thing he'd ever seen, he kissed him.

As wetness touched Rod's lips, somehow, he instinctively knew to open his mouth. Time ticked by with unhurried exploration and slow languid kisses, and sure enough Rod felt himself harden. Allen felt it to and paused, urging Rod to take his shirt off. They resumed their actions, this time Allen coaxing Rod to actually use his tongue on his body.

Hands planted on the narrow hips rested in his lap, Rod leaned forward and licked Allen's small pink nipple with a flick of his tongue. Allen's sigh encouraged him, as did the long fingers curling in his hair. Rod he gently latched on to it and licked it again, wrapping both arms around Allen securely.

Rod wasn't a hundred percent sure what was going on and how he felt about it, but the arousal in his pants didn't question any of it. He was worked up, Allen was worked up, and with the situation at hand Rod concluded there wasn't much more to figure out. Allen liked him, and so far Rod was comfortable enough with Allen.

Teasing Allen's chest, Rod's head was gently eased off after moments ticked on. It was tilted up for a kiss. Allen's hands then went for Rod's belt, undoing it and pulling it from his pant loops unannounced. He stuck his tongue deep in to Rod's mouth, savoring the kiss, but backed away and began moving his body lower before Rod could understand what was happening.

Allen unzipped the coppery haired male's pants and tugged them off before reaching in his underwear for the solid mass he felt there. Rod groaned as he was grabbed, his friend's slender fingers squeezing him rhythmically. Easing back against the headboard, Rod let his body go slack. Allen took advantage of Rod's growing comfort.

"How do you feel about trying new things?" Allen asked, stroking him.

"What do you mean?"

"I like to be on top." he explained. "Is that alright with you?"

"T-That's fine."

Satisfied with the answer, Allen boldly pulled Rod's erection from the confines of his underwear. Dipping down he licked Rod's tip, only hearing Rod's intake of breath for a moment He engulfed the tip then bobbed down, the shaft disappearing in to his mouth.

Rod pressed his back in to the headboard as he was suddenly assaulted with pleasurable feelings, wet heat between his legs. Allen continued, taking great joy in the way Rod's breathing shortened while he was serviced for the first time. He took his time doing so, enjoying the control he had. It wasn't until Rod bucked up in to his mouth reflexively, signaling he was ready to work towards an orgasm, that Allen decided it was time to take it further.

Getting off the bed he stood by Rod's feet and swiftly undid his pants. They dropped to the floor, his underwear following, and stood before Rod naked. Rod's mouth opened just the tiniest bit in awe. Allen pulled Rod's underwear off him before dropping them, pulling him by the ankles so he'd lie down, and handing him the unfinished wine.

"Polish that off and we'll get continue."


"Just some liquid courage."

Rod did as he was told and drank it. Allen got some lube from his nightstand, along with a condom. He ran the foil packet along Rod's chest before tapping it on his chin. Rod's eyes near crossed trying to look at it.

"Your call. Do you want me to wear it?"

Rod recognized it as a condom, remembering seeing it in health class before. What he remembered about them was hey were for preventing pregnancy and STD's, only one of which he could possibly be at risk for.

"I trust you..." He whispered. "If you want to wear it go ahead...but I trust you."

"You're a cute thing, aren't you?"

Forgoing the condom, Allen smiled. Approvingly, he smiled. Rod's words had touched him, more so they had flattered him. Bottle of lubrication in hand, Allen squeezed out a small amount to his fingertips and opened Rod's legs a little wider. His fingers dipped out of sight but Rod felt them when they reappeared somewhere else.

His face blossomed a charming rosy blush as Allen opened him up, leisurely testing the waters. Very tip of his finger pressing in unhurriedly against Rod's entrance he waited patiently for it to open up on its own. Bit by bit with small increments of increased pressure, Rod's body let Allen in. Moments carried on with just Rod's uneven breathing filling the space around them as his body got used to Allen's fingers moving inside him. Soon Allen began stroking him at the same time.

Lost in the experience, Rod was relaxed and his muscles went nearly limp in surrender as Allen touched him. Carefully teasing his entrance, Allen only entered to the first knuckle. As Rod responded well he sunk in to the second. The light teasing was enough to leave Rod flustered like the virgin he was but how tempted Allen was to forgo teasing the young man's nerve endings to searching deeper for something else...

"I'd ask if this is doing anything for you but I'm not one to ask stupid questions." Allen stated, increasing his pace on Rod's cock. "However, I'm tempted to hurry this along."

"Hurry it along?"

"Fuck you, Rod. I want to fuck you."

With assertion Allen gave a quick thrust of his fingers inside Rod, startling him. With the second thrust Allen had jabbed the tender spot he'd been aiming for, the firm sensitive lump of Rod's prostate. From Rod's mouth came a higher pitched sound, it dying down to an embarrassed whine as Allen now fully began massaging his prostate.

