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Knothole Island’s climate was ever fixed in a state of extreme. Blanketed in ice and snow, flooded with perpetual rain, or sweltering under the rays of an unforgiving sun; this dynamic was unfortunately that unfortunately could not be altered. The magical totems that concocted these extremes were irrevocably connected to the island at a primordial level. While this was a glaring limitation for the locals, thanks to an Albion-native hero the totems had finally been recovered. The gypsy hero, sympathetic, had agreed to aid them upon witnessing the hardship they endured and the gradual stagnation they suffered.

On her quest to find these artefacts, the hero had also liberated the town from the corrupt hands of a greed-consumed chieftain, and post his exile she placed the totems under the control of the people.

After so long, they could now at least choose which of the three antipodes they desired.

Sparrow could sense the jubilation of the villagers. It was easy to see it too.

Returning months after her quest had been completed, she had brought with her another item of an enchanted nature. She was, at present, in the thick of a new quest. Mergo, the trader, who had offered her the music box that had changed everything at a time when she had been a homeless stray had returned with more curiosities. The first trinket was simply labelled the Snowglobe. The unassuming thing had transported her within It, to a phantom settlement eerily familiar to Wraithmarsh. Cleansing the item of its corruption, she went back to Mergo again who then offered her the Cursed Skull, an item of even greater interest, to, like the first item, also cleanse. The general objective had been exactly the same, cleanse it from the realm within... which she had now done.

It was then that Mergo had offered her the last piece. She had rejected it for the moment with an agreement that he would save it for her. As one of his loyal customers, he gave her his word. There was something more important to attend. Probing the no-longer cursed skull, she realised that it still radiated life. It was perfect.

This was the reason why she had returned to knothole island. What she had discovered during her expeditions was Cheet-ur's Crypt, a landmark, as legend describes, that allows someone to resurrect a life, specifically a dog’s. This came at a price though, as she would have to get a participant to sacrifice to Cheet-ur who, somthing she would never do. It was an unfortunate problem, but the skull may have been the key she needed to bypass such an evil method... and she could be reunited with her best friend. She pushed down the grief she felt at the thought of her companion.

Sparrow walked, barefoot, over the dusty ground that accompanied the heated weather of the sun totem. The locals were clearly enjoying themselves. She had been prepared. Anticipating this very thing, she had dressed accordingly... or not dressed much at all.

Wearing nothing more than a tasselled red skirt tied at the flourish of her left hip, short enough that it ended mid-thigh, her bare skin underneath tasted the tepid wind. Her upper half sported a strapless red vest that hung on the upper swell of her breasts and fell loosely to the lowest point of her bust. The heat did not bother her so much.

With much of her fair skin on display, it was easy to see the sweat roll across her pert athletic form. As a hero, she had a body that could very well have been sculpted by gods. Her long legs were shapely from calf to thigh, her hips perfect for childbearing, her belly was subtly toned and the rest of her was wiry. It had turned the eyes of men and woman across Albion. She was not ignorant of this, she knew what she looked like, and that she was considered attractive by any standard. Neither was she above occasionally flaunting her looks to earn attention from others.

Sparrow gave smiles and waves to those she passed as they called out to her joyfully. The lecherous looks she received only made her smile. The lewd propositions the shirtless men yelled made her blush, though her smile did not diminish. She flicked her blond hair and moved on. Their calls only grew louder as she went further away.

She walked on the upward the path leading to town, and when she arrived, instead of heading to the walkway that directed her towards the shops and stalls, she turned left to the small cemetery. Apart from the small gravestones and a few trees, at the centre was the crypt. Looking around, she saw no in sight. Calling upon her magic satchel, she pulled out the skull.

Giving one last look at the dog statue atop the shrine, she walked towards it. The doors creaked, opening without physical effort. Most would have been frightened of such a sight, but she all too familiar with the supernatural happenings of the world. Walking inside, she gently placed the skull in the grounds of the crypt. Stepping back out, she pulled the cogged lever. The door closed. Now was the moment of truth... would it work, or was it simply not meant to be...

Holding her breath, Sparrow watched.

Simultaneously, a white light flashed behind the iron doors spilling through the gaps, lightning erupted from the crown of the crypt, travelled downward and threaded into the ground. It came sparking towards her, crackling at her toes, then it went inside her. She jolted, registering a sudden sting low in her belly. It faded in a second and didn’t return. She felt no aversion to it, in fact, it barely entered her consciousness as a feeling. Whatever it had done, she ignored as something clearly harmless. The sound of thunder continued to rumble through her feet.

The doors opened.

