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The clock in Townhall clicked faintly before droning out 3 loud rings. The Mayor shuffled through folders at the her desk casting a half interested glance at the large grandfather clock. 3 O' clock. A new resident was supposed to arrive tomorrow . Pulling out a residency application she stood from her chair, approaching the front counter where Isabella sat pleasantly immersed in her own world. Heels clicked against the hardwood surface of the office floor before stopping beside the friendly secretary.


The blonde flinched at the monotone voice interrupting her daydream. She turned to face the owner of said voice, catching her breath.

"Yes, Mayor?" she asked, smiling up at her boss.

"These are the forms I'll need filled out. The new resident should be arriving tomorrow night, please see that this gets done."

The Mayor set the paperwork down and turned to retreat back to her office, harsh click of heels echoing off the walls. Isabella's eyes followed the retreating form of the Mayor, taking note of the short pencil skirt that clung to her full hips. The Mayor was always dressed nicely during office hours, today she wore a gray pencil skirt and lavender blouse that ruffled slightly at the chest. Short gray heels adorned her feet and her lovely Purple hair was pulled back in a small bun, short bangs tucked back behind her ears. Silver hoops hung from her ears, matching the glasses rested on her face.

The Mayor suddenly turned to remind Isabella that she would be leaving shortly and Isabella's eyes snapped up from the little skirt she had been staring at. The action didn't go unnoticed and the Mayor quirked a questioning brow.

"Is something wrong with my skirt?" she asked, running her hand down her rear to tug at the hem.

"Um, you had a spec. No worries though haha, you got it!" she answered somewhat hurried.

The Mayor's face softened.

"Okay then...I'll be gathering my things to leave now. See you Monday." she dismissed the secretary and made her way out.

Isabella followed the retreating form of the Mayor, saddened that she was only in office Monday through Thursday. The heavy door shut, signaling her exit. Isabella began to fill out the sheets of paper, returning to her daydream meanwhile the Mayor was walking home.

Townfolk waved to her as she walked over the stone bridge that curved over the wide river flowing down the hill.

"Look! It's Mayor Annabelle!"

"Good afternoon, Mayor!"

"Hi Mayor!"

Nodding politely, she waved in their direction, ancy to get home. Annabelle wasn't a socialite in her town, striving to keep her work life and personal life separated she kept her interactions with them very short outside Townhall. Hurrying off the bridge she took the grassy path to the secluded house by the ocean.

Her mailbox sat lit up in front of the small home. She picked up the mail and rolled her eyes at the upteenth letter her mother had sent her. Apparently she was excited for Fall. Ok then. Annabelle opened the front door and kicked her heels off to the side before setting down the opened letter in a drawer with the others. A loud ringing sounded from upstairs and she climbed the small staircase leading up to her bedroom in the attic. Plucking the phone off the receiver she answered the call, already knowing who it was.

"Hey Sam" Annabelle smirked, laying back on her bed.

"Annie! What time you catching the train tonight? Club in my town opens at 8 tonight." The young woman spoke excitedly over the receiver.

"I'm gonna pack a bag and board the train in an hour. I'll get there at around 5 probably."

Weekend activities were planned and Annabelle told her friend goodbye before rolling out of bed to pack a weekend bag. Club outfit, pajamas, make up, toothbrush, day clothes. Mentally ticking off items she packed the carry on before tossing it to the bottom of the stairs.

Making her way back downstairs she dug out flats from the closet and tugged them on before swiping the small black cell phone from her purse and checking the time.

3:33 PM

The small phone was placed back in the purse and swung over her shoulder before she bent over to grab the carry on bag. Annabelle pulled on a light jacket and started her trek outside. Locking the door behind her, she left. Taking the heavily wooded path to the train station she plucked apples from the trees, placing them in her bag. Arriving at the station she purchased her ticket and shortly after the train pulled up with a loud screech.

Boarding the train Annabelle took her seat and placed her bag next to her. The trip to Sam's town took under an hour. The train stopped at two other towns before pulling up to her stop. The train conductor's voice rang over the income before the doors opened for the exiting passangers.

"Attention passengers, we have reached Pear Perch station. Please watch your step and have a good day"

Upon exiting the train Annabelle was tackled by a short brunette woman wearing black jeans and oversized hoodie. The young woman excitedly hugged Annabelle before pulling back with a confused look. Her hands plucked at the collar of her blouse before being swatted away.

"I work at an office..." she explained, ignoring Sam's snicker.

Sam tugged her towards the train station's exit and lead her to the small house she owned by the train tracks. Kicking the door open she gestured dramatically for Annabelle to enter. Rolling her eyes she made her way inside, Sam following suit. The home was small like her own. A sofa sat against the wall with a door to the bathroom a few feet away from it. A modest T.V was across the sofa with a DVD player on top of it. Sam's bedroom was on the floor above them, the staircase not far from the doorway.

"As always, my house is your house! Make yourself comfortable, dollface. We've got like 3 hours to kill before the club opens..." Sam said while plopping down on the sofa, her shortly cropped hair becoming ruffled as she pulled the large hoodie over her head and revealed a tightly fit tank top.

Annabelle set her bag down by the couch, taking a seat by Sam. Sam clicked the T.V on, an obnoxious action movie playing. An annoyed sound came from Annabelle and she tried to take the remote from her friend. Sam dodged and pushed her back, playfully holding the remote out of reach.

"Come get it, Annie!" she taunted her friend.

Annabelle's skirt rose revealing her white panties as she bent a leg to push Sam away. Laughing she kicked her off but Sam was still mesmerized by the brief flash her friend had given her.

" I don't want to watch this stupid movie. " she laughed

"Then let's do something else..."



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