Allen let go of Rod's cock, focusing on the task at hand. Rod's skull sunk heavily to the pillow under his head, thighs twitching as Allen held one down firmly while continuing the agenda at hand. Rod's cock throbbed, missing the touch of Allen's hand. Tip red and wet at the slit, Rod forced himself to speak up.

"Allen, please touch it again..."

"I could do you one much better. You just have to say the word. I'm not the most comfortable either, if you haven't noticed."

Eyeing Rod carefully for his reaction, Allen quickly added another finger. The ring of muscle around his fingers stretched, eliciting a choppy take of air from the recipient of the penetration. Allen raised a brow in instigation before adding a third finger, this time more slowly in consideration for Rod.

" Allen, that's getting tight!" Rod warned as the third finger crept in deeper. "How would you even be able to...do...ah-"

Allen completed the penetration with three fingers and held them still, feeling Rod's muscles flutter around them without any voluntary consent. One hand went to the bedsheets, Rod squeezing and legs parting further as if it would create room to accommodate the tight sensation humming from his entrance.

"These things happen naturally." Allen assured him, licking his lips subtly as Rod's legs spread so desperately, hips near squirming. "You trust me. You said so yourself. It'll be fine. I won't hurt you."

The fingers inside Rod carefully began spreading out in preparation. One of Rod's eyes shut as he winced at the adjustment. His elasticity was good, Allen noted to himself. When he pulled his fingers out, Rod's entrance was left wet and cold with the lack of bodily contact. Luckily for him, Allen replaced his finger with the tip of his erection.

Steadily Allen nudged it, careful not to exert too much pressure. He lightly slid around the slippery, tight orifice, showing Rod, it was alright. With a press of the hips, his girth began pressing in. But Allen didn't penetrate him. He stayed right where he was.

"See?" Allen pointed out. "You'll open up naturally for me. It won't hurt, not the way you think it will."

"What if it does?"

"You have to trust me."

After a moment of contemplation, Rod took hold of his own thighs by the bends of his knees. Swallowing thickly, he left his legs open. Allen accepted the invitation. And thankfully for Rod, Allen wasn't particularly thick. His erection had fair girth and substantial length which favored for an easier first penetration. Regardless, when it happened Rod's eyes flew open.

"Does it hurt at all?" Allen worried.

"It doesn't hurt..." Rod clarified, trailing off with an awkward squirm. " I've just never felt this before... it's um...new."

Allen squeezed Rod's thighs sensually, caressing the calves Rod still had bent up in the air. Brief eye contact was made. Kissing one pale knee, the one that hurt, Allen warned Rod to stay relaxed before thrusting once. Rod gripped the pillows, gasping at the impalement. Allen moved again, more force this time, and Rod panted with his cheeks tingling as the spot inside him was touched again.

"That's it, just breath."

Allen layered himself over Rod and began his steady consistent movements. His bangs bounced in his face, along with his pendant that bounced on his collar bone, as he thrusted. Rod's insides gripped Allen firmly, the tight warm channel fluttering enticingly around his member. The mattress springs creaked quietly whilst he took reign over his best friend's body, wanting desperately for him to reach his climax.

Nestled between his legs, Allen moved carefully. But despite the consideration to Rod's body, Allen's stare was hungry. Distraught with what was taking place to his body, Rod laid with eyes shut, gasping at each time Allen's hips moved against him. Staying as close as he could physically get, Allen kept his thrusts short and shallow to tease Rod from within. The repetitive stimulation lured Rod's arousal right where Allen wanted.

"Allen!" Rod moaned, writhing from the unfamiliar sensations consuming his body. "What are you doing to me? That feels amazing..."

Allen didn't answer but craned his neck down to lick a heavy swipe across Rod's nipple. Saliva cooled with the open air, leaving Rod's velvet skin to perk.

"Ah! A-Ahh..."

Placing his hands on Rod's, Allen guided them away from the knees he'd been holding up. Rod's legs dropped to the mattress.

"Wrap your legs around me." Allen instructed.

Rod's legs raised, wrapping themselves around Allen who kept an unrelenting pace. Soon arms flew up to wrap around Allen's neck, holding on tightly. Like Rod was clinging on for life. He squeezed his legs and rocked his hips restlessly, breathing heavily and panting. Though satisfied with the result, curious to what Rod had to say for himself, Allen question what Rod was doing.

"I'm close." Rod explained, hold unwavering on Allen. "I'm really close! Slow down or I'm going to-"

As he had warned, Rod reached his climax because Allen had not cared to ease off. Allen pushed Rod's legs up at a bent angle and smoothly impaled him, desperate for his own satisfaction. When Rod gripped his shoulders, body quaking in the aftershock of his orgasm, that was all it took. Allen finished, shooting his seed inside Rod's lax body.

Rolling off of him, he rested his head on Rod's shoulder and scooted in closer. His arm rested on his stomach, hand bent up to rub his chest after rolling Rod in towards him. A soft peck on his eyebrow and Rod was blissfully settled in Allen's welcoming embrace.


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