She didn’t even perceive the gasp that left her lips. There he was. As alive as the day she met him.

His tail swished behind a brawny torso, soulful black eyes stared up at her with a familiarity and affection she never realised she’d needed so much. With a tearful announcement, she opened her arms wide. “BOY!” He barked and ran straight to her. She allowed the collision to knock her down and was suddenly showered with his wet love. She laughed and cried at the same time, embracing him as he flailed over her in happy excitement, totally unable to be still.

She laid there, allowing him to bark and sniff all over while she let her fingers brush his fur in a need to reacquaint herself with his texture, for she could hardly believe it.

“Oh, boy. I’ve missed you!” She told him, and as if he understood her exclamation, he simmered and burrowed his muzzle into her neck. Flat on her back with him led between hips, Sparrow wrapped her arms and legs around him. She whispered sweet nothing to him as she wept softly, and lavished his face with kisses. Lennox would not stop whimpering, and she could not stop her tears of joy. Rubbing the sides of his strong neck, his tail was perpetually shaking as she embraced him with all the love she had. They must have stayed like that for quite some time as perspiration had gathered between them drenching their bellies. Untangling herself she allowed him to lean up enough so that they could look each other in the eye. She couldn't believe that it worked... The shrewdness behind his black, soulful gaze was undeniable, and she had no doubt he knew how much he’d been missed by her.

“Rick’s caught a dog, and he’s gonna kick the crap out of it!” The moment the sisters heard this, they moved faster. They temporarily abandoned looking for those arrest warrants Derek the guard had asked for, eager to find out what was going on. The sight they met was exactly as described. Rick was looming over a pup, a wooden sword in hand ready to beat the animal. It was Rose who intervened, challenging the nasty boy, but out of nowhere, he butted her, dazing her older sister and knocking her over.

Angry at this, Sparrow pulled out her own wooden sword, and never gave Rick the chance to hit her next. He was quick to give up after a few hard smacks, then crying pathetically to ‘let me alone!’.

When Rick scampered off, and the crowd of children dispersed, Rose had recovered and was comforting the beaten pup. “Oh, poor thing. You’ve had a horrible time,” Rose cooed. The dog cringed away fearfully. “Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you.” She smiled. “What you need is someone nice to look after.” The dog immediately perked up, seeming to realise that they meant no harm... and barked as if he agreed with her. The look he then gave won Sparrow over, but apparently not Rose. “Ohh, we can’t keep you. We barely have enough food for ourselves.” He whimpered, making him look very unhappy.  “Well, I’m sorry. Now you just rest.” Rose took her hand and ushered her away. The younger sister stared over her shoulder, totally unable to take her attention away from him. Young Sparrow waved sadly at the pup who met her eyes every second possible until reaching the corner turn on one the decrepit houses.

“I will never let anything happen to you, ever again.”

With a watery smile, she kissed him on the mouth pouring all her tenderness into it. He responded with his own version of a kiss making a quick lap at her, slicking her mouth. That was one more thing she had missed. Feeling an adolescent playfulness only her beloved dog could wheedle out, with swarthy cheeks, she grinned and matched his lap with her own, licking his muzzle. Sparrow nearly laughed at the odd look he gave her. His response was gratifying. She licked again, high on the feeling and eager to express her love. As she knew he would, Lennox returned the canine endearment, all too happy to reciprocate. Then they both licked, and their tongues met.

The sensation left her reeling back. A pause, wholly on her part, prevented any further contact... Inscrutably, she regarded him, with no betrayal as to what she was thinking... He tarried, eager to continue, but disappointed when she did not move. He became bored of waiting and carried on the game without her. He licked persuasively, his large tongue sliding over her small one until, to the dog's excitement, she reciprocated... allowing their tongues to meld. On it went. It was frivolous contact, and she lifted her chin till his wet muscle was brushing over her lips. Spikes of warmth became patent in her, in her core. Thoughtlessly involved with each other, the harmless game continued, affection being the only driving force between the two. Wet tongues lashed... again and again until they did not part. The angle changed, forty-five degrees so that their sliding muscles could press even closer till lips made contact... and hot breath mingled. Drinking down her pet’s saliva, she moaned.

Sparrow had closed her eyes long ago. Her toes curled where her legs were crossed around Lennox’s back, and her skirt had ridden up exposing the moist lips of her pink cunt; she did not even realise it, for it was all so foggy. When something hot kept on prodding at the inside of her thigh, she somehow dragged herself out of the haze and pulled away from him with lazy reluctance. With her tongue hanging out, strings of dog spit still connected them together. Her mouth and chin had been covered too.

