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"Get over here slacker!"

Rolling my eyes I followed Craig as he approached the shitty patch of crops he had outside his seed shop, yelling over his shoulder at his wife who insisted he get the crops watered before dark.

"My name is Angela..." I grumbled under my breath.

Of course Craig paid no mind and waited until I pranced over, optimistic smile plastered on my face. Soon I'd have my own land. Soon there'd be no more of this bullshit.

"Come on, grab that watering can. Haven't quite earned your keep yet. " he instructed me, arms crossed unimpressed. "Hop to it and water those strawberries."

Deciding it was best to just do it, I followed his instructions and began watering the fields. Craig just stood by and watched as I lugged around the heavy watering can, I swear that thing weighed more than me. He's probably had that crappy tool since the dark ages. Ugh. Crop after crop, I tipped the watering can.

Knowing Ruth had told HIM to it I was very annoyed to have him barking at me to water his dumb ass strawberries. The watering can held way too much water and weighed a ton, making it hard to use. Eventually as more crops were watered it became light enough that I could comfortably carry it. Finally I was feeling better about the chore, but of course Craig had to ruin it.

"Hurry it up!" he barked.

Ignoring him, I just kept my reasonable pace. Eventually the field was all watered so I took the watering can back to the small well and began pouring the extra water back in to it. I had been expecting Craig to be spacing out or inspecting the job I did but when I turned around he was blatantly staring at my ass.


"Either cut it out or I'm having a talk with Ruth." I threatened.

He turned an annoyed eye on me before shrugging and walking away. Stopping momentarily, he glanced over his shoulder.

"Dinner is in an hour." He reminded me.

Waiting until he retreated back in to the house, I stood there until he shut the door behind


Kicking a pebble I groaned in frustration. What a creep! Really not in the mood to go back inside I decided it was time for a walk. Had an hour to kill, so why not? Better than hanging out with Craig. The road outside the farm forked in to two paths, to the right was the town and to the left was the district I had yet to explore.

Opting to take the road not previously taken, I went to the left. A mineshaft, a blacksmith and carpentry shop passed me until I hit a dead end, kinda. A giant root sat blocking a path on the right, and on the left was a small forest. Not feeling like going back without accomplishing anything, I entered the forest. Exploring briefly, I noticed berries and herbs growing along the ground.

Immersed in picking berries I didn't notice the footsteps creeping up on me. A quick glance over my shoulder sent me spiraling towards the ground screaming.

"AAHHH!" I shrieked, terrified.

A short heavy set man holding an ax stood there, recoiling from my scream.

"WOAH! WOAH!" he wailed, holding his free hand out. "Take it easy!"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I asked him, catching my breath. "DON'T SNEAK UP ON PEOPLE WITH WEAPONS!"

The portly ax wielder stared at me, eyes wide. Then he looked at me quizzically before realizing why I had freaked out.

"I'm sorry if I scared you. I'm a carpenter" he explained. " These woods are where we gather lumber. Hence the ax."

As if on cue, two more people came barrelling in to the forest. A young man with long blue hair came running followed by a blonde teenager.

"Dad! I heard screaming!" He yelled, "What happened?"

Shaking his head he sighed, gesturing to me.

" I startled this young lady." he explained.

"Gee Dad, you must be pretty ugly."

Unable to control myself, I bursted in to laughter. Fully aware of how rude I was being I covered my mouth, and tried to suppress my giggles. The portly man elbowed his son and shook his head as the young man was besides himself laughing at his own jab at his father.

"Wise ass" he scolded, hint of a smile on his lips.

The young man approached me and offered his gloved hand to me. Taking it I allowed him to help me to my feet. Once standing I intended to thank him but was caught off guard by his eyes. The golden color shimmered in the sunlight, nearly, mirroring the ray's vibrant hue.

"Sorry about my dad's face" he joked.

"It's alright. The ax scared me, not his face." I told him, glancing at his father. "I promise."

The portly father smiled and cleared his throat before holding his hand out to me. Taking it in my own, I shook it firmly.

"Hello, I'm Dale." he introduced." You must be the newcomer Hamilton was chattering about the other day. "

"Yeah actually, that's me. Took the boat here a few days ago" I explained.

"So where are you staying?" The carpenter's son interjected before being smacked upside the head by Dale.

"Don't be rude, son." he scolded "I'm sorry, Luke is a bit excitable."

Taking note of his name, I stored it away for later.

Luke scoffed and brushed off his father's remark. The blonde kid had yet to say anything so I looked at him curiously. He couldn't have been any older than 15. He noticed me looking at him and stood nervously.

"Oh, um...I'm Bo. Hi."

"It's nice to meet all of you. I'm Angela." I introduced myself, oddly chipper. "Sorry I made a ruckus a few minutes ago..."

"Nah, it's alright Ms. Angela. I'd probably scream like that if someone startled me with an ax. I forget I'm carrying the damn thing most of the time." he chuckled, "So what brings you to this little island of ours?"

"Well, according to Hamilton I'm running a ranch."

All three of them looked surprised, and quite honestly I couldn't blame them. A twenty one year old woman coming out on her own to run a ranch wasn't exactly common. It was very clear none of them wanted to come out and say it, so I spared them the discomfort and blatantly threw it out there.

"Yeah, it's weird. I know know, 'why are you doing that? You're so young!' ah hah, to each their own. I'm different I guess..." I trailed off, melting internally at the sparkle in Luke's eyes as he stared at me.

"Hell yeah, that's awesome!" he boasted. "Taking a chance, living on your own. Wow."

Fiddling my fingers behind my back I smiled, unsure of how to respond to his enthusiasm. Dale declared that he was going deeper in to the forest to collect lumber and bid me goodbye, toting Bo along with him who gave a small wave while passing. Luke trailed behind, waiting until his father wondered off. Once out of earshot, he turned to me.

"So where are you staying anyways? Your house isn't ready yet."

"Wait, how do you-"

"We're the carpenters, who do you think is building it?" he teased me, sincerely amused by my apparant silly question.

"Oh yeah" I laughed nervously, feeling like a dumb ass. "Dur. Well um, I'm staying at the seed shop."

Luke nodded in understanding and opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Dale's voice carrying through the trees.

"Luke? Get over here." he called out, "We've got a job to do you knucklehead!"

The blue haired male assured his father he'd be right there before turning back to me, smiling brightly.

"I gotta go right now but I'll see you around, right Angie?"

All I could do was nod in response.

Winking, Luke wandered off in the direction his father had called him.


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