The King's Melancholy

BY : RandomJaz
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Someone requested I write a story about King Bowser and Peach, so here it is. Reviews are appreciated! :) Thanks for readings. Mature content in later chapters as a heads up!


He stood atop the castle rested high in the sky, black surrounding him amongst the stars. With eyes fixed on her balcony he watched as she longingly stared out in to the universe, presumably missing the peaceful life he had ripped from once again... the life he couldn't have with her. The fair young woman just didn't understand. There was no way she could understand.

"Such torment..." Bowser sighed. "It could un-do me too, my dear."

With a crestfallen sigh Peach turned on her heals and retreated to the sanctity of her temporary prison, her blonde head and pink gown disappearing behind the translucent glass of the balcony doors as it shut silently behind her. Unknown to her, she was being watched.

Her sudden absence from Bowser's sight pulled at his heart strings in a way that felt almost painful. A pain that she, along with everyone else, were ignorant of. Years of rejection tormented his heart and pride. The princess didn't one did.

Peach, she never set her eyes upon him with the vibrant shine her followers loved. She only ever bestowed Bowser with such hateful, disgusted eyes. And because of such, the Koopa King had been faced with very limited options.

He didn't want to hurt Mario, he didn't want to hurt anyone. He just wanted her, the pure-hearted woman with eyes clearer than the skies on the best of days. A blue so vivid it put the galaxy and all its natural wonders to shame. Unfortunately, the mighty Koopa King's beloved had her heart promised to his enemy. Mario was the hero and he was just a monster. All who resided the Mushroom Kingdom never failed to reiterate that.

It was all ever they ever had to say about him.

"A monster... they've all branded me an abomination to this land."

With a furious roar Bowser voiced his anguish to the surrounding stars, his mouth raging with ferocious flames. The sound surged from his throat, growing with his increased vigor as he imagined the lovely Princess's face contorted with anger and disgust...towards him. He would always just be the monster in her precious eyes.

The injustice Bowser felt purged through his ignited breath, fueled by adrenaline and need for control. The flames turned a vivid shade of scarlet as they continued to burst past sharp teeth before abruptly he tired himself. The bright light of his flames dwindling returned the darkness back to the night, and Bowser's torn heart.

"For one night... if only I could hold her."

The King's violent display of melancholy left his pores steaming with bitterness and the veins in his head pounding. His scorching embers died down slowly and then Bowser heaved a heavy sigh.

He turned to exit the roof, pushing the doors open angrily he descended the stairs leading back in to the castle. Her castle. The once busy and bustling Mushroom Kingdom castle was near silent with nothing but the steady shuffling of his soldiers' armor while they patrolled the long, ominous halls in near darkness.

The koopas saluted him respectively before carrying on with their shifts, unfazed by their leader's disgruntled demeanor. Flashlights in hand they illuminated the areas surrounding them, leaving the rest to darkness. Bowser navigated his way back to his personal quarters in silence, taking vague note of his surroundings. The hall leading to his room was unguarded and lit solely by the glimmering shine of the Galaxy through cracked parlor windows.

Staring straight ahead, a glimpse of movement caught his attention from the corner of his left eye. Suspicious, he turned only to see only a draped window fluttering softly back in to place as if there had been a passing breeze...Odd. Was there wind up this high? Grunting dismissively, he continued on until a barely audible click upon the tile reached his ears.

The sound was soft and her heels.

"Come out, Princess" he ordered.

The air around him stood still, no sound or movement. Had a pin dropped it would echo across the walls. The castle often felt more sterile than regal under his control, the wee hours of the night lost to the perineal darkness that consumed the Galaxy regardless of hour.

"I haven't got all night." Bowser barked " So help me if I need to go get you myself-"

Slowly, heels clicked upon the tile as Peach emerged from behind the draped window. Standing before him defiantly, she scowled. How typical, Bowser could not help but notice. The Princess's sour expression anticipated. What wasn't anticipated was her bitter response.

"You wouldn't hurt me." Peach spat, soft features becoming rigid. "You wouldn't dare lay such grotesque hands upon me."

Silence overtook Bowser, faltering he simply stared. At that Peach became impatient, uncharacteristically so. Already, she'd had enough of him.

"Just take me back to my room." she stated coldly. "At once."

Jaw clenched Bowser stared her down, still unable to speak. Peach became abruptly angrier, sounding irritated and impatient as she once again demanded to be returned to her quarters. Bowser's steady stare stayed glued to her, unwavering. Clenching her small fists, she stared back, blue eyes squinting slightly.


Bowser's face resembled stone, impassive and unmoving cept for the flaring of his nostrils as he breathed deeply. Peached blinked, turned, and intended to find her own way back. That was until Bowser's gravelly voice resonated between them and startled her beyond what she was willing to acknowledge was possible.

"You have not been dismissed. I suggest you hold your tongue and remain right where you stand before I lose my damn temper."

Bowser's furious eyes caught as Peach flinched.

Turning to face him, she held her chin up and waited for him to speak. Bowser grit his teeth watching Peach glare at him as if he were a treacherous beast. Usually, she was carried off back to her locked room when caught sneaking around. Being demanded to remain in his presence was unnerving and bothered her. An unwelcome change on top of her displeasure with him to begin with.

"And what would Sir Bowser fancy? Hm? What do I owe this lovely change of events? Do tell, I am ever so eager to know."

Peach's sarcasm dripped from her lips venomously. It was so unbecoming of the young, sweet woman. Unable to bring himself to say such to her, Bowser ordered Peach cease.

"You will hold your tongue."

Peach refused to shrink under Bowser's authority. Supporting her weight on both legs evenly she stood before him proudly. Such a small woman and yet such authority radiated from her petite frame.

"My Tongue? I shall hold my tongue? I think you have forgotten that this is in fact My castle."

Eyes narrowing, Peach carried on as Bowser stood stunned.

"This home in which my father and his ancestors have built their legacy under is Mine." she began calmly." It has sheltered my birth, and the death of both my parents. Here is where I live. Where Inurture the wellness of my people and their families. This place, that I have known my whole life, is my birth right. And, most importantly, will never be yours."

Blonde hair swishing lightly as Peach shook her head, the Princess stood unshaken by Bowser's presence.

" So, no. I will not hold my tongue for you. Not under the roof that Father has left to me. You are too comfortable here, you should hold your tongue. You're nothing but a misplaced monster, walking my home these halls like you belong here..."

Peach's word cut Bowser deeply, instigating his rage. Responded the only way he knew how he stomped his heavy feet and took a bracing stance, the force of his movements cracking the shiny tiles that lie along the floor. Shoulders thrown back and chest heaving forward he roared.

Tilting his head up, he breathed fire with his loud booming voice shaking the castle walls... along with the nerves of anyone within earshot. His bellowing was brief but went on forever in his mind. Looking back down, he was met with two icy blue irises. They were unimpressed and very much hateful.

"What is it that you want this time?"


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