Blinking rapidly, she looked past her swollen breasts and crowning nipples, at where the continued prodding originated. Then she saw it. Between her dog’s legs swung a meaty penis. The large swollen thing was seeping from its canine head. Suddenly sobered, her brow came together in disbelief.

Her confounded blue eyes took in what was happening, what she had done. “L-Lennox.”

Before even getting the chance to push him away, his muzzle pushed back against her mouth. She squeaked in surprise when she felt his cock try and enter her, and after many botched attempts, he finally lined up against her puffy naked lips. She then pushed him away. He was in the motion of going back for more when she applied more force to curb him off. “Lennox, no!”

Her partner scooted back and sat on his haunches. Breathless, she leaned on her elbows and looked up at him as he tilted his head at her command, clearly uncertain. His eyes reflected the intelligence she’d always known, and thus she was not taken aback by it now.

To express that she had missed him deeply was understating it, and to be reunited with him made her so happy. She could understand that he would feel the same way, but somewhere in their embrace, she had gotten lost in the euphoria of it all. She was entirely at fault, she shouldn’t have gotten carried away.

In shock, and reeling with the mixed feeling that came with being so intimate with her dog, she brought a shaky hand to wipe the spittle off her mouth. Sparrow had always talked to him as though he was human and that he understood her words, which she believed he did. In a nervous tone, she spoke to her pet. “Boy, we cannot do things like that, do you understand? We cannot.”

He barked, indicating that he would listen. Getting to her feet, she smoothed her skirt to cover her sex, which did not go unnoticed by her partner. He whimpered and poked his nose between her thighs. Her hips jumped back at the feel. With a hiss, she brushed him off. He was still not dissuaded and began to tongue the area making her blush.

Realising that he could not get what he wanted from this height, and jumped on two legs landing his paws on her shoulders. In this position, he stood a head taller than her and she was forced to carry much of his weight. Suddenly intimated, she cried out commands. “Lennox, enough. Enough! BAD DOG!”

Finally, he desisted.

Back on all fours, he shifted anxiously, then started to howl mournfully. He seemed inconsolable. At first, she didn’t understand, but when she noticed his large member swaying underneath him she reluctantly got the idea. She too was terribly aroused, almost unable to deny it.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, she watched him pace agitatedly and felt both sorry and ashamed. Sparrow bent down to the balls of her feet and took his face in her hands. “I’m sorry, boy. I should never have done this with you... but we can’t go further. It’s impossible. I am a human, and you... are a dog. It would not be natural.” She shook her head imploring him. “Do you understand?”

He barked with an inflection, showing that he did, but he was apparently not happy.

With a soft smile, she accepted his response that she didn't need to explain it further. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to put the whole thing behind her and allowed her joy to return. With an apologetic gesture and pat on the head, she walked towards to the town, with her faithful friend closely behind. Her thoughts were occupied, surprisingly, with more simple things, like what she would feed him or if he'd like to be taken out for play later on. Of course, she realised that first, she would like to do was tell him of all the things the had happened before today and bring him up to speed on her life.

When they arrived at the house she’d purchased on the island, she was pulled back to reality and discerned that it was shorter a walk than it actually was because of how engrossed she had been. Sparrow spent the rest of the day simply talking to her companion, telling stories of all the things he’d missed, and all those times she’d missed him. He sat and listened, taking it all in, allowing her to embrace him when she felt overcome by what she told him. When the balmy evening came, and she felt tired, she washed and led back on her bed. Patting beside her, she invited Lennox to lie with her like he used to, and when he hopped up she pulled herself flush against him. Sparrow found dreamless sleep so easy that night, close to the one who had always been by her side.

He was back, and nothing else mattered.

The next morning came soon enough. She awoke to a puffing sound, the warm sensation of heavy breathing down her neck... and when she opened her eyes her canine companion was there. Her heat swelled. She wondered how long he’d been watching her.

She slid off of the bed, full of cheer in a way she hadn’t experienced in many years. Unconcerned by her own dishevelled nudity, she kissed his snout and went to the kitchen to make something for breakfast. Her canine partner followed behind.

The nubile heroine picked out fresh fruit for herself, and red meat for him which she knew he liked.  She got to work slicing his food into bits for him. As she did this, all the while she swore she could feel an acute probing on her back. Without being obvious she looked over her shoulder, her hair obscuring her face slightly. The black-eyed canine did not alter his gaze if he could tell she was discomforted by it, and she did not acknowledge the depth of what those canine eyes were seemingly expressing. Instead, she denied it's existence, looking back down at the worktop where she continued to prepare food; watching her own nipples erect in the periphery of her vision made this difficult.

