S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Cry Of The Oasis

BY : Dignitias
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It was so long ago....So long that I've forgotten how long I've been here. The Zone's become something different from what it used to be....something worse. The Zone's trapped all who remain here. All ye who enter shall perish for one's mistake, that mistake was to ever consider coming to this place. We all die in here, no escape. So many different ways of saying the same thing, different approaches, same outcome. For me, I just look ahead of myself to get ready for what comes next. Either it be a starved and feral animal, or a crazed Stalker who's lost his marbles, I'm ready for it.

At least....that's what I had hoped for.


The bullets cracked through the wind, piercing my chest. The pain was something on a whole different level from what I've experienced before. I could feel my ribs creak and groan from the sudden air and force making it's way into my body as I fell over onto my back. I gasped for air. Was one of my lungs pierced? I couldn't tell. All I felt was pain and misery. I couldn't focus on anything besides pain and trying to breath steadily. One of the bullets grazed my heart, probably. The beat was strange, rather than it's one two pause beat, it took much longer in the pause to start beating. It must've grazed it enough to fuck me up, that's for sure. I felt blood pooling in the tunnels the rounds created. It cascaded down and was creating a large pool around me, soaking into my backpack I had strapped onto my self.

The figure that was coming torwards me stopped and looked around. Whatever they felt, I felt it too. A rumbling was vibrating the air and ground I laid upon, struggling to breath. Through the pain, I struggled to hear the figure become agitated as it sprinted away. Which direction, I couldn't tell, considering I was dying at the moment. As I moved around in pain, I could hear a crinkling inside my pack. I must've broken something inside of it. Whatever the fuck it was, I couldn't tell. A bright flash covered the sky, it's color red. Soon following it, a series of dark green streaks of lightning followed with explosions filling the air.

Oh God, no. Out of all the times to be stuck out here in the middle of nowhere, it's with three holes in my chest, and in the middle of a fucking emission. I panic as I struggle to get up, the pain searing in my chest. "F-FUUUUCK!"

Okay, I wasn't getting up, that was for certain. I look over to the steep hill to my left. If I tried to fight through the pain, I could probably crawl over the edge, covering myself in a ditch and brush. So, with the will power of a mad-man, I crawled my ass over to the steep hill, looking over to see large bushes. If the fall didn't kill me, the emission definitely would. I rolled over the hill, plummeting to the brush to hopefully break my fall. The impact wasn't pretty, but I managed to not die somehow. I started rolling off the bushes to then cover myself. By the time I was completely covered and tucked in, I could feel my brain starting to become numb from the oncoming wave. I silently sobbed to myself as I readied myself for death. Before the wave of radiated dust and death, I passed out from the pain, becoming un-aware of the world that surrounded me as I fell into the darkness.

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