Somewhat brisk in her task, she was quick to lay down a plate for him on the floor, which to her easement he took an instant interest in.

When he dug in Sparrow went straight to her wardrobe.

She took out a white cotton sheet. It was long enough that it ended above her ankle, and had enough width to fit around her body somewhat loosely. She picked up two decorative pins. First, she secured the sheet so that it was split under her left arm, and pulled both ends over her right shoulder which she used one pin to hold together. She then pulled the other side over her left shoulder and used the other pin to keep it in place, making an armhole. Finally, she took a thin hemp belt and tied it around her waist so that the fabric was anchored enough so that the wind wouldn’t expose her.

She looked in the mirror and was fairly pleased with her makeshift toga. While the outer right side of her body remained bare, she was no longer completely exposed.

She began to eat her breakfast, and while she did she spoke to her dog.

“Lennox, you and I should spend the day doing something fun. What do you think?” He barked. Giggling, she reached over to a cabinet drawer beside her bed and pulled something out something she knew that he would love. When the canine saw it, he leapt off the bed hollering in excitement. She squeaked the red ball, intensifying his response to it.

Finishing her food, the heroine placed the ball on the inside of her dress above her belt, then she and her companion made off to their destination, the place for her and companion to play. The moment they got there, Lennox ran in front of her, his head flitting to take in this new place... until he eyed the waves flowing in and out of the beach. Trotting over, he tested the wet sand beneath his paws, and when the tide sent another wave, he barked and ran back to her. She laughed. “It’s only water, silly! Don’t be scared.” She walked into the wet sand, letting her feet sink into the cushiony waterlogged grains. When the tide hit her ankles, she turned to her dog. “See, no harm done.”

Seeing that that was the case, he joined her, and when he became bold enough even began to splash about. She shrieked when his splashing hit her, and splashed water back at him. When they both had become soaked, she remembered the squeaky ball. With a grin, she presented it to him. Lennox went still, anticipating what was coming. With practised technique, she hurled it across the sandy expanse.

Lennox sprinted for it, and the game began. Most times it hit the ground before he got it, but sometimes he managed to catch it in mid-air. Eventually, they played for long enough that he seemed to rid himself of the apparent rust since last time they'd played and he caught the ball more times than it hit the ground. This occupied them for a while until the heat and the running made Lennox pant, and she led him back to the water to cool off. As he seemed to enjoy splashing the water, it was her who started it this time and it set off another bout between them.

When he became tired, Sparrow put the ball down on the sand and picked a spot to lie down. She beamed at him and patted beside her, gesturing for the dog to join her. He moved in close and sniffed at her face and neck; his wet nose poked at her skin taking her scent... then to one of her breasts which her dress was now plastered against. The pink shape of her nipple stood out obviously. She watched serenely, feeling nothing but fondness. Rapt in his behaviour, the hero wanted to see what he would do. He panted warmly, prodding the area, lightly and inquisitively squashing the soft flesh. A moment’s pause... and he proceeded to try a taste, flicking the sensitive bud. She stiffened in shock, mildly debilitated; that hardly discouraged him.

He did it again, and then again, earning quiet breaths. His exploration made her nipples puffy and press up against the soaked fabric. This seemed to fuel the dog’s curiosity as he expressed his interest. Clever as he was, he knew to push the fabric aside from the clear opening. Her breast slipped out before she knew it, and before she could stop him his maw coasted over and closed around her teat.

She yowled in a high-pitch, bringing her hands up in a defensive gesture against the overpowering discomfort, yet made no move to get him off. He did not bite fully, only enough that his teeth held on her. He moved his head back just slightly, stretching her soft flesh until it slipped from his teeth. Spikes of pain stunned her, leaving her mouth wide open with a sound that was somewhere between an inhalation and a squeal.

Fat tears escaped her wide eyes. Her hands spread out in the sand, and the tips of her fingers dug in with visible strain. A few moments later and in a counter-action, he then licked her nipple as though to soothe it.

She let out a whimpering groan, sinking slightly. Her bearing, however, was no better for it. Her tender nipple preferred the alternative gentleness. It smoothed away the harsher treatment she had just received. Before she became comfortable, the canine repeated his aggressive expedition of her breast... biting again. She cried out once more, feeling him squeeze her teat in the clamp of his jaw; this time was different, however. Between the painful nipping of his bite was soft grazing of his tongue, creating a cold hot sensation that racked her boggled mind. She watched with a quivering flushed face, unable to form words or attempt movement yet able to make noise in reaction to what he was doing. She babbled out breathy cries as he gently chewed in a repeat motion while lathering her nipple. When he’d decided that he was done he moved back and looked her over, clearly not done but certainly in anticipation of his next act.

She was completely out sorts and when his teeth gripped the front of her dress and ripped it open, she did not react. The pins that held it in place flew away, and her other breast was bared to him as he intended. Her hands found some nerve and moved up shakily. She made a dull-witted last attempt to push him away, it was futile, and she screamed when she felt it. The dog repeated the same acts on her other breast gaining similar reactions from his lady. Sparrow was flooded with mindless distress, yet fluttering on the edge of the feeling was a relief...

When it was over, both her breasts were tender and tingling with the after-sensations of his treatment. Her heels had dug little holes where they had pressed into the sand from the strain. She was not lucid enough to noticed that her cunt was weeping profusely down her legs, evidence of an obscene lechery. She took another ten minutes before full lucidity returned to her.

When they arrived at Knothole tavern, Sparrow, in spite of being visibly out of sorts, took a seat on a stool in front of the bar, crossing one leg over the other allowing them to spill from the opening of her repaired dress. She had managed to find both pins fortunately and fixed it up. She hadn’t regarded Lennox at all when she’d come to, far to discombobulated by what he’d done, and as she’d neared the tavern it had to a degree sunken in. She tried to push out the beginnings of shame that wormed its way into her. She ordered herself a cold stiff drink. Not totally ignoring her partner, she also asked for a wide mug to be filled with water that he too could drink from. Her standoffish bearing was her attempt at forgetting it had happened and even an attempt at convincing herself that it had not happened at all. Between gulping at the water, Lennox would perch his head on her bare thigh encouraging her to stroke him, and the two companions settled in.

Nearly half an hour later, she felt his ear perk up. Looking outside, Sparrow noticed the two men from the other day, the ones who’d called out to her. They noticed her too.

Sharing gleeful looks, they made their way over. When close to arms distance, Lennox squared up and began to growl at them, and they stepped back fearfully. She hushed him. “It’s alright, he doesn’t... he doesn’t bite unless I tell him too,” she informed them with a taunting smirk, inwardly cringing.

They seemed to regain composure at this, and one of them spoke. “Lovely Sparrow, we’ve seen you about and noticed that you have no company.”

She nearly laughed. It was obvious that they wanted sex with her. “You are mistaken, I do have company,” she said, patting Lennox’s head.

The other then spoke. “What he’s trying to say is that would you perhaps like to join us for some drinks, where you wouldn’t have to pay?”

She examined the froth of her drink, overstating her disinterest. “Hmm, I don’t know.”

They both stared at her longingly. She could see the tension in their frames, and the stiff tents in their trousers. Their eyes roamed over her from head to toe. She was shocked when they had the confidence to touch her shoulders, though also impressed. They, like everyone here, knew that she possessed a hero’s strength. She could have punched his lights out for that. While she felt pent up, and perhaps a release would help, she carried a devious amusement in being a bit cruel to desperate people. Sparrow decided to go along with this, at least for now.

They must have gotten tired of her delayed answer because they both were rubbing her shoulders and were talking, rather crudely, again. “You know, your robe looks like it gotten mighty wet. Why not take it off?”

It was true. Looking down, the front of her toga was still plastered to her breasts and nipples, revealing them now- or further- was especially the last thing she wanted to do considering the sore state they were in. Biting her lip in a shy manner, Sparrow regarded the two lecherous men.

She responded by twirling a lock of her hair in apparent consideration of this. “Well... now that you mention it, you’re right. Do think you could... take it off my hands for a while, find a place for it to dry?”

With tight jaws, they nodded. She beamed and lifted her arms enabling them to remove it. They gripped the airy fabric and pulled at it. Suddenly Lennox began growling again, though far more aggressively. Both men yelped back, eying the large hound fearfully. “Oh, no.” The two gave her a curious look as she slipped out of her seat. “I’m afraid that I’ve just recalled... My dog is rather possessive of me, and won’t allow strangers to get close without taking a piece of them. Very sorry.”

Standing up, she called out to Lennox and departed. She left the two men flabbergasted... and utterly distraught. The patrons watching cackled.

On the way home, she couldn’t help but sigh. What an unbelievable reunion for her and her beloved dog... She was awash with turmoil, in disbelief at what he had done to her. First, he had dominated her mouth and then... “Oh, boy, what do I do with you... What do I... do with myself?”

She dared to look at him. The look he sent back made her tingle, and her breasts achy.

End of Part 1

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